How to Fix Divi Builder Not Saving Changes: Reasons & Troubleshooting

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Updated: August 28, 2023
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Are you encountering the “Divi Builder not saving changes” error on your Divi website?

The Worst Scenario: You’ve done your page or post customization beautifully with Divi Builder. So, it’s time to save and exit to see the final output.  But, when you click on the save button, a popup called “Your Save Has Failed” appears.

We know it’s a bitter experience. No one wants to have this problem at the end of their work. We also know this issue very closely as our Divi designers have faced several times.

And, the good thing is that they have also found some effective troubleshooting methods. In this article, we are going to share these helpful ways to solve the “Divi builder not saving changes” error.

Common Reasons Behind Why Divi Builder is Not Saving Changes

If we start looking for the cause of this problem, it can be as simple as a network problem. Even, an outdated plugin can be the reason. And, we shouldn’t ignore the error popup suggestions. Taking everything into account, we found the following factors:

  • Lack of server resources.
  • Misconfiguration from coding errors.
  • Disputes from different caches.
  • Plugin or child theme conflicts.

And, many other problems can be causing this issue. We will discuss every possible aspect that prevents you from saving the editing works with Divi Builder.

How to Troubleshoot Divi Builder Not Saving Changes?

We have separated the process of solving the “Divi Builder not saving changes” problem into several factors. Therefore, if you have some guesses about the cause of this trouble, you can go straight to the point.

How to Troubleshoot Server Resources Issues?

The best-recommended way to start this troubleshooting is to check the server resources. And, if you read the error message, it also suggests contacting your hosting server to increase some PHP variables. We can make it easy for you! Just check that your server meets the following server requirements:

  • PHP Version = 7.4 minimum (8.0+ recommended).
  • Database = MySQL version 5.7 or higher; MariaDB version 10.2 or higher.
  • WordPress version = 5.3 or higher.
  • WordPress memory_limit = 128M
  • memory_limit 256M
  • post_max_size 128M
  • max_execution_time 300
  • upload_max_filesize 64M
  • max_input_time 600
  • max_input_vars 6000

And you can check it through the Divi settings. Follow this file path:

WordPress Dashboard > Divi > Support Center > System Status > Show Full Report

This report shows the current system status. If a variable is labeled with a red circle then it’s probably making the Divi builder not saving changes error.

Fixing Method

You need to access cPanel to change the above requirements. You will find the system requirement adjustment settings there. In fact, the actual dashboard settings to increase these PHP variables will vary with your hosting company.

Note: If you use a shared hosting service, you cannot change the hosting variables. In this case, you need to contact the hosting service support.

How to Troubleshoot Code Errors Issues?

This problem often occurs due to coding errors. We use code snippets for Divi websites in various situations. But sometimes, mostly for beginners, we make mistakes while embedding code with the code module or advanced tab of other modules. 

And a corrupted code can prevent the page from saving your edits with the Divi builder. Let’s look at some common issues that lead to coding errors:

Divi Builder Not Saving Changes Code Syntax Error

Check Syntax Error In CSS Code

The CSS code you add may be misconfigured if you make punctuation mistakes like missing semicolons or parentheses, and misspell any variables or statements. This kind of disruption hampers the other styles of the page you’re editing. It happens due to the sequential organizing of CSS rules.

Fixing Method

You can confirm that the problem is occurring with a custom code by removing all custom codes from your Divi website. To do this, from your WordPress dashboard: navigate to Divi> Theme Options> General> Custom CSS

Here, you’ll see all the custom code you’ve added to your website. Remove them all. If this action solves your problem, then look for the conflict in the custom code.

Add your custom codes one by one. In this way, you will find the culprit CSS code.

Other Way: You can also enable “Safe Mode” to understand to check the custom code issue. This will only disable all custom codes on your end. And, your visitors won’t see any changes. So, you can figure out the syntax error. Follow this file path: Divi> Support Center > Safe Mode and enable it. 

However, it will show you a partial result. As you will enable the Safe Mode, it will also disable other plugins. Because of this, you can’t be sure that a plugin isn’t causing the problem. 

Check Syntax Error In HTML Code

Similar to the problem above, a syntax error can also occur with HTML code. Spelling or punctuation errors in the HTML code may block you from saving your edits. 

Fixing Method

To troubleshoot this problem, you need to check all the HTML codes of your page. So, the best way would be to remove all the modules and widgets that you use to add HTML code. Once you will find the solution then you can bring the modules and widgets back one by one. And you will see the culprit one.

Check Your Shortcodes

Shortcodes allow us to display complex and dynamic content like contact forms, galleries, banner ads, etc. Divi users often insert shortcodes while working in the Divi frontend builder. However, shortcodes can be a possible reason for not saving your Divi builder works. 

Sometimes shortcodes don’t work well due to compatibility issues. There may be a conflict with Divi’s functionality. Especially, if you choose a shortcode from a third-party plugin that is no longer updated by them.

Fixing Method

You can simply eliminate any shortcodes from your page. And, if there are no bugs then you should alter the shortcodes. Also, we recommend you try an alternative plugin if a shortcode is provided by a third-party plugin.

How to Troubleshoot Different Caching Issues?

Caching is a beneficial mechanism. It speeds up server loading times, reduces bandwidth needs, and helps in offline browsing. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks too. Sometimes, your browser may retain cached versions and conflict with your new changes with Divi Builder. 

This scenario is also true for your theme, plugin, and CDN caches. Let’s deal with them one by one.

