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Creating a flexible and responsive Divi carousel is easy as an edge with the content carousel Module. The benefit of using the Diviflash content carousel on a site is the appropriate use of the page space.

Divi Content Carousel Module
Responsive Design

Responsive Design

The content carousel marks separately the number of carousel sliders shown on the desktop, tablet, and mobile device.

Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is broken down into two categories to deploy a compatible spacing among all the ingredients of the divi carousel.

Order Management

Order Management

Content order management focuses on ordering & repositioning every component used in the Divi content carousel module.

Divi Content Carousel Demo

Where to Use the Divi Carousel Module Powered By Diviflash?

The Diviflash content carousel has no limitation when there is a question of implementing on websites. Therefore, this module can meet any requirement & purpose depending on the niches. However, the usages of this module depend on the web owner’s perspective.

Settings Divi Blog Carousel

Why The Content Carousel Module is the Right Choice?

Diviflash Content Carousel is a creative way to demonstrate a few static texts with images under a slider view. It is a versatile Divi carousel module that easily creates a carousel slider with drag & drop features.

Divi Content Carousel Settings

The Key Features of the Divi Content Carousel Module

Utilizing all the essential features takes the performance level of the divi carousel module to the next level.

Demo Divi Content Carousel

Unlimited slides

The Divi carousel can implement countless slides with adorning features. Also, the slides autoplay, center slide & equal height options can make the carousel incredible. Arrows & dots will always help to navigate on Unlimited slides.

Divi Content Carousel Live Demo

Cover-flow Effect

Giving a 3D look with sliding animation in a carousel will take the design to another level. Cover-flow Effect from Divi carousel module allows creating a 3D carousel with many customizations like Rotation control, Space, Multiplier, Shadow, and many more.

Divi Content Carousel Live Demo
Premade Template Divi Carousel

Premade Templates

Divi content carousel module provides several premade templates for multiple usages. Whether a business or personal profile, the content carousel can greatly support creating an instant website.

Other Pro Features of this Module

Including the key features, the Divi content carousel module has a couple of other vital features. Take a look at these Diviflash content carousel features to set up a design that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention.

Loop Effect

Loop Effect

The loop effect can make endless spherical carousel slides that allow sliders to come one after one across the module.

Shadow Effects

Shadow Effects

Shadows play a significant role in carousel designing. Shadows are available for each slider and Cover-flow Effect.

Divi Carousel Arrows

Arrow Navigation

Place desired icons, positions, and style in arrows to match the design and Navigate through all your sliders in the carousel.

Carousel Dots Navigation

Dots Navigation

Navigate through all your sliders with dots and customize them with design features. Active dot customization will distinguish the active slider.

Border & Box-Shadow

Border & Box-Shadow

Border & Box-Shadow effects on each slide will make the carousel out of the box and give a clean edge look.


Animation & Sizing

The Divi content carousel has seven types of eye-catchy animation and the sizing control features that impact the entire module size.

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Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

The Diviflash plugin has included some Divi carousel modules like the Divi image carousel, Divi testimonial carousel, Divi blog, Divi logo carousel, and more for Divi users. However, a lot more Divi modules got introduced inside Diviflash, the best all-in-one Divi plugin.

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