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Updated: March 31, 2024
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In today’s digital landscape, having an impressive online presence is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. When it comes to creating a stunning and functional website, WordPress stands as one of the most popular and user-friendly platforms available. 

However, for many WordPress users, the challenge lies in designing and building web pages that truly captivate their audience. This is where page builders come into play. 

Page builders empower WordPress users, regardless of their technical expertise, to effortlessly create visually stunning and highly customized websites. With their drag-and-drop functionality, extensive pre-built templates, and a myriad of customization options, page builders have revolutionized the way websites are built on the WordPress platform.

As we step into 2024, it’s important to stay informed about the latest advancements in WordPress page builders. With an array of options available, each boasting unique features and benefits, choosing the right page builder can be a daunting task.

To help you navigate through the vast sea of possibilities, in this article, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the best WordPress page builders of 2024. 

So, let’s embark on this journey to discover the best WordPress page builder plugins of 2024 and empower ourselves to create stunning websites with ease and efficiency.

Top WordPress Page Builders Comparison

WordPress Page BuilderOur VerdictBest forFree VersionBasic Price
DiviComprehensive and powerfulExperienced designers and developers$89 per year
ElementorHighly popular and versatileBeginners to experienced users✔️$59 per year
Beaver BuilderUser-friendly with essential featuresProfessional web developers✔️$99 per year
Oxygen BuilderPowerful and performance-orientedDesigners or developers$129 one-time payment
Visual ComposerConvenient all-in-one solutionSmall enterprises, bloggers, newcomers$49 per year
BrizyModern and user-friendlyUsers looking for visually appealing UI✔️$49 per year
Thrive ArchitectConversion-focused and feature-richOnline marketers, entrepreneurs$99 per year
ThemeifyUser-friendly with ample design optionsWordPress users looking for free option✔️Free
SeedProdIntuitive drag-and-drop builderIndividuals generating leads$39.5 per year
WPBakery Feature-rich with mixed user experiencesExperienced developers and designers$59 for lifetime

What to Look for in a WordPress Page Builder?

When considering a WordPress page builder, there are several key factors to look for to ensure you choose the right one for your needs.  these factors will help you assess the suitability of a WordPress page builder for your specific requirements.

Here’s what to look for in a WordPress page builder plugin:

  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: A good page builder should offer an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to easily arrange and customize elements on your web pages without any coding knowledge.
  • Pre-built Templates and Layouts: Look for a page builder that provides a diverse range of professionally designed templates and layouts. These ready-to-use options can save you time and effort in building your website from scratch.
  • Customization Options: The ability to customize every aspect of your website is essential. Make sure the page builder offers a wide range of customization options, including font styles, colors, spacing, and more.
  • Integration with Other Plugins: Compatibility with other WordPress plugins enhances the functionality of your website. Look for a page builder that seamlessly integrates with popular plugins such as contact forms, SEO tools, and e-commerce solutions.
  • Responsiveness and Mobile-Friendliness: With the increasing use of mobile devices, it’s crucial that your website looks great and functions well on various screen sizes. Ensure the page builder offers responsive design capabilities for optimal mobile performance.

Best WordPress Page Builders of 2024

1. Divi

Divi Builder

Divi is a comprehensive and robust WordPress page builder that enables you to visually create websites. It offers a modern and user-friendly experience, equipped with numerous features and approximately 50 pre-designed elements for your websites. 

With Divi, you have the ability to visually construct complete websites and conveniently rearrange elements through a drag-and-drop interface. To further expand the functionality of the Divi Builder, you can utilize Divi extensions like DiviFlash plugin, which seamlessly integrates with Divi. 

DiviFlash adds over 40+ new custom modules to the Divi Builder, providing you with even more creative options. Like other page builders in WordPress, Divi provides both front-end and back-end editing options.

To further streamline your website creation process, Divi provides a vast collection of over 800 pre-designed layouts. These layouts cover a wide range of themes, from restaurants and weddings to yoga studios and florists. Each layout pack comes with royalty-free imagery, icons, and illustrations, allowing you to easily customize your website with visually appealing elements.

