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Put the business working hours in an organized & informative way with the divi business hours module. Let the customer know about the service availability and the perfect time to visit. So, create hand-in-hand business hours in divi in no time.

Divi Business Hours Module
Dedicated Module

Dedicated Module

The Diviflash plugin launched the divi business hours module dedicated only to showing the business opening hours.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is imported to implement a balanced gap between each item and ingredient inside the item for a clean look.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Each function from the divi business hours module is responsive to create a design that suits every device.

Live Demo Business Hour Module Divi

Why the DiviFlash Business Hours Module is a Smart Choice?

The Diviflash business hours module comes along with all the necessary attributes to properly control the design. For example, the title and rows of the container get adorned with a stylish appearance under the business hours module. Also, this module decorates every single portion of day & time, including the separator, under a quick process.

Business Hour Module Settings for Divi

Why is The Divi Business Hours Module Used?

Lately, people seek to receive complete knowledge, including business working hours from online. So, the divi business hours module helps create a gripping template to bestow the company’s working time systematically. Thus, utilizing this module can provide a better impact & credibility to the visitors.

Business Hour Module Settings for Divi

The Key Features of the Divi Business Hours Module

The divi business hours bring numerous exclusive drag & drop features that make the design process smooth and effortless.

Business Hour Module Demo

Date & Time Management

The divi business hours module provides an opportunity to show the Off-day with a distinct look in the container. Also, users can define the time ordering system from start to end. Nevertheless, a stylish separator can be placed between business opening start & end time.

Business Hour Module Divi Demo

Child Item Customizer

Having control over the child item size, color, alignment, spacing, and more brings a better output to design a business hours section. In addition, the business hours module provides all the drag & drop features to customize every single portion of child items and the entire module at once.

Business Hour Module Divi Demo
Premade Divi Template for Business Hour Module

Premade Divi Templates

Tons of premade templates for the divi business hours module are available under the Diviflash plugin. This module caries completely ready-to-go free premade layouts to save the web owners time & effort. Just download the template, import on the site, edit & publish in a second.

Other Pro Features of this Module

Besides those key features, the divi business hours module contains many pro features for a handy design. Using all these pro features brings a touch of uniqueness to the module.

Title Customizer

Title Styler

The title of the divi business hours module gets a unique look by adjusting the font style, color, width, alignment, shadow effects, and suchlike.

Separator Customizer

Separator Customizer

Users can style the time separator appearance over a distinct look by playing with its background, size, border, and other attributes.

Hours Customizer

Hours Customizer

Under the divi business hours module, web owners can embellish the starting and ending times over different looks with drag & drop features.

Box Shadow

Box Shadow

The divi business hours module has 7 distinct box-shadow effects and other attributes to amplify the beauty of the shadow in a while.

Border Styler

Border Styler

Using the divi business hours module brings an opportunity for divi users to apply a clean edge & smooth border to the entire container.


Transform and Animation

This module has 7 different animation effects with all other essential features. Also, users have the transform feature to take control over the module.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Divi Business Hours Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

Demonstrate the business working hours to your customers with the divi business hours module; so they can visit accordingly.

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