Image Mask Overview

The image mask module for divi brings an amazing way to decorate images with a range of eye-catchy premade masking presets. All these preset are highly customizable according to the design needs. The design process of this module is divided into three categories based on the feature types.

+ Content Tab

+ Design Tab

+ Advanced Tab

Image Masking Module Content Tab

The content tab of the image masking module carries all the primary features like the image, mask settings, link, background & admin label. Under the content tab, you can apply and beautify an image with a stylish masking effect. So, let get to know all the features in detail demonstration. 


The image feature of the module helps to import an image in the module along with Alt text facilities. 

Mask Setting 

The mask setting brings 30+ premade covetable mask presets along with all the attributes to modify the mask size, position, and rotation for a standard look. Even more, you can activate the image force fullwidth attribute for better adjustment. 

Image Masking Module Design Tab

The design tab contributes to taking the beauty of the image masking module to the next level. This tab consists of several advanced features that open the designer’s hands to go beyond limitations. So, let’s jump to the discussion of all these features with proper demonstration.

Image Masking Module Advanced Tab

Features from advanced tab covered on General doc.

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