How to Become Divi Web Designer, According to DiviFlash’s Design Team

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Updated: August 28, 2023
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The tremendous popularity of Divi can drive you to become a Divi designer. Here, we have outlined all the skills which will be in high demand in your Divi designing career. Throughout this article, you will learn about:  

  • Basics of web design.
  • Why design with Divi?
  • Fundamentals prerequisite for Divi design.
  • Technical skills for Divi web design.
  • Personal qualities to enhance a Divi website design career.

And, don’t miss the bonus tips at the end.

What is Web Design?

Web design refers to the creation of the appearance of a website. This visual development addresses the challenges of presenting and arranging brand information through functional elements such as fonts, colors, and graphics. Further, web design also involves managing a user-oriented framework of different types of content within the pages of a website.

And this whole process is performed by web designers. An online designer meets the owner’s goals by handling all the technical aspects of a website. So, let’s take a quick look at a journey to becoming successful in this specialized profession.

How to become a successful web designer?

Shortly, to become a web designer, one should have all the conceptual and technical knowledge of planning, designing, creating, and maintaining a website. Along with related web knowledge like digital marketing and graphic design, a web designer also requires some other soft and personal skills.

However, we want to help you with this article, particularly about becoming a Divi web designer. Therefore, we are not covering an in-depth guide to becoming a successful web designer. So first, we are going to talk about design with Divi.

Why Divi for web design?

Divi Theme

Divi is a popular WordPress website-building framework. With a standalone page builder, the Divi theme from Elegant Themes is an excellent choice for web design. This intuitive page builder lets designers make all the web adjustments smartly and flexibly. Even more, the specific design settings and availability of global elements are beneficial for effective website management. Not only that, Divi allows you to diversify the website designs through custom code, third-party plugins, and child themes.

So, there is so much to offer clients or your website design with Divi. Here are some top reasons to become a Divi web designer.

  • More than 800k users love Divi.
  • Have a popular marketplace with intensive sales of third-party child themes, layouts, and plugins.
  • Easy interface with visual page builder.
  • Can take inspiration from regularly updated pre-made Divi templates.
  • Massive social groups and worldwide meetups for sharing and learning knowledge.
  • In-built split testing system for evaluating your design’s performance.

How to become a Divi Web designer?

Aspiring to become a Divi web designer means you already know about conventional WordPress web design. Even if you don’t have any, gaining competency in the skills below will make you one of the most talented Divi designers. So, let’s see the fundamentals, technical, and personal requirements of becoming a part of the professional Divi community.

Divi Web design fundamentals

To be successful as a Divi web designer, invest your time reading and watching videos on the following skills. Without these skills, Divi will be useless.


Usage Statistics of CMS

It will come as no surprise. If you already know about WordPress. About 27 percent of internet websites use this CMS (Content Management System). And Divi is a WordPress-based theme and page builder. Therefore, you should have a solid understanding of this CMS even if you don’t have any.

Divi will ease your work by replacing WordPress’ conventional editor. However, you should know how all the fundamentals of WordPress work. To learn WordPress even better, follow these resources.


Now come to the obvious prerequisite. You need to master Divi. To become a proficient Divi designer, there shouldn’t be any knowledge gaps between you and Divi. It produces a variety of unique and cutting-edge design elements to produce stunning results, and it regularly updates new features to push your limits. Furthermore, it provides resources to learn more and explore even more possibilities for the future.

Becoming a proficient and profitable Divi designer is not a complicated task due to the availability of enormous online resources for learning. There are many paid and free courses from experts to achieve excellent competency. In addition, you will have comprehensive documentation, blogs, podcasts, and tutorials from Elegant Themes to get the most out of Divi. Along with an extensive community to share knowledge and ideas, there are also third-party plugins to assist you with practicing and improving Divi.

Follow these resources for mastering Divi:



It would help if you also learned the basics of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), even though it is not the obvious learning step for Divi Designing. You may be required to add HTML code often to make a website more unique. In addition, understanding HTML will let you know how the design will function on a web page. So along with knowing your task, you can work effectively as a team.

Learning HTML is not a difficult task. A focused mind can equip it within a week or month. We also give you the most comprehensive sources for learning and practicing HTML.



CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is another backend skill to bulletproof your web design knowledge. There is no need for you to be an expert in this programming language to use Divi. However, by knowing CSS, you can expand the customization possibilities of every Divi website element like layout, fonts, colors, background, module, and so on.

The leading Divi designers in the industry understand the basics of CSS since it commonly works with website builders, web languages, and browsers. This compatibility also enables designers to reuse their design settings.

There are many online tutorials available for learning CSS. Follow our recommended learning site for ultimate guidance.


What we mean by composition is finding the ideal visual harmony within all the design elements of a website to create a smooth user experience. The art of composition also incorporates the goal behind making a website. For composing a high-quality website, you need ideas of color theory, UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience), graphics design, site styling, and many more.

Not just as a Divi designer, you need these versatile understandings from the perspective of conventional web design. Focus on visual hierarchy and rhythm when learning to create a compelling composition. You can take inspiration from the pre-built website templates from Elegant Themes. Further, as you practice more, you will gain more conceptual knowledge of website composition.

Below we are covering some technical and soft skills for the betterment of your web composition skill.

