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Divi Image

Create a fantastic divi accordion vertically & horizontally to import multiple images with a compact technique. The divi image accordion module brings the way to show images with great typography, buttons, animation, overlay, hover effects, and many more.

Divi Image Accordion Module


The divi image accordion module has excellent typography, including the title, subtitle, description & button, and decorative features for each item.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom spacing

Custom spacing is an imperative feature dedicated to applying margin & padding on every item & ingredient separately for a clean look.

Border Styler

Border Styler

Apply a stylish and comprehensive border with rounded corners and different types of box-shadow effects to the individual item of the module.

Live Demo Divi Image Accordion Module

What is The Divi Image Accordion Module?

The Diviflash Image Accordion module is a way to show multiple images in a concise area over horizontal & vertical styles. Also, it allows web owners to apply overlay & hover effects on the active and inactive child item. Nevertheless, this module consists of vast typography areas with stylish features and reveal Animation.

Divi Image Accordion Settings

Where to Use the Divi Image Accordion Module?

From the user’s perspective, the Divi image accordion module has no barrier for utilization on the website. The divi accordion can be implemented anywhere on the webpage. However, it depends on the web owner’s intention & expertise level. Therefore, try the module for once and see the broadness of its functionalities.

Divi Image Accordion Settings

The Key Features of the Divi Image Accordion Module

The divi image accordion carries many features that make the module distinct from others in the market.

Divi Accordion Example with Images

Accordion Type

The divi image accordion module offers two types of accordion, the horizontal & vertical, with all the necessary attributes to embellish them. Moreover, Divi users can change the accordion on vertical mode for mobile while using horizontal mode on other devices to make the module responsive.

Divi Image Accordion Example

Animation Settings

Users get the opportunity to define the text animation type, timing function, and a bunch of features for better interaction. Moreover, under this setting, web owners can control the image transition for a smooth zoom view.

Divi Image Accordion Example
Template Divi Image Accordion

Pre-made Templates Divi

The divi image accordion module comes along with several periodically updated free premade templates. These premade layouts cover different niches as recommended. So, just download these ready-to-go templates, import, edit, and publish in a minute.

Other Pro Features of this Module

Utilizing all other extraordinary features brings perfection and uniqueness to the divi Image Accordion Module. Take a look at other Diviflash image accordion features demonstrated below.

Overlay & Hover

Overlay & hover effect

Web owners can provide an overlay effect to each active and inactive child item while they can apply a hover effect for all the images.

Background Styler

New Items

The Add New Item is dedicated to importing many child items to the divi image accordion with other essential features.

Active Item

Active Item

Indicating the accordion item that got active for the first time after opening the accordion module is the liability of this feature.

Button Styler

Button Options

The button of the module can implement a covetable button to tempt visitors to take further action.

Custom CSS

Select Event Type

The select event type feature defines how divi accordion images can be expanded over hovering or clicking.

Enable Stagger

Enable Stagger

Activating the enable stagger mode creates a frequent demonstration of the title, subtitle, content text & button of the module.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

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Fabricate an attractive and responsive image accordion with the help of the Diviflash image accordion module.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

Along with the accordion module, the Diviflash plugin offers multiple modules for divi users. All these divi modules are highly responsible, user-friendly & easy-to-customize. So take advantage of all these modules and build a website from the beginning.

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