7 Best Divi Carousel Plugins in 2024

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Updated: July 11, 2024
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As a Divi user, you might already know that Divi doesn’t have built-in carousel modules. While it does include some slider modules, they cannot fully replicate the functionality of a true carousel.

That’s why you will need a third-party plugin to create a carousel in Divi. Fortunately, there are many Divi carousel plugins available with advanced features and extensive customization options.

To help you choose the right plugin, we have made a list of some of the best Divi carousel plugins that integrate with Divi Builder and allow you to create stunning carousels. 

A Quick Overview of Best Divi Carousel Plugins

Before diving into the list of the best Carousel plugins for Divi, let’s look at their key aspects:

Plugin NameSlider EffectFree LayoutIntegrationStarter PriceUser Review
DiviFlash4Divi Builder, WooCommerce$494.8
Divi Carousel Module 2.02Divi Builder$154.8
Divi Product Carousel Module2Divi Builder, WooCommerce$195.0
Divi Blog Carousel Module2Divi Builder$195.0
Divi Carousel Maker6Divi Builder$294.0
Divi Carousel Pro1Divi Builder$594.8
All in One Carousel for Divi4Divi Builder$394.7

After a quick overview of the best Carousel plugins for the Divi theme, let’s get to know about all the plugins in detail.

1. DiviFlash

DiviFlash All-in One Divi Carousel Plugin

When it comes to a carousel slider for Divi that allows you to create any kind of carousel, DiviFlash is what you need. It’s one of the best Divi plugins and has 8 exclusive modules just for carousel creation.

DiviFlash Carousel Modules for Divi

The Advanced Carousel module is the most powerful of the eight modules. With it, you can create an image carousel, team carousel, logo carousel, and even a testimonial carousel with its button, image, item ordering flexibility, and more.

Other than the Advanced Carousel module, DiviFlash has seven other modules for specific carousel creation needs including images, logos, posts, products, CPT carousels, and Instagram feed carousel. 

What We Liked Most about DiviFlash

All of the modules have a unique set of carousel-related functionality and customization options, such as:

  • Slider and 3D coverflow effects
  • Carousel’s speed and timing controls
  • Two different navigation systems (arrow and dots)
  • Loop and autoplay option 
  • Responsive design settings
  • Styling options for fonts, colors, and backgrounds

Pricing of DiviFlash 

DiviFlash is an all-in-one Divi plugin with 50+ modules including eight carousel modules. To avail of those you have to purchase any of the below packs,

  • Personal Pack: $49 per year for a single website.
  • Business Pack: $89 per year for unlimited websites.
  • Agency Pack: $299 lifetime for unlimited websites.

2. Divi Carousel Module 2.0

Divi Carousel Module 2.0 Plugin by DiviGear

Divi Carousel Module 2.0 is a powerful carousel plugin that lets you create interactive carousel content. With this single plugin, you can create image carousel, testimonial carousel, logo carousel, team carousel, and many more.

Using the title, subtitle, description, image, button, social media, and rating functions, you can create any type of carousel you want.

In terms of carousel elements, this one has options like multi-slide, center slide, loop, autoplay, dot-and-arrow navigation, and many more. Plus, you will have the option to customize each element using functions available inside the module’s design tab.

What We Liked Most about Divi Carousel Module 2.0

  • Ability to select coverflow as a slider effect
  • Lightbox to open an image in a full-screen
  • Add an image overlay and icon 
  • Option to add ratings and even social media links
  • Regular text, image, and appearance styler
  • Option to order content elements as needed

Pricing of Divi Carousel Module 2.0

  • Single Site: $15 lifetime
  • Unlimited Sites: $29 lifetime

3. DiviGear Product Carousel

Divi Product Carousel Module Plugin by DiviGear

If you are looking for a premium Divi carousel slider plugin for product showcases, you will love the Divi Product Carousel. Like Divi Carousel 2.0, this one is also a single-module plugin by DiviGear, but it is specifically designed to display products.

The Divi Product Carousel seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and lets you create sliders with elements like product images, titles, descriptions, add-to-cart buttons, etc. The best part is that you can create a single or multiple-product carousel for your online store.

What We Liked Most about Divi Product Carousel

  • You can apply hover and even overlay to the product image
  • Individual hover effects on each element
  • Vertical alignment option to align carousel content
  • Control product ordering with eight product order options
  • A vast level of design options for each product element

Pricing of Divi Product Carousel

  • Single Site: $19 lifetime
  • Unlimited Sites: $39 lifetime

4. DiviGear Blog Carousel Module

Divi Blog Post Carousel Module Plugin by DiviGear

Divi Blog Carousel Module is another best Divi slider carousel plugin that lets you display your blog post in an interactive carousel format. It offers versatile solutions, but only for creating blog sliders.

Within the Blog Carousel sliders, you can show your blog’s featured image, excerpt, category, author, read more button, and so on. In short, you will find everything to create an eye-catching and dynamic blog slider. 

As for carousel settings, this module has the option to enable multi-slide, dot or arrow navigation, loop, autoplay, and more. It also has almost similar carousel and customization options to the Divi Product Carousel has to offer.