Technical skills for Divi designers

These technical skills are commonly required for working with any web building platform. Therefore, learning these skills will be beneficial for versatile needs.



One of the critical challenges in web design is optimizing the website according to user behavior and usability. Having vast knowledge of UX & UI will let you understand how to create a user-friendly website with Divi or other builders. Generally, UX (User Experience) prioritizes improving a visitor’s interaction with all the website elements. On the other hand, UI (User interface) focuses on giving a seamless experience by enhancing the interface of a website with intuitive colors, fonts, typography, images, and navigational elements like buttons.

Image optimization

Images Not Loading

Image optimization is an essential skill you want to learn to become a Divi designer. When selecting an aesthetic image for your website, you must consider its size and weight. Because large images negatively impact your website speed.

For learning better optimization, there are several tools and resources. You can read the Elegant Themes blog for instruction and follow the layouts of Elegant Theme and DiviFlash for inspiration. In addition, Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Picktochart, and Canva are popular tools for image optimization.


Responsive Web Design

You will need to design responsive sites as visitors browse from different devices. The lack of responsiveness in a design can lower the visual experience of a particular device. Therefore, web designers should ensure the site’s appearance on every device.

Nevertheless, designing a responsive website with Divi is not a difficult task. Divi facilitates some features to create your site with different content styles and image sizes according to multiple devices. You can find documentation and tutorials for responsive Divi design.



Selecting the right font is key to creating the graphic interface you want for the website. Elegant themes provides many resources that explain how to use the right color, size, and shape of letters. In addition, this guide for fluid typography is beneficial.


SEO Statistics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may not be a specific skill related to Divi web design. However, when it comes to ranking your website higher in the search engine, you need to have some basic SEO knowledge. In reality, making your website user-friendly is just one part of the process. Other than that, you must create a search engine-friendly website.

You don’t need to know everything about SEO. However, for a general understanding of SEO practices in web design, this article from backlinko can help you a lot. Furthermore, the Elegant Themes resource is very instructive for more functional needs.

Personal Characteristics of successful Divi Designers

You need a prolific personality if you want to be a dominant employee in your workplace or as a freelancer. The following personal skills will help you open up a world of opportunities to explore your Divi skills.

Be Creative

Einstein Quotes on Creativity

Web design is a creative affair. Visualizing your website with graphics and content will be a fun experience when you have an innovative mindset. This attribute will allow you to explore more and add uniqueness to DIVI-based websites. However, there isn’t any straightforward way to learn creativity. As an alternative, you can browse websites built with Divi for inspiration.  

Study Your Project

A competent web designer pays close attention to the project. You should have a broad knowledge of both the technical and creative sides of the current Divi project. Try to find out your client’s goals & needs and whether they are possible with Divi. If there is any confusion, don’t delay; discuss it with your clients or co-workers. Furthermore, you can create a checklist or use Project Management Tools.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Imagine you are designing a website with Divi, and in the meantime, you face some issues. Then, your problem-solving efficiency can help avoid a long pause during work. Therefore, you should be ready to fix any problems with website design.

Stay Updated

Always up to date with the latest trends, the world of web design will continue to undergo rapid changes. Similarly, because of the massive popularity of Divi, you will see frequent variations among Divi designers. Thus, you have to forecast the upcoming trends and adapt quickly to put yourself forward on the Divi web designer list. As well as keeping an eye on Elegant Themes’ pre-made templates and participating in social communities, groups, and worldwide meetups.

Team Play


When it comes to establishing a career in web design, working with a team is a huge possibility. So, having an attitude of being a team player is beneficial to your career in the agency field. Be ready to collaborate with your team members like content writers, developers, and UI/UX designers.


You should constantly interact with others, whether you are a freelancer or an in-house Divi web designer. For example, web designers must stay in touch with clients or co-workers to keep them informed of the ongoing project. Moreover, strong communication skills allow you to express an idea precisely and confidently.

Time Management

Now, you have all the technical and soft skills for web design with Divi. However, the potential of these strengths can only be utilized with good time management. For example, you may have multiple projects at the same time. Hence, allocating time separately for different tasks will help meet deadlines in these cases. In addition, maintaining a schedule will also improve your workflow.

Bonus Tips

Before looking forward to the question “How to become a Divi designer?” we suggest you find the answer to “How to become a web designer or specifically a WordPress web designer? Because rather than taking your web design skills only beyond Divi, arming yourself with WordPress web design knowledge can also help you design stunning websites with Divi easily. Also, make some websites for your portfolio. Look around; your friend, relatives, charity, or human organization may be looking for someone to design their websites. Do some free work for them. It will help you practice and be a helpful resource for your portfolio. 

Looking forward to your career in Divi Design

You now have a clear idea of what are the in-demand skills for designing websites with Divi. And, as I have already mentioned, you may already have some expertise in some skills. And no doubt, you will want to acquire the remaining abilities.

Let us know if you find these resources helpful. Also, please share with us what challenges you face or find easy to attain during the journey of becoming a Divi designer.

Team DiviFlash

At DiviFlash, we are more than just a team – we are a collective of Dev Experts, Word Artists, Design Virtuosos, and Marketing Maestros, all united by our profound expertise in Divi and WordPress. Our mission is to provide you with accurate, insightful, and in-depth content aimed at enriching your understanding of Divi, WordPress, and the art of web design.


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