Browser Cache

Browsers usually temporarily store static assets such as images, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. on your device’s hard drive when you visit a website for the first time. So, it can retrieve faster during your next visit. Here, what we need to do is to clear these downloaded cache files. 

Fixing Method

You can open the Divi builder in Incognito Mode or a different browser. If your changes are being saved correctly then it’s a browser caching issue. You can learn about clearing different browser caches from here. But, if the problem persists in the Incognito Mode then you can try clearing the server cache. 

Server-side Cache

Similarly to browsers, your hosting server also caches to quicken its system. It is also recommended to clear its cache.

Fixing Method

To clear this cache type you need to go to your hosting admin panel or cPanel. Actually, the settings differ according to the hosting service. Even, some hosting services don’t allow you to clear the cache. So you may need to contact them.

CDN Cache

If you are using a CDN service, then you should clear the CDN caches as well. CDN also caches your Divi website static assets to speed up your global loading time.

Fixing Method

Every CDN usually has a cache purge system. You need to find the purge button around the CDN settings to purge the caches. Remember that, the purge setting depends on your CDN service. 

Plugin Cache

Plugin caches can also interrupt the saving of your Divi builder works. So, you need to clear them as well.

Fixing Method

To fix the plugin cache, you need to go to your cache plugin dashboard. Once you’re there look for a button to clear or clear the cache of the entire site or a specific piece of content. So, clear the cache as you need. 

However, if you still don’t have a solution, we recommend you deactivate the plugin so that there are no loaded cache files. And you will get out of the Divi builder not saving changes error. Then, activate the plugin again.

How to Troubleshoot Plugin/Theme/Child Theme Conflict Issues?

Check For a Plugin Conflict

The error message also points to a plugin conflict. This happens when two or more plugins don’t work well together. This type of situation can also hinder you from saving your work.

Fixing Method

You can enable “Safe Mode” as we discussed earlier. Other third-party plugins are disabled in this mode. So, you can detect if it’s a plugin conflict.

Or, you can uninstall all the plugins. If everything is working normally then a plugin is the issue. Then, enable all the plugins one by one. Make sure to open your website in a different window (For the best result, try incognito mode) after activating a plugin. When you will start facing the problem, the last plugin you activated is responsible for the problem.

And, you will be left with two options: 

(Ⅰ) Troubleshoot the plugin.

(Ⅱ) Replace the plugin.

Tip: To make this process easier, you can use a plugin like “Health Check & Troubleshooting” to find out the issues with your plugin. 

Check For a Child Theme Conflict

Like a plugin, a child theme can cause a similar issue. This is due to the fact that there could be disruption between your child theme and parent theme files. So your editing works are no longer being saved. 

Fixing Method

Re-enable the Divi parent theme. So, child theme files will no longer have any effects. And, when you don’t see any issues saving your Divi builder work, you can easily assume it’s a child theme conflict. Then, you should cross-check the child theme files.

How to Troubleshoot Other Issues?

Check Session Timeout

This issue can also be caused by a session timeout issue. We often ignore this problem because we can still do our work with Divi Builder. Technically speaking, you somehow started work in a pre-log-in session but it has already disconnected from the database. So, Divi will fail to save your work.

Check Log-in Status

In some cases, you may be customizing a post or page for a long time without clicking the save button. Meanwhile, the WordPress default system assumes that you are no longer active. In fact, WordPress sets the time limit for security purposes. This automatically logs you out. So, you can no longer save your work.

Check Theme, plugin & WordPress Version

You should also check for theme and plugin updates. We tend to overlook this problem. But, it is not only true for Divi builder not saving changes error but also it hampers the security of your WordPress site. 

In addition, you need to check the WordPress version as well. Update it to the latest version.

Tip: First try again. If it doesn’t result, you should download the backup.

Avoid These Working Habits While Working With Divi?

So far, we have discussed some effective methods to bypass the “Divi Builder not saving changes” error. We have tried to help you with the best solutions. But, what could be better than this?

In our view, the main perk lies in avoiding an error. So, you don’t have to go through any troubleshooting process and you save some valuable time. With this in mind, we would like to recommend a few user guidelines for Divi Builder.

Actually, it calls for some changes in your working habits with the Divi builder. Let’s take a look at them: 

  1. For a smooth working experience, it is recommended not to open the same page in the Divi Visual Builder and WordPress backend editor at the same time.
  2. Having both the Divi theme and builder plugin installed is a common tendency among Divi users. You don’t need the builder plugin if the Divi theme is installed.
  3. When you finish customizing a module, row, or section in Visual Builder, you should save your work at regular intervals. Don’t wait for the entire page customization to finish.
  4. When you switch to another network system or the network gets interrupted for a while, it’s recommended to re-log-in to your website.
  5. If you use a VPN, you should use it more wisely.
  6. Lastly, have some patience! Don’t just move to another tab. You should wait for some moment. But, when you spend enough time, you can close the existing tab and open the URL in a new tab.

Final Words

We hope these troubleshooting steps must have fixed the Divi builder not saving changes error. We have covered most of them. However, if you still have no solution, comment below with some details of your problem.

Team DiviFlash

At DiviFlash, we are more than just a team – we are a collective of Dev Experts, Word Artists, Design Virtuosos, and Marketing Maestros, all united by our profound expertise in Divi and WordPress. Our mission is to provide you with accurate, insightful, and in-depth content aimed at enriching your understanding of Divi, WordPress, and the art of web design.


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📢 Discover our latest improvement & fixes in DiviFlash 1.4.5