8 Best Divi Plugins & Extensions to Enhance Your Divi Website in 2024

Nazmul Asif

Updated: November 14, 2023
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Are you looking for the best Divi Plugins? 

Divi remains a popular choice for its no-code website-building capabilities, flexibility, and user-friendly interface. Yet, to maximize the potential of Divi, it’s essential to tap into the world of third-party plugins that can unlock even more possibilities.

In this article, we’ll explore the top eight Divi plugins that can revolutionize your Divi experience. These plugins offer a diverse array of features, from robust modules to advanced content management, taking your website design to the next level.

Let’s get started.

Best Divi Plugins: at a Glance

Plugin Name
Best Offering
Starting Pricing
  • Over 45 modules
  • Mega Menu Builder
  • 400+ Divi section layouts
Ultimate resource for Divi enthusiasts
DiviGear CPT
  • ACF compatibility
  • Custom layouts
Craft visually appealing content layouts
$49 (3 Site)
Advanced Divi Tabs
  • Vertical and horizontal tabs
  • Shortcodes support
Enhanced tab creation experience
$25 (3 Site)
Divi Carousel 2.0
  • Diverse content carousels
  • 50+ ready-to-use templates
Feature-rich Divi sliders for creativity
$15 (1 Site)
Divi Heading
  • Dual text
  • Stylish animations
Simplifies heading creation for Divi
$29 (Unlimited)
Divi Product Carousel
  • 3D Transitions
  • Customization
Elevate WooCommerce store presentation
$19 (1 Site)
Divi Blog Carousel
  • Post elements control
  • 3D Effects
Showcase blog posts in interactive slider
$19 (1 Site)
Divi Blog Module
Grid, masonry, list layouts
Enhance content presentation in Divi
$25 (3 Site)


DiviFlash is an impressive, all-in-one solution for Divi and the best Divi plugin in the market designed to elevate your Divi website-building experience to new heights. With a comprehensive set of features that include over 45 modules, 500+ pre-made layouts, and 5 extensions, DiviFlash emerges as the ultimate resource for Divi enthusiasts.

One of its standout features is the Mega Menu Builder, which provides complete control over your website’s menus, allowing you to integrate Divi layouts and create dynamic submenus with ease. The Popup Maker simplifies engagement and conversion, while the extensive library of carousels, gives you the creative freedom to design captivating sliders.

In addition to these remarkable features, DiviFlash offers a curated selection of pre-made Divi layouts. These layouts are fully responsive and put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to design, allowing easy export, import, and customization for projects that need an expedited start.

The plugin also extends its versatility with gallery modules tailored for the effortless sharing of image collections. For e-commerce enthusiasts, DiviFlash’s customizable WooCommerce modules help you enhance your online store’s design and shopping experience. 

What sets DiviFlash apart is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, featuring exceptional performance, user-friendly experiences, dedicated support, regular updates, and comprehensive documentation to ensure a seamless journey for all users.

Best Features

  • Over 45 powerful modules, with continual updates to expand your design and functionality options.
  • Access to 20+ multipage full website layouts.
  • 400+ customizable Divi section layouts for creative flexibility.
  • Meticulously crafted clean code for optimal website performance and speed.
  • Mega Menu Builder for creating stunning and customizable navigation menus.
  • Popup Maker for designing engaging popups to convert visitors into customers, subscribers, and leads.
  • Custom Post Type (CPT) Modules to showcase various content types in unique layouts.
  • 11 unique elements for grid or carousel product showcases, ideal for e-commerce design.
  • Versatile gallery modules offer various layout options such as masonry, grid, and packery.
  • 7 Divi carousels pack for creating sliders on your website.

Pricing of DiviFlash

  • Personal Pack: $39/year for one website.
  • BusinessPack: $89/year for unlimited websites.
  • Agency Pack: $299 one-time for lifetime access. 

Divi CPT

DiviGear CPT, a comprehensive Divi module, empowers you to craft visually appealing layouts for diverse content. What sets this plugin apart is its amalgamation of three potent CPT modules in one cohesive package—the Grid Module, Filterable CPT Module, and Carousel Module. You can easily choose from three different layout styles: grid, masonry, or carousel, and control how your content looks. 

This module seamlessly integrates with custom content types and leverages Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) for enhanced flexibility. Featuring interactive filters, 11 unique post elements, and intriguing options like 3D carousels and load-more buttons, DiviGear CPT ensures that your content captivates and impresses, regardless of how it’s showcased.

Best Features

  • ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) compatibility for enhanced customization
  • Various animations available, including image scroll, overlay effects, and carousel animations
  • Three modules featuring 11 unique post elements
  • Access to over 20 ready-to-use section layouts
  • Taxonomy filters for seamless navigation within Custom Post Types (CPTs)

Pricing of DiviGear CPT

  • 3 Site: $49
  • Unlimited Site: $99

Advanced Divi Tabs

DiviGear Advanced Tabs Module takes your tab creation experience to a new height. Acting as an enhanced version of the standard Divi tabs module this versatile plugin allows you to integrate multiple nested tabs and offers the flexibility to style them either horizontally or vertically. 

