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Divi Logo Carousel Module

Divi logo carousel module allows you to showcase brands, products, clients or partners logos in a smooth scrolling carousel slider. Its vast customization option gives you unlimited design possibilities to build trust with style.
Divi Logo Carousel Module

What Makes Divi Logo Carousel Module Different?

Divi Logo Carousel Module Ticker Mode Settings

Ticker Mode for Smooth Scroll

DiviFlash logo carousel comes with a unique ticker mode feature, ensuring a smooth scrolling effect. This is the only module for divi that will guarantee a smooth scroll effect for the carousel. In addition, you can control the animation speed, and the pause on hover will work like a magnate.
Divi Logo Carousel Module Ticker Mode Settings

Advanced Design in Logo Carousel

Except for the ticker mode, there are tons of flexible customization features to create exclusive, responsive carousels. For example, in our logo carousel module for divi, you will find complete control of items used in different devices, loop, autoplay, dot navigation, arrow navigation, speed, spacing, animation effects and more. So use unlimited logos in a carousel and display them the way you want.
Divi Logo Carousel Module Customization Settings
Divi Logo Carousel Module Alternatives

Divi Logo Carousel Alternative Options

If you don’t need ticker mode!! But would you love to have a regular slider, 3D coverflow, cube, or flip effect? Then using an image carousel module is the most effective way to create a logo carousel slider in Divi. You can add a caption, button, logo scale effect, overlay, hover effects, and many more to showcase logo on your divi website. You can even use different sizes of logos in the same carousel using variable-width features. We created some logo carousel examples with our image carousel module.

Divi Logo Carousel Module Alternatives

What Makes DiviFlash Logo Carousel The Best Divi Logo Slider?

DiviFlash is packed with feature-rich modules, and the Logo carousel is one of them. Here is the list of features you can use in your logo carousel slider:
  • Unlimited slider with automatic sliding effect.
  • Spacing and animation control.
  • Ticker mode for smooth scrolling effects.
  • Control of the number of items for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Arrow and dot navigation with styler.
  • Image/logo width control.
  • Vertical alignment and equal height option for images.
  • Image filters like hue, saturation, sepia, etc., and blending mode.
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"Very pleasantly surprised"

Picked up the Divi Flash plugin and was very pleasantly surprised. It's become a staple plugin I install on just about every Divi website I build. Also, the creativity that went into building these modules is refreshing. For example, being able to change the order of things like header text and body text in the testimonial module allows you to build your testimonials to match pretty much any design. Keep up the great work!
Alex BrinkmanWeb Designer, Internet Consultant at Green Tree Media LLC

"Build an amazing site in a flash!"

Amazing modules that are well documented and easy to use. You can download prebuilt easy to customize sections to build a site skeleton quickly. The plugin does not slow down or bloat your site in any way, and I am getting 96 desktop and 80 mobile with page speed insights without optimization. The best part is the support team. They are quick to reply and provide easy-to-follow directions. I am thrilled with my purchase and highly recommend this plugin to all divi users.
Jason Abdi Information Technology Lead at Saturn Oil + Gas Inc.

"Game changer for Divi users!"

I just finished creating a new site using DiviFlash modules, and it was indeed a game-changer. It opens a whole new world of designs and functions you can use for Divi. Some of the modules are so practical that you would think that Divi should have natively had some of these. This new site I made is the best-looking and most incredible site I've built. If you use Divi, this is worth getting.
LTDlover AppSumo Plus Member

"Great features and awesome support team!"

Great features and an awesome support team!🍀🙏💚 I’m super happy with the Divi Flash, the advanced image gallery advanced was exactly what I was looking for, it saved me so much time and did the job without writing a single line of code. And for sure thank you so much for the great support team who helped me immediately to solve the issues I was having on my website, so glad I’m using your product.
Zo Alfeqar Divi Marketplace User

"My Go To Plugin for Divi, Best Among All!"

I have been using Divi for almost 3 years, from the first moment I used it I knew that it had limitations, for example the slides, carousel and tables that were very essential for me, so I searched the entire network and did not find anything, I started doing tutorials myself to help people like me. Then I met Divi Pixel, Divi Supreme, Divi Toolbox among others, ah yeah! Divi Hacks, but I never wanted to use them, I don't know if because of the price or just because I didn't like them. read more... Until I found Divi Flash, it is the best tool for me, I use it on all my websites. What I like about Divi Flash is that they added the slider, the tables and tabs, the advanced propaganda modules, the portfolio, the customizable image galleries, and now I can select which module to have and what to disable. The results that I have now had with Divi Flash are excellent work and client changes are now faster. If you are looking for a good tool in carousel, tabs and that is updated frequently, DiviFlash is the best option. read less.
Antonio MartínezFounder, Divicon

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