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Divi Image

Style a single image with a pleasing hover effect in the divi image hover box module to blow the visitor’s mind right away. Using the divi hover image will provide the image a fancy & informative look in a concise area that can generate more engagement in the website.

Divi Image Hover Box Module
Responsive Design

Responsive Design

The divi image hover box module is comprehensively responsive to create designs that get suited on various devices.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is one of the core features that implements a compatible distance between each module component.

Hover and Overlay

Hover & Overlay

Divi users can apply overlay gradient color with stylish hover effects on the image, icon, border & title of the divi image hover box.

Live Image Hover Box Divi

Why DiviFlash Image Hove Box Module Best?

The Diviflash image hover box is an extended version of the divi default image module. This module brings amazing hover effects on all the container ingredients, including the border animation, image scale, revealing caption & icon style. Even all other elements get an artistic look in no time under this module.

Settings Divi Hover Image Module

Where to Use The Divi Image Hove Box Module?

The divi image hover box is a multitasker module that brings interactivity and motion to the image. The divi hover image can be implemented anywhere on the website and meet each user’s desire. Therefore, showcase the featured image on the website with a user-friendly hover effect to create a dynamic web experience.

Settings Divi Hover Image Module

The Key Features of the Divi Image Hove Box Module

Using these key features can surge the proficiency to design an image module with extraordinary hover effects.

Hover Box for Image in Divi

Border Animations

The border animation feature of the divi image hover box brings around 20 gorgeous border animation effects. Moreover, users can customize the border animation color, width & space for an attractive and clean edge look.

Example Divi Hover Box Image

Caption Styler

The Image caption styler can apply and modify the image title animation, position & typography over a stunning style. Also, the image caption gets a more gripping look by collaborating with the icon and covetable border animation effect.

Example Divi Hover Box Image
Premade Template Divi Image hover Box

Premade Template

The divi image hover box module brings a lot of smashing and ready-to-go premade templates. These templates carry a variety of business niches to make the design process easier for divi users. So, just download the template, import, edit & publish it in a while.

Other Pro Features of this Module

The divi image hover box module has a range of advanced features that helps to implement an exclusive hover effect to the image. So, utilize all the module features to fabricate a dynamic hover effect that improves the user’s interactions.

Icon Settings

Icon Settings

The Icon setting is responsible for changing the icon color & size. Also, this feature defines whether the icon will be shown for always or on hover mode.

Image Scale Effects

Image Scale Effect

Divi Users can apply different types of smashing image scale effects, including the Zoom In & Out, Pan Up & Down, Rotate Left & Right, and more.


Border & Shadow

The divi image hover box module brings a stunning clean edge border with different types of box-shadow and a corner rounding effect.

Filter Options

Image Filter Option

The Image filter option implements several effects like the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, opacity, blur, invert, and more to the image & icon.


Transform Options

Applying transform scale, rotate, translate, skew, and origin effects to the divi image hover box can give the users better control over the module.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

To customize further into the deep of the module, users can use advanced features like Custom CSS, Transition, Position, scroll effects, and more.

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Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

Along with the divi image hover box, the Diviflash plugin has another hover box module with excellent performance, check it out. However, the Diviflash plugin is an all-in-one divi plugin and offers numerous divi modules that can build a great website from scratch.

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