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Advanced Divi

An attractive Individual or team portfolio impacts tremendously on the organization’s reputation. The advanced divi person module provides multiple layout styles, drag & drop features, and content areas to create a tempting team portfolio.

Advanced Divi Person Module
Grid & Masonry Layouts

Multiple Layouts

The advanced divi person module has multiple exclusive layouts that help to demonstrate the module over various eye-catchy looks.

Extensive Design

Extensive Design

The divi person module consists of extensive designing features, including typography, layout animations, social icons & images.



The divi person module has several stunning animation effects available for the image & border to take the design to the next level.

Person Module Divi Example

Why is The Diviflash Advanced Person Module Best For Divi?

The advanced divi person module consists of easy-to-customize features, including the name & role tag options and a user-friendly interface. In addition, Divi users can Implement social icons like Pinterest, Email, Contact-number, and more alongside decorating them with unique styles.

Advanced Divi Person Module Settings

Where To Be Used The Advanced Divi Person Module?

Implementation of the advanced divi person module in the website has no limitation or particular placement area. This module can be located anywhere on the website to quench all kinds of design requisition. However, placing a portfolio of an individual or team member on the website needs this divi module.

Divi Animated Heading Module Settings

The Key Features of the Advanced Divi Person Module

Using the key feature of the advanced divi person module can show team or personal portfolio with a fantastic look.

Live Demo Divi Person module

Social Media Styler

The advanced divi person module decorates each social media with the finest care, and icons are shown full width and vertically. Moreover, this module can style the entire & individual background, color, border & width of all social icons one by one.

Divi Person Module Live Demo

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is an extraordinary feature that brings up an exact solution to the concern about giving a reasonable gap between each ingredient of the module. The Custom spacing is isolated into two categories, the Wrapper & Content spacing system.

Divi Person Module Live Demo
Advanced Divi Person Module Premade templates

Premade Divi Layouts

Another great support that divi users get from Diviflash is a vast collection of ready-to-go premade templates. The advanced divi person module contains several unique premade layouts with updates all along, and these free templates cover various niches.

Other Pro Features of this Module

Fabricate a person or team portfolio effectively and productively by utilizing all the other pro features of the advanced divi person module.

Alternative Image

Alternative Image

The advanced divi person module implements an alternative image that appears on hover mode with a range of information in a concise area.

Social Icons

Individual Social Icons

Embellish every social media icon and icon background color simultaneously or individually, depending on the design compatibility.

Content Area

Multiple Content Area

The advanced divi person module has multiple content areas to add a personal name, role & description, including features to decorate them.

Image Filters

Image Filters

The image filter isn’t the same as the default feature. This filter attribute of the module affects only the image instead of impacting the entire module.

Border Styler

Border Options

Creating a stunning border with corner rounding & box-shadow effects is a quicker and effortless procedure with the divi person module.


Transform Options

The transform feature is added in the advanced divi person module to apply effects like transform scale, rotate & skew to the container.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Advanced Divi Person Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

Showcase the team or personal information with an informative and attractive way to increase the website’s credibility under the advanced divi person module.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

Along with the advanced divi person module, the Diviflash plugin offers numerous divi modules to build great websites with the divi theme. However, each update of the Diviflash brings many more client-requested modules & features. Take a look at some of the modules here.

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