DiviFlash Table Module: Introducing Best Table Maker for Divi Theme

Saddam Sifat

Updated: May 25, 2021


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Making your Divi website gripping and compelling is easier than ever! All you have to do is add some divi tables and the details you want users to focus on. It will make content easy to read and meet the intent of users.

Whether you’re sharing key data, comparing products/prices, or anything else, tables are handy to help you more precisely present information to your visitors.

Let’s say you are designing or creating a website with Divi for a software firm. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a comparison table to show why your software is better than the competition? How do you go about doing that on your Divi website?

Sharing key data, comparing products/prices, or anything else isn’t easy to showcase in WordPress if you are not familiar with CSS. 

Not anymore! We got you covered. 

Here we have two new Divi table modules, including 28 others modules for Divi. One is the Regular Data Table, and another is the Advanced data table.


Data Table

The data table allows you to create and manage beautiful tables for Divi easily. You need to add a child item and add data to the column and define the row type. You can insert regular text or HTML markup for Images, Icon, and Link. You only need HTML markup; we have design options for those markups inside the module, just like any other Divi module. Divi Data table module also takes care of the responsiveness with a single click. You also can merge blank rows and columns. Except that we have huge styling options like border, Head, Body, Foot, First column, Last column, Image, Icon, Link, and many more.

Advanced-Data Table

The advanced data table for Divi is an extended version of the Regular Divi table. We eliminated table building, and data updates hustle on this module. Here in this module, you can upload a CSV file; use Google sheet through API, WordPress database, or TablePress Tables as your source of data. The Divi Table will update based on your source data update. You can have a search, pagination, Ordering system, Table stats in the Advanced Divi data table. Again in the design option, You have a robust customization option available here too.

Why Use Diviflash for a Data Table Module?

There’s a couple of table module you can find for Divi. It can be confusing to select the best table module for your Divi website simply because they get overwhelmed by the promotion.
The easiest way to cut through the confusion by evaluating some facts-

Is the Structure SEO Friendly?

This is the most important factor before you choose the module or plugin. Your data table needs to be an HTML table which we are using in the divi data table. Generally HTML tables are made with tags like – <thead>, <tbody>, <tfoot>, <tr> and <td> etc. The HTML tables are very SEO friendly. They are clearly labeled, structured data, simple to parse for search engines. So they can be snippets in Google.

Is it Responsive?

Responsiveness for the table is a huge considerable part. We have two options for making the table responsive. With a single click, you can turn ON the responsiveness for the Regular data table. In the Advanced data table, it will be a horizontal scroll for a large table. Keep that in mind, Large tables are hard to make responsive in any theme or plugin.

Is it hard to update?

The regular table is hard to update in any circumstance. We have an advanced data table that can pull data from the source automatically. So when you need to update the date, all it requires is to update the data in the source. Divi data table will be updated automatically, and the style will remain intake.
Now it should be easy to select! If still not convenient, keep reading, Now we will drive into some other key feature Diviflash data table can offer-

  1. Easy to use because this is another Divi module.
  2. Text or HTML markup can be used with all the necessary design options. 
  3. Cell Management is automatic with merging options to row and column.
  4. Head, Foot, First column, Last column, and Body can be customizable.
  5. Rubast border styling options.
  6. A huge Custom spacing option like any other Divi flash module for Divi. 
  7. Odd and Even data customizer.
  8. Other Divi regular features. 

What else do you want? Have any recommendations? We are all ears. Write a feature request we will evaluate, and if possible, we will add this in the near future. 


Does Divi have a table module?

By default, Divi doesn’t have a table module. Diviflash premium plugin for Divi offers two table modules for Divi.

How do I insert a table in the Divi theme?

Inserting a table in Divi is now easy as an edge. All you need is the Diviflash plugin installed on your website. You will find two new modules for the table, including many more other modules. The regular one is for creating a table from scratch. And the advanced one can display data from CSV files, Google sheets, table Press, and WordPress databases. You also can customize it like any other Divi module.

Can I make a Divi Comparison Table Diviflash Table module?

Yes, you can make a Comparison Table with the Divi table module. Comparison tables are a great way to help your readers pick the right product for them. A visual comparison is a great way to push the reader towards making a purchase. You’re in luck because the Divi table module by Diviflash works great in Comparison Table.

Do you have premade Divi Table Layouts?

Yes, We have premade Divi table layouts you can use on your Divi project. Each module we offer has well-designed premade templates. Have a look here-

Final Thoughts

The table is an important element for websites. Some data cant be shown any other way except the table. So, whenever you need a table on your Divi website, the Divi table module by Diviflash is a highly comparative option in the market. If you have any questions about the Divi table module, please leave us a comment in the section below. Also, if you’re currently using a table plugin, let us know how you like it!

Diviflash doesn’t have the table module only. It does have some other highly featured essential modules for Divi. You can have all Divi carousels and Divi image gallery solutions in one place. Check out all our Divi modules here.

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  1. Martin

    I’m really glad you integrated the table maker to Divi as nearly no one else has it. I would love to see a “sticky header/first-row” option to it. I made a nice overview with this module and included your plugin, you can have a look here: https://neo-seo.de/divi-theme-plugins/

    Thanks for the good work, looking forward to upcoming Modules.

    • Team DiviFlash

      Thanks for your comments. We will have a look at the features you talked about. Keep using our plugin.

      Another 3 more modules will be added soon.


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