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Advanced Divi
Image Gallery

Demonstrating multiple image categories in an organized view became remarkably easier with the Advanced Divi image Gallery Module. Also, this module comes with Features like filter navigation, load more options, lightbox, & hover effects to the image gallery layout.

Advanced Divi Image Gallery Module
Import table to Divi

Filter Navigation

Filter Navigation serves the purpose to create distinct image categories with all the customization in a fashionable image gallery.

Divi Image Gallery Layouts

Gallery Layout

Display gallery images in Masonry or Grid layout with total control of rows, including image size and space between them.

Border Animations

Border Animation

19 unique border animations on hover are included in this Divi Image Gallery Module with all the essential border customization.

Divi Grid Image Gallery

Where to Use the Advanced Divi image Gallery Module?

The usage of the advanced divi image gallery module is not limited, and the implementation depends on the web owner’s perspective. However, the advanced divi image gallery is ideal for creating a portfolio for photographers, bloggers, restaurant owners, real-estate & fashion agencies.

Divi Advanced Image Gallery Settings

Why is The DiviFlash Advanced Image Gallery Module Best?

Advanced Divi Image Gallery is the most stunning and contributive module made by Diviflash. This impressive module has both the grid & masonry layouts for the gallery. Also, the gallery has a filter option to show images based on categories with just one click.

Divi Advanced Image Gallery Settings

The Key Features of the Advanced Divi Image Gallery Module

Take the pleasure of the advanced divi gallery module key features and create a magnificent exhibition of the images.

Divi Filterable Gallery

Active Stage

The Active stage of the Filter navigation button shows an element with an active and splendid characteristic. So, web owners can amplify the beauty of the active filter button by applying different stylish typography & border effects.

Divi gallery Caption & Description

Image Caption & Description

The advanced divi image gallery shows the image caption & description on the hover mode with a couple of dazzling animation effects. Even, the caption & description can be displayed round the clock if required.

Divi gallery Caption & Description
Divi Masonry & Grid Layouts

Premade Templates

The Advanced image gallery module comes with a large quantity of authentic premade templates. A range of niches is covered in these premade image gallery templates. So, download, import, edit & publish on the website.

Other Pro Features of this Module

Having those imperative attributes, the Divi Advanced image Gallery has a couple of other unique features. So, achieve a well-organized and eye-catchy image gallery with no time.

Image Scale Effects

Image Scale Effects

The advanced divi gallery has 9 different types of image scale styles divided into zoom, pan, rotate, and blur categories.

Load More Option

Load More Feature

The Load More button shows countless images in a concise area. Also, it defines the image quantity that comes before & after clicking.

Rows Settings

Creating Up to 8 Rows

Advanced divi image gallery provides an opportunity of using up to 8 images in a single row with a decorative look.

Custom Link

Custom Link

The Custom Link helps navigate the audience to the destination page for individual images to show more information regarding the image.

Image Light Box

Image Light-Box

The Lightbox feature demonstrates the content caption, description, image, and the button to download them over the lightbox slider viewport.

Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing aims to add a proper distance between every ingredient of the advanced divi gallery module.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Advanced Divi Image Gallery Module in DiviFlash Plugin

Grab the advanced divi image gallery module and demonstrate images most elegantly.

Other Divi Modules in DiviFlash plugin

Except for the advanced image gallery, Diviflash introduced the justified image gallery & packery image gallery to achieve different designs prospects. However, there is a large list of modules included inside the Diviflash plugin and more in the pipeline.

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Divi packery image gallery module

Packery Image Gallery

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Image Hover Box

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DiviFlash offers unique and awesome Divi modules or Divi plugins.

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