Top 5 Highly Profitable Affiliate Programs for Divi Bloggers


Updated: April 12, 2023
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Affiliate marketing works by promoting, referring, and driving sales of third-party products or services and getting commissions. Along with boosting profit, affiliate marketing helps to enhance your recognition by knowing others about your favourite products or services.

Similarly, Divi bloggers can also drive visitors to purchase other plugins and services by putting a referral link. In this way, one can also earn commission from the successful selling of Divi products.

However, many affiliate programs are out there; therefore, finding a profitable affiliate program could be difficult. Due to this, below, we will outline the 5 best affiliate programs for Divi bloggers.

Best Affiliate Programs for Divi Bloggers – Comparison Chart

Affiliate ProgramAffiliate CommissionsDigital AssetCookie DurationMinimum PayoutPayment Gateway
Elegant Themes Affiliate Program50%Banners and text links60 days$200PayPal
Elegant Themes Marketplace Affiliate Program15%Not found60 days$200PayPal
DiviFlash Affiliate Program25%-50%Banners and text links30 days$50Payoneer, bank account
DiviGear Affiliate Program20%Not found30 days$50 Payoneer, bank account
WP Rocket Affiliate Program20%Logos, screenshots, text links, banners30 days$50Wire transfer

Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

Elegant Themes comes with the best offers on the list. Along with a lavish 50% commission on lifetime membership sales, they also share yearly renewal fees. Therefore, there is a residual income option for the future. For example, from a lifetime membership sign-up from your affiliate link, you can make approximately $124. 

In addition, selling Elegant Themes products is not a daunting task. It comes first at the top of the multipurpose theme list in the WordPress arena. In 2019, its yearly spending to affiliates was more than $3,000,000. Afterward, this theme never faces a negative trend in their sales.

Thus, reaching a monthly payable affiliate amount of $200 is not that difficult. Just someone needs to become an Elegant Themes customer within 60 days after making a click on your referral link. A valid Paypal account is also required. 

  Reasons to promote Elegant Themes:   

  • 50% Affiliate commissions on all sales + yearly renewal sharings 
  • Provide digital assets like Banners and text links
  • 2 months Cookie Duration
  • Minimum payout of $200
  • Paypal payout options

Elegant Themes Marketplace Affiliate Program

Elegant Themes Marketplace Affiliate Program

Elegant Themes has an integrated marketplace with its inspected third parties products. It comes in the number two position of our affiliate programs list for Divi designers. Although, it runs with the Elegant Themes affiliate account. But, there is a difference in the profit-sharing model.    

Since, in this case, affiliates promote third parties products, the vast proportion of the revenue goes to developer pockets. However, you still get the 50% commission from Elegant Themes shares. For instance, if Elegant Themes receive 30%, your affiliate commission will be 15%.

In addition, you will get a commission on the renewal of yearly subscriptions. Elegant Themes dashboard will appear with an inclusive overview of visitors, conversions, and links. Other affiliate guidelines like cookie duration, minimum payout amount, and payout method are similar to the Elegant Themes program.    

Reasons to promote Elegant Themes Marketplace:

  • 15% Affiliate commissions of the total price, including yearly renewal sharings 
  • Provide Banners as Digital asset
  • 2 months Cookie Duration 
  • Minimum payout of $200
  • Payout options through Paypal

DiviFlash Affiliate Program

DiviFlash Affiliate Program

Not just to profess ourselves, but DiviFlash brings one of the best affiliate programs for Divi bloggers. DiviFlash earns the number one position on Elegant Themes’ favorite extension list. So, you will get a higher conversion rate through your affiliate link. 

According to a progressive commission structure, DiviFlash provides from 25% to 50% affiliate commission. A platinum category successful referral directly from DiviFlash offers at least 20% higher commission than that of other Divi third-party products. The selling of an agency package of DiviFlash from this category affiliate link will give a handsome payout of more than $145.

With an easy and quick setup, you can add a referral link to your post within a few minutes. Furthermore, you can get banners and text links for your content.

Reasons to promote DiviFlash:

  • 25%-50% Affiliate commissions of the total price
  • Get Digital assets like Banners and text link
  • 30 Days Cookie Duration
  • Minimum payout of only $50
  • Get payment by Payoneer account or Bank Account

DiviGear Affiliate Program

DiviGear Affiliate Program

There is an appeal from users to make DiviGear Carousel Module as Divi default module. So, you can imagine how desperate users are in the Divi world for this. It maintains the fourth position in our list with stunning plugins and child themes.

From a good enough 20% affiliate commission, you can earn between $45 to $55 on a single purchase. This affiliate program is easy to run. You can promote DiviGear through a website, Social media, or email. An advanced dashboard shows real-time commission, traffic, and conversion data. 

This affiliate program offers an easy payout method and dedicated and personalized support. You can easily withdraw commission through a Payoneer or Bank account by reaching a little amount of only $50. 

Reasons to promote DiviGear:

  • 20% Affiliate commissions 
  • Digital asset: 
  • Cookie Duration of 30 Days 
  • Minimum payout of only $50
  • Payout options through Payoneer account or Bank Account

WP Rocket Affiliate Program

WP Rocket Affiliate Program

WP Rocket is an easy and quick plugin solution for speeding up site performance. For Divi users, this plugin is a popular and beneficial add-on for optimizing the site. Therefore, promoting this plugin can become one of the suitable affiliate programs for Divi bloggers.

WP Rocket shares an industry-standard 20% commission for every sale from your referral link. You can earn approximately $9.80 and $19.80 from selling the Single and Plus plan, respectively. The highest revenue of $49.80 comes with the purchase of the Infinite plan.

However, there is not any yearly renewal commission. Moreover, a 30-day cookie option is available in the WP Rocket affiliate program. You can join its affiliate program through ShareASale.      

Reasons to promote WP Rocket:

  •  20% Affiliate commissions of the total price
  • Get Digital assets like Logos, Screenshots, Text links, Banners
  • Cookie Duration of 30 Days
  • Minimum payout of only $50
  • Wire Transfer payment method

Final Verdict

Currently, there are many affiliate programs for Divi designers. Even so, finding an easy affiliate program with the probability of a high-conversion rate is often difficult. Instead of a long list, we have listed the 5 best affiliate programs for Divi users. So now, share with us which program you will try first?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Divi have an affiliate program?

Yes, Divi comes with an affiliate program with a well-off commission of 50%.

What is the highest-paid affiliate program?

Although, Elegant Themes comes with a 50% affiliate commission. However, in the case of the third-party marketplace, DiviFlash also offers a 50% affiliate commission. Therefore, both programs provide the highest affiliate commission.

Which affiliate program is the best?

Considering all the affiliate programs, Elegant themes and DiviFlash offer the best affiliate program for Divi users by sharing the highest commission in each sale.


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