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Divi Testimonial

Experiments of the customer’s characteristics demonstrate that 90% of the buying decision is taken after reading the reviews of the product or service. The Divi testimonial carousel module is an amazing way to put clients’ testimony for surging brand credibility.

Divi Testimonial Carousel
Dedicated Module

Dedicated Module

The Divi testimonial carousel is dedicated to presenting the client’s testimony on the website with a covetable look for brand credibility.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is the most prominent feature that keeps an appropriate distance among all the Divi testimonial carousel module ingredients.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

The Divi testimonial carousel module allows defining the number of carousel slides that appear on the desktop, tablet & mobile for a responsive design.

Divi Testimonial Slider Demo

Why is The Divi Testimonial Carousel Module Best Choice?

Gaining customer trust is quite crucial, but it’s hard to achieve in the current run. The Diviflash testimonial carousel can place clients’ reviews on the website in an authentic way. The Divi testimonial carousel is super responsive, along with two different carousel styles. Also, the item ordering & premade templates facilities are available under the Divi testimonial slider.

Settings Divi Testimonial Carousel

Where to Use the Divi Testimonial Carousel Module?

The Divi testimonial carousel can meet multiple desires. Still, it’s mainly dedicated to displaying the client’s testimony under an exciting carousel slider. This testimonial carousel can be applied anywhere on the website to demonstrate the clients’ thoughts about the product or service.

Settings Divi Testimonial Carousel

The Key Features of the Diviflash Testimonial Carousel Module

Take advantage of all the key features of the Divi testimonial carousel module to show the client’s testimony with a unique look.

Divi Testimonial Slider Live Demo

Content Order Management

The content order management of the testimonial carousel moves each of the ingredients to the bottom or above each other as the design required. To be specific, Divi users can move the image, rating, quote & author boxes up and down of each other.

Live Demo Divi Testimonial Carousel

Slide & Cover-flow Carousel

The Divi carousel module has two different types of stylish carousels, the slide & coverflow carousels. The coverflow carousel of the module brings a range of advanced features to manage contents & embellish the entire container over an alluring look.

Live Demo Divi Testimonial Carousel
Premade Layouts Live Demo

Premade Divi Layouts

The Diviflash consecutively tries to make the web owner’s task easier and faster. In addition, this Divi plugin provides periodically updated ready-to-go testimonial carousel templates, and it’s an excellent procedure to keep Divi users up to date with the current web developing phase.

Other Pro Features of this Module

The Divi testimonial carousel has other pro features to improve proficiency while creating a testimonial carousel. Therefore, utilize all other features of the module to bring greatness to the creation.

Arrow & Dots

Arrow & Dots Navigation

The arrow & dots navigation is included in the Divi testimonial carousel module and the feature to decorate them over a stunning look.

Equal Height

Equal Item Height

Equal Item Height of the Divi testimonial carousel module is an excellent way to justify each of the item’s width & height for a perfect design.

3D Effects

Stylish Coverflow Carousel

Divi users can define the stretch space, streDepth & effect multiplier value with the slide shadow & rotate effects to make a stylish coverflow carousel.


Attractive Background

The body text, author box & rating container of the testimonial carousel module get a splendid look by implementing an attractive background.

Author Image

Stylish Brand Logo & Author Image

A stylish brand logo & author image can be added in the Divi testimonial carousel and the feature to embellish them over an attractive look.

Quote Icon

Quote Image & Icon

The Divi testimonial slider also brings features to implement a quote image or icon and give them a gripping view in a minute.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

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Start showcasing the client’s review on the website with an engaging look using the Divi testimonial carousel module.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

Diviflash is always concerned about the web owner’s needs and demands. So, it provides a few more carousel modules for other purposes, the Divi image carousel & content carousel. However, the Diviflash plugin has many more Divi modules to meet all the requirements to build a website from the beginning.
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