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Divi Post Carousel Module

A typical quote about websites is, “Visitor’s attraction creates the attention, and attention boosts sales.” The Divi blog carousel module is a splendid way to create instant interest among visitors. So, Amaze audiences with the stunning Divi post carousel slider.

Divi Blog Carousel Module

Post Elements

The Divi blog carousel module consists of up to 11 post elements that have the power to decorate over an engaging look.

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing

The custom spacing feature of the module provides a compatible distance between each ingredient to keep a neat & clean look.

Wrapper Customizer

Wrapper Customizer

Implementing an adorable inner & outer wrapping in the divi blog carousel module is simple with the wrapper customizer feature.

Divi Blog Carousel Demo

Why The Diviflash Blog Carousel Module is a Smart Choice?

Using the diviflash blog carousel module can help to demonstrate numerous blog posts in a concise area. This module has features like author image, divider, custom text, and many more features that divi never had. Therefore, it’s easy to create a stunning divi blog section layout with this module that tempts the reader to stay a bit longer on the website.

Settings Divi Blog Carousel

How Does Divi Blog Carousel Module Work?

The divi blog carousel module brings a list of advanced features to design a blog layout. For example, under the content tab of this module, a child item gets selected based on the requisition; afterward, the item gets adorned. Whereas the design tab decorates each ingredient deployed previously. Even the developer can implement new codes in the advanced tab for further necessity.

Settings Divi Blog Carousel

The Key Features of the Divi Blog Carousel Module

Utilizing these powerful features of the divi blog carousel module can create a gripping blog section layout in a minute.

Live Demo Blog Carousel Divi


Two different types of splendid animation effects are included in the divi blog carousel module; the overlay and image scale animation effects. The overlay effect has a gradient with an icon on hover, whereas; the image scale has six distinct animation effects.

DiviFlash Plugin Blog Carousel

Carousel Organizer

Divi blog carousel offers two different types of carousel with a slide control on specific devices. Features like Center slide, autoplay, loop, equal height of elements, spacing, and animation speed take the carousel to the next level. It also allows showcasing blog posts by post categories, tags, ordering, and defining the post count.

DiviFlash Plugin Blog Carousel
Blog Carousel Premade Templates

Premade Templates

Offen divi users are concerned about new design concepts & thoughts. Diviflash has many stylish and niche targeted ready-to-go divi blog carousel pre-made templates surrounded by new ideas. Just download these free templates, edit & publish within a minute.

Other Pro Features of this Module

Web owners always care about bringing greatness in the blog layout designs. Utilizing all other pro features of the advanced divi blog carousel module helps web owners achieve that beauty.

Cover-flow Effect

Coverflow Effect

The divi blog carousel has an excellent coverflow effect along with essential features to make it more styling and adorning.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Creating a responsive layout for the divi blog page that suits different viewports is effortless with the divi blog carousel module.

Arrows & Dots

Arrows & Dots

Arrows and dots are the standard features in the Divi blog carousel, and Diviflash amplifies its beauty with various advanced attributes.

Image as Background

Image as Background

Using the featured image as background in the Divi Post Carousel module is just a matter of one click.

Inline & Block

Inline & Block

Exhibiting each ingredient under the inline-block, block, or inline style is now possible with the divi blog carousel module.

Custom Text & Divider

Custom Text & Divider

Divi Post Carousel introduced new elements like custom text and divider for exclusive design possibilities in the divi blog section.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Divi Blog Carousel Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

Provide an excellent visualization to the blog section page layout under the divi blog carousel module.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

The Diviflash keeps no limitation for divi users while creating the divi blog module layout. Along with the divi blog carousel, it has the divi post grid module. However, diviflash has many more modules already inside the plugin and more in the pipeline.
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