What We Liked Most about Divi Blog Carousel Module

  • Apply two different slider effects from a slide or coverlfow format
  • Defined how many items to show on different devices
  • You can apply custom spacing between slider items
  • Ability to control vertical alignment with top, center, and bottom
  • Variety of image sizing, border, and styling options
  • Add an image overlay with a custom color and icon

Pricing of Divi Blog Carousel Module

  • Single Site: $19 lifetime
  • Unlimited Sites: $39 lifetime

5. Divi Carousel Maker

Divi Carousel Maker Plugin

Unique from others, Divi Carousel Maker doesn’t have any module for carousel creation. Instead, it has a carousel option in the column’s settings. You have to enable the carousel by going to the column settings. (Watch this video for better understanding).

Another notable thing is that Divi Carousel Maker does not offer any preview of carousel creation in the visual builder, which is somehow unusual for a Divi plugin.

What We Liked Most about Divi Carousel Maker

  • Option to determine how many slider items to show on different devices
  • Special cut-off mode that allows the showing of partial sliders on each 
  • Basic carousel elements like loop, autoplay, and scroll direction
  • Navigation systems like touch swipe and mouse drag
  • 100+ carousel layouts 
  • Choose from six types of sliders (slide, fade, coverflow, stack, flip, and cube)

Pricing of Divi Carousel Maker

  • Annual Unlimited: $29 per year 
  • Lifetime Single: $70 per year 
  • Lifetime Unlimited Sites: $136 lifetime 

6. Divi Carousel Pro

Divi Carousel Pro Plugin

Divi Carousel Pro is the most expensive plugin on our list starting at $59. This expensive yet effective slider plugin for Divi has 11 carousel modules to fulfill different carousel creation needs.

While being the most expensive carousel plugin, Divi Carousel Pro also offers a free Divi Carousel plugin, named Divi Carousel Lite, with two modules: image module and logo module.

What We Liked Most about Divi Carousel Pro 

  • Apply common carousel-related settings options like autoplay, loop, navigation
  • Ability to apply the left-to-right or right-to-left sliding direction.
  • Option to enable vertical mode 
  • Open an image in a lightbox
  • Apply a custom cursor from options like grab, pointer, move, pizza, etc

Pricing of Divi Carousel Pro

  • Agency Pack: $59 per year for unlimited websites with 8+ premium modules
  • Unlimited Lifetime Pack: $149 lifetime for unlimited websites with 40+ premium modules
  • All Access Pack: $249 lifetime for unlimited websites with 9 current and future plugins

7. All in One Carousel for Divi

All in One Carousel for Divi Plugin

All in One Carousel for Divi works exactly as its name suggests. Similar to Divi Carousel Pro, this one also comes with 11 modules to fulfill a wide variety of slider-based content creation needs. 

Using this module, you can design interactive sliders that will captivate your visitors’ attention. The best part is that all 11 carousel modules come with advanced carousel settings options like multi-slide mode and dozens of customization options.

No matter what carousel you use, you will also find responsive options for all devices. You can separately apply design or customization for specific devices like desktop, tablet, or mobile. 

What We Liked Most about All in One Carousel for Divi

  • Extensive control over content, style, and navigation.
  • 100+ fully customizable Divi carousel layouts for all modules.
  • Interactive carousel elements capture visitors’ attention.
  • Each module has a wide range of customization options.

Pricing of All in One Carousel for Divi

  • Annual Pack: $39 per year for unlimited websites
  • Lifetime Pack: $99 lifetime for unlimited websites

Final Verdict

Among the 7 best Divi carousel plugins included in this guide, which one do you think is the best?

According to our evaluation, DiviFlash is the best Divi carousel plugin because it lets you create all kinds of carousels with its 8 different carousel modules. 

On the other hand, if you want a simple yet powerful module just for creating carousels, go for Divi Carousel Module 2.0. It’s only $15 but has all the advanced features that you need.

If you have specific requirements, like a blog or product slider showcase, go for the Divi Product Carousel or Divi Blog Carousel Module. They have specific features for these content types.

Plus, you can go for Divi Carousel Lite if you are looking for a Divi Carousel plugin with a free solution.

Now the choice is yours.

FAQs about Divi Carousel

Even though we have created a well-detailed list of the best Divi Carousel plugins, you may still have some questions in your mind. For that, check out these commonly asked questions with their answers:

  • How To Add a Divi Carousel To A Website?

Divi’s built-in modules, such as post slider, slider, and video slider, allow you to add carousels to your website. But for more options like a blog carousel, product carousel, or advanced carousel maker, using a plugin like DiviFlash is recommended.

  • Does Divi Blog Carousel Only Work with Blog Posts?

Yes, Divi Blog Carousel Module is specifically designed to work with blog posts. It allows you to display blog posts featuring an image, title, excerpt, button, category, date, author, and more. In terms of carousel settings, it offers options like loop, autoplay, equal height, and so on.

  • How to Make Divi Slider Autoplay?

Among the three slider modules that Divi offers, none have an autoplay function. However, you can achieve autoplay functionality, including the ability to pause on hover and specify autoplay delay, by using third-party plugins.

  • How to Make Full Width Slider in Divi?

Divi features a built-in module for creating full-width sliders, allowing you to include titles, text, images/videos, and buttons. This module offers arrow and dot navigation options for slider elements. Moreover, it provides extensive customization options in the design tab.

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