Key Features of Divi 

  • User-friendly visual builder with drag-and-drop feature
  • Wide range of 200+ design elements or modules for content addition
  • Extensive collection of 2,000+ pre-made design layouts
  • Over 300 pre-made complete website packs available
  • More than 20 native WooCommerce modules for creating custom WC pages
  • Unlimited website usage
  • Seamless integration with numerous third-party plugins and services
  • Divi Theme Builder for comprehensive site editing and templating system
  • Import and export Theme Builder Template packs similar to child themes


  • Clean and minimal interface
  • Basic text editor for simplicity
  • Quick and hassle-free installation
  • Efficient and strong customization settings
  • Impressive collection of templates


  • The load time of the builder could be faster
  • Interactivity with other tools: its a bit complicated
  • Large Divi CSS file

Divi is Best for 

The Divi Builder provides a wide range of design elements and layouts to cater to the preferences of both new website owners, developers, and experienced designers. However, there is no free version available. 

Pricing of Divi 

  • Yearly access: $89 per year
  • Lifetime access: $249 1-time payment

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2. Elementor

Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Elementor is the most powerful page builder that stands out as one of the top-notch choices for a free WordPress page builder. While it does offer paid plans, the free version grants you access to an intuitive website editor with drag-and-drop functionality. It includes a diverse range of 100+ design widgets, 300+ templates, and the ability to edit responsively. 

As you explore Elementor’s premium features, its capabilities become even more remarkable. The pro version offers an array of additional features, making it especially suitable for users creating larger websites or those with commercial needs (Pro includes the WooCommerce Builder). 

However, for beginners in website building looking for a straightforward solution, Elementor’s free plan is perfect. It even provides templates for landing pages and maintenance mode, along with the ability to preview your site on both mobile and desktop devices.

Key Features of Elementor

  • Visual drag-and-drop builder for creating impressive websites effortlessly
  • Over 100 design widgets available for constructing your pages
  • More than 300 pre-made templates to choose from
  • Collaborative website design through front-end comments and notes
  • Global design settings for a consistent design throughout the site
  • Powerful popup builder for custom popups based on user behavior or events
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce for personalized WC pages
  • Dynamic content options for dynamic website elements
  • Mobile responsive design options for optimizing designs across devices
  • Extensive collection of pre-designed templates and blocks
  • Access to numerous third-party add-ons for enhanced functionality


  • It has a forever free version 
  • Free version includes numerous templates and features
  • Editing mode is fast and smooth, with real-time front-end editing
  • Deactivation does not result in leftover shortcode garbage
  • Pro version offers a pop-up builder, visual form generator, animations, and special effects for captivating content.


  • Elementor may negatively impact site speed, according to user complaints
  • Slight learning curve for newcomers to the page-building arena
  • Recent major updates of Elementor have experienced glitches

Elementor is Best for

Elementor is ideal for single-website owners or anyone looking to try out a WordPress website builder for free. At a fair price, Elementor’s premium plans are great for developers.

Pricing of Elementor

  • Essential plan: $59 per year (1 Pro website)
  • Expert plan: $199 per year (25 Pro websites)
  • Agency plan: $399 per year (1000 Pro websites)

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3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is an outstanding premium page builder designed for beginner website administrators. It offers a user-friendly interface where you can easily create web pages by dragging and dropping elements. 

The builder includes a collection of ready-made templates that can be customized to suit your needs, saving you the effort of starting from scratch when building a new website or page. Once you’ve personalized your template, you have the option to save it for future use in creating additional pages.

Furthermore, Beaver Builder provides various modules that enable you to enhance your pages with useful elements such as customized buttons, image sliders, accordion menus, and other features.

Key Features of Beaver Builder

  • Live and front-end editing with mobile-friendly designs
  • Over 30 modules available
  • More than 25 landing page templates
  • Over 40 content page templates
  • Integration with LifterLMS, LearnDash, and MemberPress
  • Unlimited usage on multiple sites
  • Cloud storage with Assistant Pro (add-on)
  • Theme Builder available (add-on)
  • White Labeling option available with the Agency plan
  • Revision history feature for rolling back to previous versions of pages or posts.


  • Free version includes essential basic features
  • Front-end editing is outstanding with quick and real-time switching to preview mode
  • Generates clear HTML and CSS code instead of shortcodes
  • Modifications are preserved even after deactivating the plugin


  • Quite expensive
  • WordPress theme compatibility issues
  • Limited landing page templates compared to other WordPress page builder

Beaver Builder is Best for

Beaver Builder is an effective tool for constructing web pages, specifically designed to cater to the needs of professional web developers. While it offers a wide selection of templates, its pricing is its only drawback.

Pricing of Beaver Builder

  • Standard: $99 per year
  • Pro: $199 per year
  • Agency: $399 per year
  • Ultimate: $546 per year

4. Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Builder

Oxygen builder is a powerful drag-and-drop WordPress page builder known for its performance, optimized code, and responsiveness. While its design library may not be as extensive as others, Oxygen’s organized design sets make it easy to add headers, footers, and sections to your pages or templates. 

