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Divi Instagram

The divi Instagram gallery is one of the great divi social media modules to show the Instagram posts under a splendid gallery outlook. Using an Instagram gallery on the website can surge the interaction between business owners and Instagram followers.

Divi Instagram Gallery Module
Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Each section made with the divi Instagram module is super responsive and can meet different design requirements to suit different device screens.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is an excellent feature in the divi Instagram gallery that provides a balanced gap between every component.

Border Animations

Border Animations

The border animation is responsible for providing super attractive & distinctive animated border effects with positioning options.

Instagram Gallery Divi Live Demo

Why the Diviflash Instagram Gallery Module is a Smart Choice?

The Diviflash Instagram gallery module has broad functionality with drag & drop facilities. Using this module can represent the Instagram account on the website under an exclusive image gallery view. Moreover, web owners can furnish each portion of the module, including the image, video, caption, border, Instagram icon, and author info, with a professional look.

Instagram Gallery Settings

How To Style Divi Instagram Gallery Module?

The content tab of the divi Instagram gallery module integrates all essential features to input Instagram access code. Also, this tab creates an excellent gallery layout with stylish hover effects. In contrast, the design tab allows users to polish each portion of the module with the finest care. Nevertheless, the advanced tab can meet the countless desires of the developers.

Instagram Gallery Settings

The Key Features of the Divi Instagram Feed Module

The key feature of the divi Instagram gallery has a significant impact on demonstrating the Instagram feed on the website pleasantly.

Divi Gallery Layout for Divi Demo

Gallery Layouts

The divi Instagram gallery module brings two different gallery layouts, the masonry & grid. Also, users can define the number of images displayed in a single row with the load more button option.

Live Demo instagram gallery for Divi

Hover Effects

Web owners get the privilege to apply an icon, image scale, and overlay effect on the hover mode of the entire Instagram gallery. Moreover, users can implement a covetable border and bring post captions with several gripping, revealing animation effects.

Live Demo instagram gallery for Divi
Premade Divi Gallery Templates

Premade Divi Layouts

The divi Instagram gallery module provides enormous free pre-made aesthetic templates with regular updates. These templates are ready to go and comfortable for the modern web developing phase. Just download, import, edit & publish in a second.

Other Pro Features of this Module

The divi Instagram gallery module consists of all the latest & supportive features to tempt the visitors. Therefore, take advantage of all other pro features to achieve remarkable designs.

Image Scale Effects

Image Scale Effects

Divi Instagram module can demonstrate images over various scale effects like Zoom in & out, Pan left, right, up & down, Rotate left & right, and blur.

Load More Option

Load More Feature

Create an alluring load more button by giving a custom text with excellent typography and border effect under the Instagram gallery module.

Rows Settings

Creating Up to 8 Rows

The Instagram gallery module allows showing up to 8 images in a single row. As a result, even users can maximize or minimize the initial load image row number.

Hover Effects

Overlay & Hover Effects

Apply distinctive overlay & hover effects on the image, border & caption of the Instagram gallery to make the module elegant.

Instagram Informations

Instagram Informations

Divi users can represent all the information published through the Instagram account on the website with an engaging look.

Divi Typography


The divi Instagram gallery module brings great typography features to embellish the post caption, user name, and post-date.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Divi Instagram Feed Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

Present your Instagram account on the website with a decorative and gripping look to enhance follower’s interaction.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

The Diviflash is a renowned all-in-one divi plugin that comes with a lot of divi modules. In addition, Diviflash has another module called divi Instagram carousel that represents the Instagram post images, videos, captions & author info in a carousel view. Nevertheless, Diviflash carries a vast number of divi modules to start designing a website from scratch.

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