Best 20 Divi Font Combinations for Your Next Divi Project

Saddam Sifat

Updated: May 24, 2023
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Do fonts really matter in website design? There are numerous components to tremendous website design, however, people often overlook minor details like typography. You would possibly be wondering how important a website’s font really is. Believe it or not, a website font can affect the overall appearance of your site.

Yes, you read right! Typography is a vital element in your website design. More so, it has a great impact on your brand. It is unlikely that you have been on a website and thought, “I absolutely love the fonts used here!” Our minds aren’t trained for that. Humans are generally drawn to images and videos. Notwithstanding, the text keeps us engrossed with the contents. I’m pretty sure you have been on some websites that have fonts that are repelling, difficult to read, or even felt out of place. You would certainly not want that for your website. As trivia, as it may sound, choosing the right fonts for your website is typically overwhelming. Of course, you wouldn’t want to use a constant font everywhere.

That will be so boring! Luckily, Divi has over 900 fonts to choose from. Such a relief, right? But how do you pick the best font from over 900 fonts? That sounds like a lot of time shuffling through fonts. Let me guess, you are bored already just thinking of it. Don’t feel bad. Anyone would be bored too. This is why we took the time to carefully handpick the best 20 DIVI fonts combination for your next Divi project. Rest assured these fonts will keep your Divi website totally engaging. Ready? Let’s get to it!

1. Oswald + Quattrocento

Title font: Oswald
Body font: Quattrocento
Oswald is known for attracting attention, therefore, it is an excellent choice for headlines on websites. Oswald combined with Quattrocento is one of the best Divi font combinations you could use for your Divi website. Example:

2. Amatic SC + Josefin Sans

Title font: Amatic SC
Body font: Josefin Sans
Although this Divi font combo isn’t for everybody, you would definitely nail it if you use it against a white or light background. Also, ensure the text has enough space to breathe. Example:

3. Lato + Roboto

Title font: Lato 
Body font: Roboto
Lato [a trendy Divi font] when combined with Roboto gives you a user-friendly font for virtually every website. Example:

4. Spectral + Karla

Title font: Spectral
 Body font: Karla
Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this amazing Divi font combination. Once paired, you get an elegant design. You should totally try it! Example:

5. Open Sans Condensed + Open Sans

Title font: Open Sans Condensed
 Body font: Open Sans
Open Sans is a neutral and friendly font. Once combined with Open Sans Condensed, it works wonders for nearly all applicable uses. Example:

6. Montserrat + Merriweather

Title font: Montserrat/ Merriweather
Body font: Merriweather/ Montserrat
No doubt Montserrat is one of the most popular Divi Google font among web designers. Nevertheless, if you are thinking about pairing it with a different font, try Merriweather font and you are in for a treat. Example:

7. Sacramento + Alice

Title font: Sacramento
Body font: Alice
Sacramento becomes hard to read with too many words. For this reason, it is best for headings. Its delicate form of typeface paired with Alice gives a chic and sophisticated design. Example:

8. Cinzel + Raleway

Title font: Cinzel/ Raleway
Body font: Raleway/ Cinzel
If you need a unique blend of fonts, consider going for Cinzel, and Raleway combination. The Raleway font complements Cinzel’s bold font so well. Example:

9. PT Sans + Open Sans

Title font: Open Sans
Body font: PT Sans
Are you looking for a Divi font combination that works with any design? Open Sans font pairing is your guy! Pairing Open Sans with PT Sans leaves you with a beautiful view. Try it! Example:

10. Libre Baskerville + Source San Pro

Title font: Libre Baskerville
 Body font: Source Sans Pro
You should consider using Libre Baskerville and Source Sans Pro to spice up your Divi project. These two look wonderful when combined. Example:

11. Raleway + Roboto Condensed

Title font: Raleway
 Body font: Roboto Condensed
Raleway and Roboto condensed are tagged as an excellent combination. The roundness of Raleway contrasts well with the condensed Roboto providing you with a lovely mix. Example:

12. Alegreya + Lato

Title font: Alegreya
Body font: Lato
With the ever-friendly personality of Alegreya and all-purpose Lato, you would get a fun and easy-to-read font when you use them together. Example:

13. Open Sans + Roboto

Title font: Open Sans
Body font: Roboto
These fonts work together so well because they are both brittle, readable, and can be used interchangeably. Example:

14. Abril Fatface + Poppins Light

Title font: Abril Fatface
Body font: Poppins Light
Abril Fatface, once paired with one of the new traditional fonts Poppins Light, gives a superb combination. Have you tried it yet? Example:

15. PT Sans Narrow + PT Sans

Title font: PT Sans Narrow
Body font: PT Sans
Are you a lover of traditional fonts that deliver the old charm with a modern twist? PT Sans is certainly one font you should give a try. As soon as it is paired with PT Sans Narrow, it becomes one of the best Divi font combos ever. Example:

16. Playfair Display + Source Sans Pro

Title font: Playfair Display
Body font: Source Sans
Pro Playfair Display, when combined with Source Sans Pro, creates one of the most powerful classic Divi Google font combinations. Example:

17. Roboto + Merriweather Sans

Title font: Roboto
Body font: Merriweather Sans
Like the PT Sans, Merriweather Sans also gives off a traditional feeling with a modern shape. Even more, it goes well with Roboto. Example:

18. Fjalla One + Noto Sans

Title font: Fjalla One
Body font: Noto Sans
Fjalla One [an attention-seeking font], when combined with Noto Sans [a flexible font], gives your project the attention it desires. Example:

19. Ubuntu bold + Open Sans

Title font: Ubuntu bold
Body font: Open Sans
The Ubuntu bold personality paired with the upright stress, yet neutral and friendly Open Sans makes it excellent for your Divi website. Example:

20. Varela Round + Noto Serif

Title font: Varela Round
Body font: Noto Serif
Varela Round with its soft feel when coupled with Noto Serif makes your website even more beautiful. Example:

Wrapping it up Making font selection can be tricky and could relatively affect your website design. However, picking the right font combination could help boost your website. By picking one of these Divi fonts combinations, you launch your website into another wonderful realm. We hope these Divi font combinations shared above help inspire your Divi project. Good luck!

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