You have full control over the responsiveness of your website, allowing you to create beautiful custom design elements. Oxygen also offers a dedicated header builder with pre-designed templates for creating responsive headers. 

Oxygen is great for both programmers and non-programmers. Non-programmers love its user-friendly features, while coders appreciate its support for PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. However, one drawback is that when Oxygen is deactivated, it leaves behind visible shortcodes that clutter the code.

Key Features of Oxygen Builder

  • Streamlined code generation for enhanced performance and speed
  • Offers responsive design previews and settings
  • Complete control over responsive breakpoints and column stacking on mobile devices
  • Implements Google Font Face Limiter
  • Incorporates WooCommerce elements with global styling 
  • Offers comprehensive access control for clients
  • Includes Gutenberg Block Builder (Ultimate package)
  • Provides Composite Elements for adding flip boxes, mega menus, table of contents, and more
  • Supports global and page-level scroll and entrance animations
  • Includes shortcodes for layouts, rows, columns, and modules
  • Enables JavaScript insertion at local and global levels
  • Offers custom “theme” layouts, dynamic content, and conditional logic


  • User-friendly interface
  • Abundance of content elements and templates
  • Developers will appreciate PHP and JavaScript support
  • Budget-friendly pricing with customer satisfaction in mind


  • Steep learning curve for non-technical individuals
  • Shortcodes are generated

Oxygen Builder is Best for 

Oxygen builder for WordPress is ideal for designers or developers who prioritize performance and desire extensive control over their WordPress sites, but it may not be suitable for beginners.

Pricing of Oxygen Builder

  • Basic: $129 one-time payment. 
  • WooCo: $149 one-time payment. 
  • Ultimate: $179 one-time payment. 

5. Visual Composer

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is another premium website builder for WordPress that enables you to create personalized pages and posts without the need for coding. It offers the convenience of editing content and layout directly in the front end, along with a variety of adjustable elements to work with. The user interface has a modern design, which can be either docked or floating, allowing for speedy outcomes once you’re familiar with it.

Additionally, Visual Composer provides access to the Visual Composer hub, offering a collection of 300+ content elements and over 200-page layouts that you can easily download and utilize. In comparison, other WordPress page builders typically include such elements as built-in features, eliminating the need for separate downloads.

Key Features of Visual Composer

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor for easy design
  • Over 200 professional templates are available
  • More than 300 content elements with advanced design choices
  • Responsive design options for front-end display
  • Built-in SEO optimization for improved visibility
  • Theme Builder enables the creation of entire websites
  • Access to a wide range of add-ons and design assets from the visual builder hub
  • Integration with essential third-party plugins for forms, social networks, and media
  • Support for various font and icon libraries, including vector icons and SVGs


  • Access to Visual Composer Hub with numerous extensions
  • Front-end and tree view editor in one convenient solution
  • Development interface for advanced customization
  • Ability to hide and show elements as needed
  • Support for CSS and JavaScript editing


  • Malfunctioning undo and redo functions
  • Outdated interface elements, such as the requirement to input image size as the text

Visual Composer is Best for

Visual Composer is an ideal choice for small enterprises, bloggers, or newcomers seeking an affordable yet potent visual editor. While it may not offer as many features and design options as more comprehensive page builders, it presents a convenient all-in-one solution for individuals aiming to locate all their requirements in a single platform.

Pricing of Visual Composer

  • Single: $49 per year for 1 site
  • Plus: $99 per year for 5 sites
  • Accelerate: $149 per year for 20 sites
  • Agency: $349 per year for 1000 sites

6. Brizy

Brizy Builder

Brizy is another impressive WordPress editor plugin that utilizes React and provides a range of templates to kickstart your creative journey. Being a relatively new WordPress page builder, Brizy stands out with its focus on a modern interface and a wide selection of high-quality designs and templates. 

With Brizy, you have the convenience of editing your pages directly in the front end, avoiding complex menus. It’s as simple as clicking on the text and making changes, just like using a Word document. Additionally, creating new page elements and designing column layouts is a breeze and can be done swiftly.

If you’re looking to explore advanced web design beyond content customization, Brizy Pro is an essential tool to consider. Another advantage of using Brizy is that when you deactivate it, you won’t have to deal with any missing sections of code, simplifying the management process.

