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Divi Dual

Create gorgeous looking, fully responsive, and highly customizable dual buttons with an excellent separator in between. Use icon or custom text with a decorative look as the double button separator.

Divi Dual Button Module
Divi Customizer

Highly Customizable

Customize all the elements of the Divi dual button module to make the website’s accessibility higher than ever before.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Divi dual button module offers spacing control for each element. The wrapper, separator, text on both buttons have their spacing area!

Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

Creating a dual button is super easy now. Anyone can create awesome dual buttons with the Divi dual button module in a while.

Divi Two Button Example

Why Use a Dual Button in a Divi Website?

A tiny little button is the only thing that enhances interactivity and site converting rates. You can design an eye-catchy website, but an engaging button forces users to click for further actions. So, a dual button is the best option to meet the needs of a customer.

Divi Dual Button Module Settings

How to Create a Divi Button Side by Side Faster in the Website?

Using the divi dual button module can fabricate a button side by side with easy to customize features. For example, it’s easy to create two buttons with custom text for them under the content tab. While, the design tab garnishes each part of the button including the separator icons & text, and many more.

Divi Dual Button Module Settings

The Key Features of the Divi Dual Button Module

Discover magnificent and stunning divi dual buttons with the help of the features of this beautiful divi module.

Divi Heading Module Example

Styling Options

Styling the button in the Divi dual button is simple. Divi dual button has the background options with all in the color variant and image options. Moreover, icons for the button can be placed in a different position with all the other necessary styling options like borders, shadows, corners, and many more.

Divi Button Side by Side Example

Separator Options

The separator is a crucial factor for the side-by-side button in Divi. Divi dual button comes with the option to use an icon or text as the separator. Both of the elements can get decorated in their way. For example, text can be designed with huge typography and other styling options, and the icon has its style options.

Divi Button Side by Side Example
Divi Dual Button Live Demo

Premade Divi Templates

Divi dual button module comes with ready-to-go templates. Just download the template from an extensive collection of aesthetic designs and use them on the project. The Cutting edge designs & Easily customizable templates will increase the efficiency and project quality in no time.

Other Pro Features of this Module

Like any divi module of the Diviflash plugin, the dual button module has numerous features for better interaction. Therefore, utilize all the module features and start building a prestigious divi side by side button.


Typography options

Divi dual button comes with diverse typography styling options. For example, it has font options like weight, alignment, color, sizing, text-shadow, and controls.

Border Options

Border Options

The Divi dual button module has borders for both buttons, separators, and wrappers with all the essential features to create a unique design.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

The design options are responsive, and the divi dual button module offers all the features required to create a responsive double button for any device.

Box Shadow

Update and Support

DiviFlash updates products regularly and provides fast and friendly clients support. Also, users can request any feature or module at any time.


Sizing Options

The sizing feature of the divi dual button module can make a compatible size of the entire module container as per the design requirement.

Advanced Option

Advanced Options

The divi dual button module has advanced options like the Custom CSS, CSS ID & classes, and more for developers to customize further.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Divi Dual Button Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

So don’t just create a regular button! Instead, create a dual button that is beautiful and conversational for your landing page.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

The DiviFlash plugin has a range of divi modules for creating a website from scratch. Even this all-in-one divi plugin is continuously adding more divi modules inside it, as the client demands. Check it out now.

DiviFlash offers unique and awesome Divi modules or Divi plugins.

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