DiviFlash Affiliate Program

Become a part of our success, earn up to 50% commissions for each successful referral!

  • Up to 50% commission
  • 30 Days cookie policy
  • Dedicated & personalized support
DiviFlash Affiliate Program

Why Join DiviFlash Affiliate Program?

Quick Signup

Just put your name, email address, website URL, promotion strategy & set a password. That's all it takes to sign up and start sending traffic.

Long Cookies

When people visit our website using your affiliate link, the cookie will stay for 30 days and works on the "Last click" attribution basis.

Promotional Creatives

In our affiliate area, you get exclusive access to DiviFlash promotional materials (banner, logos, screenshots, text links). You can embed them on your website and start earning with just a few clicks.

Realtime Reporting

You will get an email notification for each successful referral purchase.

Monthly Payouts

We pay our affiliates always on the 15th date of every month for sales referred in last month. If you can't reach our minimum limit, we will credit commission income to your account for future payment. The payment will be made via Payoneer and bank.

Frequent Offers & Promotions

We celebrate all the occasions of Europe and America so you can also join us promoting our products and mention the discounts. Our affiliate partners receive promotions long before they are published so that they can get ready for our promotional campaigns!

What You Will Get?

Upto 50% Commission

We offer a Progressive Commission Plan for Affiliates. So there is a chance to increase your commission rate up to 50% from a minimum of 25%.

Advanced Analytics

You will get access to real-time stats on traffic and conversion matrix, commissions, payment history. Login to the affiliate dashboard to track your performance and revenue.

Personalized support

Our friendly and reliable affiliate manager assists you with any questions, offers weekly follow-up and personalized tips. We hope it will help you maximize your conversions and build a steady stream of revenue.

Why Promote DiviFlash?

Divi Based Pioneer Solution

All Premium Divi Modules in One Plugin

Featured on Divi Marketplace by Elegant Themes

100% User Satisfaction

Promoting DiviFlash

Why Promote DiviFlash?

Divi Based Pioneer Solution

Elegant icon

Featured on Divi Marketplace by Elegant Themes

All Premium Divi Modules in One Plugin

100% User Satisfaction

Promote DiviFlash

How to become an affiliate

Essay, follow these 4 simple steps.

DiviFlash Affiliate Program Process

Publish reviews, blog posts, product comparisons, white papers, infographics, images, and case studies about DiviFlash on your website.

Place our promotional creatives (banners) on your website.

Create demo videos and video tutorials on DiviFlash for YouTube or other video-sharing platforms.

Spread positive awareness about DiviFlash and its features to your social network and email subscribers.

Engage with Divi & WordPress community and suggest our product on relevant threads.

Operate only one account for promoting.

Avoid misrepresenting the benefits of using our product or black hat approach to get more sales.

Don’t use your affiliate link to purchase for personal use.

Don’t share your affiliate link with copy content or discount and coupon listing sites.

Don’t offer unofficial discounts or coupon codes.

Don’t modify our logos or creatives without our consent.

Don’t advertise DiviFlash through PPC Ads.

Spam with links without having a meaningful conversation and in irrelevant threads.

Promote our direct competitors at the same time as it may create conflict.

Sending SPAM or UNQUALIFIED traffic.

Affiliate Link shortening or link clocking/hiding.

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Progressive Commission Structure

The sky’s the limit! Refer as many clients as you can.

Grade NameSales Per MonthCommission (%)

When an Affiliate reaches 100 sales of DiviFlash, they will receive an additional bonus of $250 and get an invitation to be featured as “Crown Affiliates” on our websites and social networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions available here if you don’t find your required question . Please, drop us an email at support@diviflash.com We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How Does It Work?
Once we approve your application, you will get a unique affiliate link for tracking conversion and dashboard/marketing kit access. Promote DiviFlash using any channel to share promotional materials and affiliate links. When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is placed in the visitor’s browser for tracking purposes. In addition, if the visitor browses our site & purchase, it will be counted as a sale for you. And finally, you will receive up to 50% commission based on our Progressive Commission Plan.
Is There a Minimum Payout Threshold?

Yes, the minimum threshold is $50.

How Long Will a Customer Be Attributed to My Account?/ How long is your cookie duration?

Whenever a visitor comes to our site using your affiliate link, that referral will be attributed to your account if they purchase from the same device within 30 days and don’t clear browser cookies.

Do I Need a Website to Promote DiviFlash?
No, It’s not mandatory. We prefer any type of digital marketing for promoting our product. But keep in mind, we hate SPAM.
Can I Purchase Using My Link and earn commission from my purchases?
No, the personal purchase will not be eligible for commission. One customer can use affiliate referrals only once and only if the user is not registered on our site. Even if you use a different email address, we can automatically identify those referrals from our fraud detection system.

Do I Need to Be A DiviFlash User?
Not necessarily, but being one gives you more credibility. However, we prefer using DiviFlash because the more familiar you are with DiviFlash, the easier it will be for you to make an unbiased recommendation and showcase it.
When will I Get Paid?
As a result of our 14-day refund policy – following the clearance of the purchase, we’ll pay you within 30 days if you meet our minimum payout limit (including previous unpaid commissions).
How Will I Get Paid?
Payment is processed through Payoneer and bank account.
I'm Making a Website for Someone. Can I Refer Them?
Definitely, we recommend doing that. Referring someone to DiviFlash is a great way to earn extra bucks from existing clients.
Can I See Stats and Earnings?
Yes, from your affiliate dashboard, you can track your conversion, monitor stats, and watch your earnings.
Will I be paid if my referrals upgrade their subscription plan?
No, you will get paid only once when the customer orders for the first time.
How Much Can I Earn as a DiviFlash Affiliate?
The sky’s the limit! Refer as many clients as you can. The more sales you make, the more you can earn with DiviFlash Affiliate Program.
What's the best way to promote DiviFlash?
There are thousands of ways to promote our product. You may have a website where you can write about DiviFlash’s power by doing a case study or creating content around the best ways to use DiviFlash to achieve a specific design goal, tips and tricks about web design, and use our affiliate promotional materials (banners) to promote our product. It’s always good to show people how they can use DiviFlash to get better output, save time and design their website. You can write reviews of DiviFlash or compare it with the competitors. You can produce instructional videos and use your affiliate link in the description. You can share our blog posts on social media using your affiliate ID with the link.
How can I increase my earnings?
Feel free to reach out to our affiliate manager by affiliate@diviflash.com , and we will discuss further options with you.
Do you accept coupon sites?
No, our affiliate policy doesn’t allow coupon sites to signup for our affiliate program.
Why Didn't I get paid on the 15th day?
We wait 14 days to be sure the payment we got for the order is legit, and also the customer has a chance to ask for a refund or file a dispute.
How Long Does It Take to get account approval?
We try to approve the affiliate signups as soon as we receive them. Once you submit your application, we’ll review it. As soon as verification is complete, you will be notified via email. Usually, we approve within 24 hours. If you signup during weekends and holidays, the approval might get delayed 72 hours max.
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Read before you sign Up!

Full terms and condition for DiviFlash affiliate program are available here.

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