Key Features of Brizy

  • Plugin & Cloud Platform options available for WordPress
  • Over 36 powerful elements included
  • More than 100 aesthetically pleasing and mobile-optimized design templates
  • Access to 500+ pre-designed element blocks focused on conversions
  • Choose from 4000+ premium icons in glyph and outline styles
  • Animation options for on-entry effects, scroll reveals, and Lottie animations
  • Zoom & Focus feature to customize images
  • Web Stories feature for creating mobile-optimized swipeable mini-sites and landing pages.


  • Real-time editing in the frontend that’s both simple and fluid
  • Access to over 150 content blocks that are ready-to-use
  • Numerous professional layouts for different application scenarios
  • Brizy Pro allows for editing of headers and footers


  • The interface is slow and somewhat cluttered
  • Some parts of the interface are outdated
  • Lack of automatic save feature

Brizy is Best for

If you’re on the lookout for the next ground-breaking WordPress page builder, Brizy is an option worth keeping an eye on. With its user-friendly interface and no coding required, this visual builder empowers any user to create unique websites that break away from the traditional WordPress design.

Pricing of Brizy

  • Personal: $49 per year
  • Freelancer: $99 per year
  • Agency: $199 per year

7. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is an impressive page builder that forms part of the Thrive Suite tools provided by ThriveThemes. This page builder encompasses all the essential features including a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, a wide array of design and content elements, and ready-to-use landing page templates. 

With a strong emphasis on marketing and lead generation, Thrive Architect provides over 400 conversion-focused templates and streamlined landing page designs that load quickly.

Thrive Architect’s templates simplify the creation of stunning landing pages, allowing users to customize the color scheme and incorporate conversion-oriented elements like countdown timers, testimonials, buttons, and lead generation forms. These forms seamlessly integrate with popular email marketing providers, enhancing lead management efficiency.

Key Features of Thrive Architect

  • 400+ conversion-focused templates designed to help you create pages that convert visitors into customers or subscribers.
  • Includes marketing-focused elements, such as pricing tables, countdown timers, and testimonials.
  • Includes lead generation elements, such as opt-in forms and popups, that can help improve your marketing strategy.
  • Smart landing pages for easier design and branding.
  • Create targeted landing pages that are customized based on the visitor’s search term, location, or other criteria.
  • Available A/B testing feature that helps you optimize your pages for maximum conversions.
  • Blog post styling for enhanced social shares.
  • Font customization options for personalized aesthetics.


  • Enhanced marketing functionalities
  • Trustworthy HTML and CSS editors
  • View and style responses for different devices
  • Highly adaptable layout choices
  • Efficient handling of content templates


  • Fewer elements compared to other builders
  • Lacks Theme Builder Features
  • Ongoing bug-fixing required

Thrive Architect is Best for

Thrive Architect is the best WordPress Page Builder for sales-focused websites. Whether your objective is to expand your email subscriber base, generate sales, or foster social media sharing, Thrive Architect simplifies the attainment of these goals.

Pricing of Thrive Architect

  • Thrive Architect: $99 per year
  • Thrive Architect & Thrive Optimize: $199 per year
  • Thrive Suite: $299 per year

8. Themify Builder

Themify Builder

Themify is a user-friendly and one of the best WordPress page builder designed specifically for WordPress users. It offers a standalone plugin that is free to use, making the process of building pages in WordPress simple and hassle-free. With a collection of over 40 professional design elements and more than 100 pre-designed page layouts, Themify provides ample options for creating visually appealing websites.

What sets Themify apart is its intuitive builder interface, which stands out as being easier to use compared to many other page builders. You have all the flexibility to add elements to your pages through convenient drag-and-drop functionality or by simply clicking on the desired section of the page. 

Themify seamlessly integrates with popular plugins in the WordPress ecosystem, including WooCommerce, Yoast, Mailchimp, and Contact Form 7, among others. This integration ensures compatibility and enables you to leverage the full potential of these well-known plugins while using Themify.

Key Features of Themify Builder

  • 100+ ready-to-use page layouts and design elements for faster design
  • Builder Add-on bundle offering 25+ premium content elements
  • More than 60 built-in animation effects
  • Drag-and-drop builder for efficient and speedy design
  • Import/export and copy/paste design elements for easy reuse
  • Full localization of Builder’s code using WordPress standards for easy translation
  • Multisite support
  • Builder cache system for improved user experience and faster building
  • Extensive library of pre-built layouts and modules available


  • Extensive range of ready-to-use templates
  • Inbuilt drag-and-drop builder
  • Intelligent layout alternatives
  • Seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce
  • Additional builder addons available


  • Non-intuitive basic interface
  • Absence of theme builder functionalities
  • Absence of header and footer builder

Themify Builder is Best for

If you’re interested in beginning your journey with a free page builders and WordPress in general, Themify Builder offers a great combination of user-friendly functionality and robust features. 

