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Divi Logo

Divi logo carousel module is an extraordinary way to show sponsors, clients, partners & affiliates logos with a smooth scroll effect. Displaying logos on the website surges the business’s credibility. Divi logo carousel engagingly showcases unlimited logo carousel sliders.

Divi Logo Carousel
Dedicated Module

Dedicated Module

The Divi logo carousel module is created with only one purpose to exhibit client’s logos next to each other over an alluring and covetable look.

Unlimited Slide

Unlimited Slide

Divi users can add countless carousel slides under the Divi logo carousel module with other features to take the beauty to the next level.

Order Management

Responsive Design

Web owners can define the number of logo carousel sliders that would appear in mobile, tablet & desktop separately for a responsive design.

Divi Logo Carousel live Demo

What is The Diviflash Logo Carousel Module?

The Diviflash logo carousel is an exclusive Divi module dedicated to showcasing the logo of clients, sponsors, affiliates, and more. This logo carousel module is highly responsive & organized for different devices. Including the equal item height, several advanced features are presented under this module to surge the brand credibility.

Settings Divi Logo Carousel

Where to Use The Divi Logo Carousel Module?

The Divi logo carousel is a dedicated module used to demonstrate the client’s logo with a stunning & gripping look. The usages of the module have no restrictions and can be applied anywhere on the website. However, the appropriate use of the logo carousel module can bring an excellent reputation to the organization.

Settings Divi Logo Carousel

The Key Features of the Divi Logo Carousel Module

Take advantage of all the critical features to fabricate an outstanding Divi logo carousel module.

Live Demo Logo Carousel Module

Scroller Effects

The Divi logo carousel has two types of scrolling effects, the regular & smooth scroll. Activating the ticker option gives a smooth scroller effect to the logo carousel sliders. Also, the scrolling animation speed can be controlled under this feature.

Live Example Divi Logo Carousel

Logo Customizer

The logo customizer allows Divi users to fix a maximum width and the vertical alignment of the logo among the top, center & bottom positions of the container. Moreover, under this feature, the filtering effects like hue, saturation, brightness, opacity, blur, invert, and so on applies to the logo sliders.

Live Example Divi Logo Carousel
Divi Logo Carousel Premade Templates

Premade Templates

The divi logo carousel module comes with enormous exclusive ready-to-go free premade templates. These artistic premade layouts cover various niches and have time to time updates. So, download the template, upload, edit & it’s ready to publish in a minute.

Other Pro Features of this Module

Alongside those key attributes, the Divi logo carousel module carries several pro features to bring perfection to the design in no time. So, harness the benefits of all other pro features and build excellent designs.


Carousel organizer

The Divi logo carousel has several classified features like the carousel setting, spacing, animation, and so on to make the module highly organized.

Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

The custom spacing feature is responsible for applying the wrapper & regular margin padding to all the directions of the Divi logo carousel module.

Arrows & Dots

Arrow & Dots

Divi users can implement arrows to the left & right side and dots icon at the bottom of the container with all the features to decorate them.

Equal Height

Equal Item height

The Divi logo carousel has the equal item height feature, giving all the logos a justified height that creates a better impression among visitors.

Loop Effect in Divi Carousel

Loop Effects

The Loop effect is an eye-catching feature in the Divi logo carousel module dedicated to creating an infinite loop of the logo carousel sliders.


Border & Shadow

The border feature implements a clean edge border with a stylish look while the shadow adds different types of stunning box-shadow effects.

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Display your clients, partners, affiliates, or sponsor’s logo beside each other over a fantastic look.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

Besides the logo carousel module, the Diviflash plugin offers many more carousel modules like the Divi image, Divi content, Divi testimonial, Divi blog carousels, and suchlike. However, the Diviflash plugin has more than 38+ modules and more in the pipeline to be launched in the next update.

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