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Divi Product Grid Module

Show wooCommerce products based on categories and layouts using the Divi product grid module. Also, enjoy utilizing all the features to control the beauty of every single element of the Woocommerce product.

Divi Product Grid
Grid & Masonry Layouts

Grid & Masonry Layouts

Get both the grid and masonry layout, whichever the audience feels comfortable with, and adorn them bit by bit remarkably.

Divi Table Elements

Different Elements

Make the product page informative & alluring that attracts consumers promptly by utilizing 11 highly-decorative wooCommerce elements with this Divi module.

Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

It brings a comprehensive spacing solution to each element of the module to get a clean edge & organized view of the webpage.

Divi Porduct Grid Sample Design

Why Should Use Divi Product Grid Module?

DiviFlash wooCommerce product grid module breaks down barriers that a user confronts using the Divi woo product module. For example, it allows designers to show products alongside a short description, category, and tag over an equal height view. Also, the sale badge can be edited with custom before-after text and get styled. However, more design possibilities are included under this module which is not accountable to the default Divi modules.

Divi Product Grid Module Settings

How Does the Divi WooCommerce Product Grid Module Work?

This product grid module has the easiest functionalities that make everyone eligible to create an artistic wooCommerce product page. This module carries 11 wooCommerce elements like image, title, rating, divider, and more to implement. Every individual element is highly adorning and conveys a variety of features. Not least, the customization option takes developers beyond limitations to get everything they were ever looking for.

Divi Product Grid Module Settings

Key Features of Divi Product Grid Module

Make better use of the DiviFlash product grid module to design wooCommerce product pages that enhance brand credibility, collaboration, and sales growth in just a while.

Live Demo Divi WooCommerce Product Grid

Amazing Animations

Give the product images an overlay and various scale effects that beautify them with an aesthetic appearance. Also, get the pleasure to define whether the post-type elements would show or hide over the hover mode.

Divi Masonry Featured Product Grid

WooCommerce Settings

The product grid module shows the wooCommerce products based on types such as latest, featured and best selling. Also, it defines the number of products that would be displayed on the device. Nevertheless, the module’s order by feature is included for a better presentation.

Divi Masonry Featured Product Grid
Divi Product Grid Premade templates

Premade Divi Templates

The Divi product grid module brings a large number of ready-to-go free templates for a faster design process. All these creations are unique and eye-catchy enough to catch the visitor’s attention at first glance. Therefore, Get the DiviFlash now and start building trendy designs for the website.

Other Pro Features

The Divi wooCommerce product module carries tons of compelling features to brush up the product appearance. Therefore, using all the features can bring you organized and flourishing product pages.
Pagination Styler

Pagination Options

Placing a pagination button with the result count & sorting options is just a matter of some clicks under the product grid module.

Sale Badge

Sale Badge Styling

Give the product sale badge an eye-catchy look by styling its typography and border with different colors, sizes & shadow effects.

Column Structure

Column Structure

Style the column structure with up to 5 columns in a single layout and demonstrate the products accordingly in Divi pages.

Wrapper Customizer

Wrapper Customizer

The inner & outer wrapper is available for child items alongside the entire module. It can be customized bit by bit with an exclusive look.

Icon Settings

Icon Settings

A custom icon from a large list or image on child items with a proper gap gives the design a touch of uniqueness and endearment.

Custom Text and Divider

Custom Text and Divider

Additional design elements like custom text and divider can take the design to another level and it will always stand out in-store pages.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get Divi Product Grid Module Now in DiviFlash Plugin

The product grid is one of the magnificent modules that shows products over an informative and convincing look.

Other Divi Modules in DiviFlash Plugin

DiviFlash is a fast-growing Divi plugin on the market and has released a vast number of Divi modules with constant efforts to add more. Besides, the product grid module DiviFlash has launched the Divi blog and CPT grid module to give the best comfort while creating a website. Nevertheless, you get multiple Divi carousel and gallery modules to go beyond design limitations.

DiviFlash offers unique and awesome Divi modules or Divi plugins.

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