As Themify lacks comprehensive site-building capabilities, you’ll have to rely on their library of themes for assistance. In some cases, you have to purchase additional add on. 

Pricing of Themify Builder

Free, Paid add-ons available

9. SeedProd


SeedProd is a freemium page builder plugin for WordPress that offers an intuitive drag-and-drop design experience for creating various types of pages and themes. It is renowned as one of the top landing page plugins for WordPress, with a user interface comparable to Elementor.

Whether you want to start from scratch or save time with ready-to-use templates, SeedProd includes 100 pre-built page templates, including login pages, maintenance mode, 404 pages, and landing pages. While the free version of SeedProd offers a limited number of blocks, the pro version provides over 80 blocks to choose from.

In addition to its design capabilities, SeedProd seamlessly integrates with popular email marketing providers, enabling you to effortlessly grow your email list. It also offers native WooCommerce blocks to assist in creating custom WooCommerce pages. 

Key Features of SeedProd

  • User-friendly visual drag-and-drop builder for creating landing pages
  • Access to over 150 pre-designed landing page templates
  • Wide range of 90+ blocks for showcasing static and dynamic content
  • Incorporation of 45+ eye-catching animations
  • Integration of 20+ specialized WooCommerce blocks
  • Provision of powerful blocks and marketing tools
  • Domain mapping feature to link landing pages to any desired domain without additional WordPress installations
  • Ability to work on pages privately and keep construction hidden with draft mode
  • Easy copying of sections and media files from one page or website to another through automatic import


  • Comparatively lighter than any other WordPress page builder
  • Enhanced ‘coming soon’ and maintenance mode capabilities, reflecting the plugin’s origins.
  • Inclusion of a built-in domain mapping feature enabling landing pages to have personalized domain names.


  • Free version limitations
  • Fewer elements and blocks compared to other page builders

SeedProd is Best for

SeedProd is ideal for individuals who desire a budget-friendly page builder for generating leads through landing pages. However, if you’re looking to build complete websites using a page builder, there are better and more affordable options available.

Pricing of SeedProd

  • Basic: $39.5 per year
  • Plus: $99.5 per year
  • Pro: $199.5 per year
  • Elite: $239.5 per year

10. WPBakery

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery is a highly popular page builder known for its compatibility with many WordPress themes. It excels at creating pages with intricate layouts and offers a wide range of features. You can easily integrate it with any WordPress theme and build pages quickly using its template library, grid builder, and mobile-responsive design.

WPBakery has been in the market for a long time, so you’ll find plenty of pre-designed layouts and building blocks to customize your content. It includes elements like boxes, icons, text blocks, and diagrams. Additionally, there are thousands of useful elements available from third-party vendors to give your website a unique look. 

WPBakery also has more than 250 integrations with important plugins like WooCommerce, expanding its functionality even further.

Key Features of WPBakery 

  • WPBakery Page Builder is compatible with almost any WordPress theme.
  • 50+ content components
  • The built-in skin builder allows for easy element styling.
  • A strong template library
  • WPBakery Page Builder API Advanced grid builder allows for complete customization.
  • Dedicated assistance Monday-Saturday


  • Numerous content elements accessible through third-party providers
  • Compatibility with over 250 recognized plugins for seamless integration
  • Lots of design templates for various customization options


  • The interface is slow and somewhat cluttered
  • Some parts of the interface are outdated
  • Lack of automatic save feature

WPBakery is Best for

WPBakery is a productive and dependable tool with a modern appearance. If you like using a backend editor, WPBakery Page Builder might be the best option.

Pricing of WPBakery 

  • Regular: $59 for lifetime
  • 5 Sites: $204.8 for lifetime
  • 10 Sites: $349.3 for lifetime

Wrapping Up

These leading page builders offer powerful tools and flexibility to create visually stunning and functional websites. However, the ultimate choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

We encourage you to explore and experiment with different page builders to find the one that resonates with your design style and workflow. Each builder brings its own unique set of features and customization options, enabling you to unleash your creativity and build remarkable websites.

Remember, the world of WordPress page builders is dynamic, with new innovations constantly emerging. Stay curious, stay updated, and keep refining your web design skills.


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