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Divi Blog Grid Module

It’s time to ignore the tedious old divi blog module; try the extended version called the divi blog grid module added inside the diviflash plugin. The drag & drop feature of this module breaks all the limitations to establish outstanding divi blog layouts.

Divi Blog Grid module
Grid & Masonry Layouts

Different Layouts

The grid & masonry layouts with essential controls are available in the divi blog grid module to demonstrate the divi blog posts.

Blog Post Organizer

Post Organizer

The divi blog grid can organize the blog posts by post categories, tags, ordering, and defining the displayed post count number.

Blog Elements

Element variation

The divi blog module has 11 different elements, including the custom text & divider, to accomplish great designs.

Divi Blog Module Live Demo

Why The Diviflash Blog Grid Module is a Smart Choice?

Often said, an attractive blog page layout tempts the reader to stay a bit longer on the website. The diviflash blog grid module offers a masonry layout with column control, several elements with drag and drop customization, animation & such-like features. So, under this module, web owners can build a well-organized divi blog post layout in a short while.

Settings Divi Blog Grid Module

How Does Divi Blog Grid Module Work?

The content tab of the divi grid module shows a total of eleven elements in the blog post layout. In addition, it has the facility to define the number of posts displayed according to tags & categories. In contrast, the design tab decorates the entire module bit by bit. Also, the developer can precisely play with the module through the advanced tab.

Settings Divi Blog Grid Module

The Key Features of the Divi Blog Grid Module

Fabricate a fantastic blog post layout that stands out for greatness by using all the key features of the divi blog grid module.

Divi Blog Layout Grid


The divi blog module stepped forward with overlay and image scale effects. It allows 6 different scale options to choose from and overlay color control with an icon on hover.

Live Demo Divi Blog

Custom spacing

The Custom Spacing feature of the divi blog grid module is one of the most delicate features. This feature has the faculty to put a suitable space between each ingredient of the module.

Live Demo Divi Blog
Divi Blog Layouts

Premade Templates

The diviflash has a motto of saving time for divi users. Accordingly, Diviflash introduced the divi blog grid module alongside premade templates with a periodic update. These are ready-to-go custom blog templates that help keep the web owners on track with modern web designs.

Other Pro Features of this Module

The divi blog grid is a feature-packed module invented for divination. This module contains many more prominent features required to accomplish an excellent look for the divi blog page layout.

Wrapper Customizer

Wrapper customizer

The divi blog grid brings an innovative way to decorate the entire module’s inner & outer wrapper over a stylish look.

Pagination Styler

Pagination styler

The pagination styler is dedicated to adorning the pagination text, numbers, positions, & styles with an alluring look.

Author Image

Author Image Styler

The divi blog grid has excellent care for the author’s image to amplify its beauty with a suitable size & image wrapper style.


Inline & Block

Demonstrating every single element or item under the inline-block, block, or inline style is possible with the divi blog grid module.

Image as Background

Image as Background

Divi Blog Module keeps the feature using the featured images as a background with customization just a click away.



Transform features allow divi users to play over the scale, translate, rotate, skew, and more to drive the audience’s attention faster.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Divi Blog Grid Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

Organize the blog posts in the grid & masonry layouts with the divi blog grid module faster than ever.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

Diviflash also invented the divi blog carousel module alongside the divi blog grid module to accomplish several design prospects. In addition, however, diviflash offers more premium modules that help build a great website from scratch.

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