WPForms Styler Overview

WPForms styler module will allow you to style your WPForms. This is a freemium plugin. Our styler module works with the free version. Let’s see what the options WPForms styler has-

NOTE: This module will require the WPForms plugin to be installed and active.

Content Tab


Select the form (created with WPForms) you wish to style. If it’s empty, please add a form before you style it.

Input & textarea Background

Here you can select the background for your input text area. You can also use a gradient color or background image. Background Image does have options like selecting image size, position, and repeat.

Button Background

The next option is the button background. Again, you can use color, gradient, and image for your button background.

Design Tab

Label Text

Here you can style your label text. The label settings have all the font design options, including text alignment, color, and sizing.

Sub Label Text

You can style your sub-label with all the necessary text styling options.

Description Text

If your form has a label description, then you can style your descriptions with description text design options.

Input & Textarea Text

This text style will apply to the text your user will be typing to fill out the form. It has the same style option as any other text.

Checkbox & Radio Text

Here is an option for you to customize multiple-choice or checkbox text.


If your WPForm has a dropdown, here are the design options for your dropdown elements.

Submit Button

Style your button with submit button design options. This styling feature can change the alignment, border, typography, and many more.

Input and Textarea Border

With this feature, you can style your input text area borders with all the necessary border options.

Advanced Tab

Standard features and features from the advanced tab are covered on the general doc.


  1. Jarek


    Thank you for a very useful set of styling functions. One item that I can not find is the styling of the confirmation message. Is it available.? Thanks

    • Team DiviFlash

      Hi Jarek,

      Thanks for the appreciation. Unfortunately, there is no option in the module to style the confirmation message.
      However, we will inform our developer team regarding the feature. They will have a look and decide if they can
      add the feature in the future.

      Team Diviflash.


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