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Divi Animated

Highlight the heading texts with a variety of cool animation effects in a minute with the divi animated heading module. So, create a heading consisting of different text customizers & animation settings that grab visitor’s attention.

Divi Animated Heading Module
Text Animation

Text Animations

This heading module has nine types of text animation effects with the animation mass controller, stiffness, damping, & velocity.

Easing Functions

Easing Functions

The easing function brings 28 different easing effects along with the controlling options of animation-duration & delay times.

Different Text in Divi Heading

Different Text Customizer

The divi animated heading has 3 different types of text areas and these texts get customized individually with a unique look.

Live Demo Divi Text Animation

Why The Animated Heading Module is a Smart Choice?

Implementing different text animation effects in a heading under the Diviflash animated heading module is entirely effortless. Users get the Word Rotate, Scale, Slide and Letter Flip, Wave & Stand animations with mass, stiffness, damping & velocity controlling facilities. Even more, the divi animated heading module decorates a single title over three different stylish text looks.

Divi Animated Heading Module Settings

How Does Divi Animated Heading Module Work?

The content tab adds elements like the prefix, fancy text, & suffix to the module with animation and easing effects. In contrast, the design tab decorates each element with a clean edge border & typography. However, developers get profound control over the module in the advanced tab.

Divi Animated Heading Module Settings

The Key Features of the Divi Animated Heading Module

The divi animated heading module brings many excellent features to design a heading that stands out to attract visitors.

Divi Heading Module Example

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is the essential feature among other divi animated heading features. This feature has a deep contribution to keep a suitable gap between each ingredient for a neat & clean look.

Divi Animated Heading Module Demo

Custom Border

Apply three different border styles to a specific heading and adorn them individually for every text area. Moreover, modify the border width, style & color of each text area with 6 gripping box-shadow effects.

WP Form Styler Example
Divi Animated Heading Module Premade Template

Premade Divi Layouts

Diviflash provides a range of premade layouts with a periodic update to save divi user’s quality time. All these templates are ready-to-go and future suitable. Therefore, download a free template based on your niche, upload, edit, and publish within a moment.

Other Pro Features of this Module

All the features of the divi animated module are remarkable to improve the performance level of this module. Therefore, utilize all other pro features to fabricate an engaging heading.


Display Element

The display element feature of the divi animated heading shows ingredients under the inline, block, and inline-block styles.

Background Styler

All Background styler

The divi animated heading is capable of embellishing the background of each ingredient and entire container over an alluring look.

Fancy text styler

Fancy text styler

Fancy text styler is dedicated to adorning the animated text portion of the heading over animation effects and other customization.

Box Shadow


The divi animated heading module has six different types of box-shadow effects and essential features to amplify the beauty.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS

The Custom CSS feature developers can implement additional stylish effects to take the module beauty to the next level.

Divi Sizing Options

Sizing Options

The sizing feature helps to control the divi animated heading module by adjusting its width & height as per requirements.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Divi Animated Heading Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

Create a stunning & elegant heading on the divi website through the divi animated heading module.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

The Diviflash has consistent effort to make the divi user’s task more manageable. So, it invented the advanced divi heading module with a dual text feature for different needs. However, Diviflash has numerous divi modules already in the plugin and a lot more in the pipeline.

DiviFlash offers unique and awesome Divi modules or Divi plugins.

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