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Create a high-converting and persuasive SAAS website with our free 5 pages of divi layout in a while.

Divi SaaS Business Website Layout

Layout Pages

A better demonstration of SAAS products can bring more prospects to the website. So, we went through a deep study and discovered the 5 most prominent pages to represent SAAS products on the website reasonably.

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SAAS Website Home Page

Home Page

The home page represents your product and has the first impact on visitors. We added a couple of interactive and credible sections like iconic feature list, pricing plan, and client testimonials to the home page. So, using this SAAS layout will take your website to the door of success. Check out the page-

Feature Page Divi SaaS

Features Page

The feature page explains what your SAAS product can achieve, and the possible benefits consumer will get. We create a section where a user quickly explores the number of features and the advantages they have. Moreover, at the bottom of the page, the visitor gets an email opt-in to communicate further. Take a look at the page now-

About Page Divi SaaS

About Us Page

The about page is a place that shows the visitors your expertise level, number of successful products, happy clients, and an experienced team you have. We have accomplished all these qualifications on the about page. Also, the color rhythm of the page provides a vibe of unique creation. Therefore, download the layout and start building a unique SAAS website in a moment with Diviflash. Discover the beauty of the page now-

Price Page Divi SaaS

Pricing Page

An engaging price page can influence visitors to take further action. We create a magnificent pricing section to illustrate your SAAS product price both monthly & yearly. Therefore, utilize this convincing SAAS layout and boost your sales rapidly. Check out the page-

Contact SAAS Template Divi

Contact Us Page

A well-organized and good-looking contact page creates a better impression among users. Diviflash has given the contact page an elegant touch of proficiency and puts detailed information, including a Google map, to contact accordingly. An informative contact page grows the brand credibility faster than ever. So, take a glance at the page now-

Color Palette

We used a fantastic combination of a color palette that creates a unique melody in the layout. The Twilight Blue, Magnolia, and Solid White colors make the SAAS template background gripping and eye-catchy.

Cherry Pie






Diviflash Modules Used

Create a SAAS website with Diviflash by placing a clear, concise value at the beginning of the website and turning your visitor into a solid prospect. This divi SAAS layout is designed through 5 advanced divi modules of the Diviflash plugin.

Why Diviflash & Diviflash Layout

Diviflash always cares about building a website with a clear navigation system, balanced empty space, and proper placement of the CTA button. Therefore, standing in the crowd with Divifalsh’s free website templates will make your website exceptional and boost users’ experience.

Why Divi SaaS Layout

Stylish Header & Footer

The stylish header & footer of the layout can suit & compete with any layout in the market and has a fantastic impact on visitors.

Color Melody

The excellent color melody makes this layout extraordinary in the crowd and creates a vibe that psychologically impresses visitors.


This is a lightweight divi layout that keeps your website speed as it was. So, enjoy and take the harness of the layout.

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