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Advanced Divi

The Advanced divi tabs module made by the Diviflash plugin is a remarkable way to show a range of consolidated information in a concise area on websites. The divi tab module has a navigation container that brings the tab content area over clicking.

Advanced Divi Tabs Module
Responsive Design

Responsive Design

The advanced divi tabs module possesses extensive responsive features required to suit several device’s viewports.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom spacing

Defining a compatible distance between the divi tabs ingredients is just a game of padding & margin under the custom spacing.

Content Diversification

Content Diversification

The most alluring instinct of this module is the diversity to apply multiple elements with decorative features into the content.

Live Demo Divi Text Animation

Why The Diviflash Advanced Tabs Module is a Smart Choice?

The Diviflash advanced tabs module is an intelligent choice for those passionate about bringing greatness to websites. Using the advanced tab module, you can display broad information concisely over an organized and informative look. However, a vast number of customizing features are placed in the module to style each ingredient.

Settings Divi Tab Module

Where Can You Use The Divi Advanced Tabs Module?

The usages of the divi tabs on the website are not determined. Therefore, web owners can approach multiple design ideas, and the achievement depends on the intention and expertise level. However, this module provides an excellent user interface that allows visitors to see the group of information in one place with one click.

Settings Divi Tab Module

The Key Features of the Advanced Divi Tabs Module

Create covetable Divi tabs that persuade visitors to stay longer on the website utilizing all the advanced divi tabs module features.

Demo Divi Tab Module

Animation Styler

The animation styler is an extraordinary feature dedicated to adorning the content area. Here, eight different types of eye-catchy animation effects are included that impact at the moment of content revealing.

Divi Tabs Module Live Demo

Navigation Menu Styler

The advanced divi tabs module has excellent options like navigation stickiness, different placement, Active one customization, etc. Also, users can embellish each of the elements in a stunning look.

Divi Tabs Module Live Demo
Advanced Divi Tabs Module Divi Layouts

Premade Divi Layouts

The advanced divi tab has the intention of providing minimum effort but getting maximum output. Consequently, it brings along several free stylish, ready-to-go premade templates with a periodic update.

Other Pro Features of this Module

The advanced divi tab module brings a list of features that increase the design possibilities for the users. Therefore, play with these features and create an extraordinary design in no time.


Background Customizer

The advanced divi tabs module decorates the background of each container & ingredients individually with a gripping look.

Navigation Active Arrow

Navigation Active Arrow

The active navigation arrow makes the active navigation item more attractive by placing an arrow sign pointing to the content area.

Text Customization

Text Customization

Every feature of the WordPress text editor is available for the content area body text to style the body text with a great look.

Box Shadow

Image Filter

Each child item gets the image filter effects under this extended version of the divi tabs module to make the image suitable for a specific design.

Boder Options

Border & Box Shadow

The divi tabs can implement a stylish border with box-shadow effects on the entire container, also in the navigation menu, content area, and item separately.

Divi Animation


Except for the reveal animations, there are 7 different types of covetable animation effects and more functionalities to make them attractive.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Advanced Divi Tab Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

Elegantly demonstrate comprehensive information by creating a terrific divi tabs module on the website.

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