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Advanced Divi

Get an extended version of the divi blurb module discovered by Diviflash to enhance the design possibilities. Utilizing its advanced features takes the designs to the next level. So, display the most impressive services and features in an engaging & effective way.

Advanced Divi Blurb Module
Unlimited Design

Unlimited Design

The advanced divi blurb module brings the opportunity to break limitations while designing to ensure satisfactory results.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Under the custom spacing feature, each ingredient of the advanced divi blurb gets a stabilized gap to keep the module clean and attractive.

Order Management

Ordering System

The ordering system of the advanced divi blurb module can change the placement of the ingredients to achieve the design requirement.

Live Demo Advanced Divi Blurb Module

Why is Advanced Blurb Module for Divi Lovers?

Diviflash has introduced the advanced blurb module to take the divi users beyond their reach to break the restrictions of the default divi blurb. In addition, several extraordinary features are added in this module that requires creating an engaging blurb.

Settings Advanced Divi Blurb Module

Why is The Divi Advanced Blurb Module Used?

The utilization of the advanced divi blurb module on the website is not limited; it’s a module dedicated to meeting various designs with proficiency. This module is an intelligent choice for those seeking to show features and services with an enticing look.

Settings Advanced Divi Blurb Module

The Key Features of the Advanced Divi Blurb Module

Use these features of the advanced divi blurb module and make the blurb section more alluring & stunning in a short time.

Advanced Blurb Divi Design

Content Variation

The Diviflash makes the way of creating a stylish blurb completely effortless and brings a variety in content creation. The advanced divi blurb module has multiple content areas to add several elements along with the features to decorate them.

Divi Animated Heading Module Demo

Robust Customization

The advanced divi blurb module gives full access to build a blurb section that amazed the visitors with its attractive look. In addition, this module has a robust customizing procedure for the image, badge, icon, button & other components.

Divi Blurb Module
Divi Blurb Premade Template

Premade Divi Templates

Advanced divi blurb always taking care of divi user’s time and effort by providing a vast collection of divi blurb premade layouts. These pre-made templates come with a periodic update and are ready-to-go covered for various niches.

Other Pro Features of this Module

The advanced divi blurb module has a vast number of features to bestow an outstanding performance. So, use these pro features to create an excellent divi blurb layout that stans out for visitor’s attention.



Surging the Z- index stack order value takes one element of the module above another, and the opposite happens on decreasing.

Image Position

Image Positioning

Image positioning is a unique feature that moves an image on the left, right, top & bottom sides of the content area.


Badge Customizer

Using the badge in the divi blurb module can increase its credibility. Also, it helps to grab visitor’s attention for a specific topic.



The advanced divi blurb module has several pro features for great typography styles that convince readers to read further.

Divi Sizing

Sizing Options

The Sizing features of the advanced divi blurb authorizes to fix an adjustable size of the container based on design necessity.

Image Filter

Image Filter

Playing with the picture colors is a hobby of the designer. The filter setting can implement various custom colors to the content image.

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