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Divi Advanced

Creates a splendid heading or title with the Divi advanced heading module that makes the reader astonished and persuaded to read further. The Divi heading module is an innovative way to present a heading with a smashing look.

Divi Advanced Heading Module
Different Text in Divi Heading

Different Text Customizer

Embellish each part of the heading separately with different text customization options & take the Divi heading to the next level.
Dual Text in Divi Heading

Dual Text Option

The dual text feature of the advanced Divi heading module can achieve a unique design that the modern web is regularly using.
Advanced Heading Divider Option

Divider Option

The built-in Divider can be customized with or without an image or Icon to improve the beauty of the Divi heading module.
Advanced Divi Heading Module Example

Why The Divi Advanced Heading Module is a Smart Choice?

The Diviflash advanced heading module comes along with various fancy features dedicated to adorning each heading element. For example, the desire to style a title over different text styles became true under the Divi heading module.

Divi Heading Module Settings

How Does Divi Advanced Heading Module Work?

Divi heading module comes with three text areas, including all the basic customization for title or heading. In addition, it allows different typography with background, box-shadow, border, and many more in each element. Dual text and clipping mask is the prominent feature of this Divi module.

Divi Heading Module Settings

The Key Features of
the Divi Advanced Heading Module

Create a thrilling heading that is distinctive, future-ready to suit your needs; whether it’s simplicity or styling, it’s good for anything.
advanced divi heading module

Display Element

The Divi advanced heading module embraces a feature to display individual elements into the inline, block and inline-block styles. So, the design of a title or heading accomplishes every aspect of recommendation.

Clipping Feature in Divi Module

Clipping Masks

The clipping mask is counted as a remarkable feature dedicated to masking the heading text with different colors and backgrounds for an engaging look. In addition, it allows modifying the stroke color & width of the heading text, including other customization options.

Clipping Feature in Divi Module
Divi heading Module Premade Template

Premade Templates

The Divi advanced heading module has provided a range of unique premade templates depending on various niches. Time is crucial, So download, upload and change the Divi heading module content, and good to go.

Other Pro Features of  this Module

Never consider limited while designing the Divi heading with the Diviflash module. Because the Divi advanced heading
module carries several premium features.
Heading Module Custom Border

Custom Border

The Divi advanced heading module brings the opportunity to apply tempting border effects with all the customization to the text areas individually.
Background Customizer in Advanced Divi Heading Module

Background Customizer

Furnish the background of each ingredient individually in the advanced Divi heading module. Garnishing the entire background also available.
Custom Spacing in Divi

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is one of the core features of the Divi advanced heading module. Get the privilege to provide margin & padding around everything.
Sizing Option in Divi


Sizing gives better control over the Divi heading module. Width, height, alignment control is easy as an edge here.
Divi Heading Module Box Shadow


Each element prefix, infix, suffix, including the entire module, consists of six different box shadow effects with all essential settings.
Transform in Divi


Play with Scale, translate, rotate, skew, and more in the advanced Divi heading module to grab the visitors’ attention.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get Divi Advanced Heading Module in DiviFlash Plugin

Create Attractive Headings with the Divi Heading Module that Unforgettable

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Divi Flash plugin consists of all the essential Divi modules In one Divi Plugin. For the heading, Divi flash offers another module Name Divi Animated Heading Module. Except for that, Diviflash comes with many more Divi modules. Check it out!
Divi Animated heading Module

Animated Heading

Advanced Divi Blurb Module

Advanced Blurb

Divi Flip Card Module

Divi Flip Box

Divi Tilt Card Module

Divi Tilt Card

Divi Hover Box Module

Divi Hover Box

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