Beyond its easy interface, the Advanced Divi Tabs Module introduces features like sticky navigation, scroll effects, and custom CSS You can also choose from a variety of content types, including text, icons, images, or CTA buttons, and customize them with eight different reveal animations. 

As a bonus, the module comes with a free Divi shortcode extension, so you can showcase any saved template hassle-free. Just copy the code from the Divi library and use it as content within tabs.

Best Features

  • Create both vertical and horizontal tabs effortlessly
  • Enjoy 24+ powerful customization options for individual element control
  • Free Divi shortcode extension
  • Choose from 22+ pre-made layouts for added convenience
  • Elevate tabs with 8 unique reveal animations for smooth transitions
  • Engage your audience with 7 animation effects for captivating tabs

Pricing of Advanced Divi Tabs

  • 3 Site: $25
  • Unlimited Site: $39

Divi Carousel 2.0

Divi Carousel 2.0 is the best Divi plugin for creating stunning and interactive Divi sliders that match your imagination. Whether for blurbs, cards, or content carousels, you can easily boost your online presence with feature-rich capabilities.

The plugin offers 28+ customization options, providing full control over advanced slide effects, custom spacing, box-shadow for items, hover effects, dots alignment, and more. Simply showcase logos elegantly with a smooth scroll effect, featuring your clients, partners, or sponsors. 

Also, highlight your team’s portfolios in a sophisticated team slider, customizing each member’s block individually to match your unique design preferences.

Best Features

  • Create diverse carousels for content, images, testimonials, teams, logos, and more.
  • Support for both backend and visual builders for flexible design.
  • Full control over modules for customization.
  • Access to a collection of 50+ ready-to-use templates.
  • Designed to be fully responsive with clean coding.
  • High compatibility with the Divi theme and modern browsers.

Pricing of Divi Carousel 2.0

  • 1 Site: $15
  • Unlimited Site: $29

Divi Heading

Divi Heading Module is another best Divi plugins that simplifies heading creation for Divi users. It combines two modules, Advanced Heading and Animated Heading, offering a comprehensive toolkit for crafting captivating headers. Both modules are user-friendly and require no coding knowledge, making them accessible to users of all skill levels.

Including dual text functionality, custom border, and gradient background enhancements the Advanced Heading module introduces 9 engaging animations with customizable parameters for smooth word transitions and realistic movement. Additionally, you will get tons of heading layouts with customization options to transform ordinary titles into extraordinary headlines!

Best Features

  • Text customization options available in three different text fields
  • Ability to stack text for versatile arrangements
  • Collection of 9 stylish text animations
  • Full control over all functions
  • Stack two texts on top of each other using the dual text feature

Pricing of Divi Heading

  • Unlimited Site: $29

Divi Product Carousel

If you want to transform your Divi website into a visually captivating shopping experience then Divi Product Carousel Module is the tool. It seamlessly integrates an interactive product slider that not only showcases your merchandise but also enhances user engagement. 

With a myriad of customization options and design possibilities, Divi Product Carousel elevates your WooCommerce store one step ahead. From basic typography tweaks, advanced spacing options, and WooCommerce product settings to dynamic 3D transitions this plugin provides an intuitive platform to style your carousel effortlessly. 

Just head to the module, and customize each of the product elements including the title, description, button, price, sales badge text, ratings, or reviews to match your brand perfectly.

Best Features

  • Add a modern flair to your product carousels with dynamic 3D transitions.
  • Classic sliders that showcase your products in a professional and polished light.
  • Display various product categories like best-sellers and featured items.
  • Customize transitions according to your preference.
  • Enable “pause on hover” for user-friendly navigation.
  • Add advanced slide effects for a stylish product showcase.

Pricing of Divi Product Carousel 

  • 1 Site: $19
  • Unlimited Site: $39

Divi Blog Carousel

The Divi Blog Carousel Module is another powerful Divi module that allows you to showcase your blog posts in an interactive carousel slider. Whether you want to display a certain number of posts, optimize for different devices, the Divi Blog Carousel Module lets you do so with ease.

From the overall layout to the vertical alignment of posts, every detail can be personalized to create a diverse range of blog post carousels with 3D effects. Additionally you will have proper blog post elements control along with other carousel styler like image sizing options, customizable button, loop, custom element spacing, image overlay and more. 

Best Features

  • Control over various blog post elements, such as feature images, titles, excerpts, post metadata, and dates.
  • Add a 3D coverflow effect with shadow enhancements for a visually engaging display.
  • Tailor item control based on different devices.
  • Achieve vertical alignment for your post showcases.
  • Enable multi-slide effects with customizable buttons for a dynamic presentation.

Pricing of Divi Blog Carousel

  • 1 Site: $19
  • Unlimited Site: $39

Divi Blog Module

The Divi Blog Module is the best Divi plugin for blog that empowers you to enhance your content presentation in your Divi website. Whether it’s blog posts or projects, it offers visually captivating layouts with customizable post elements like featured images, excerpts, and more. 

You can choose from three diverse post layouts, control post item spacing, and even order posts based on popularity or category. With extensive design options, including typography styling, hover effects, and animations, you can create attractive blog layouts that align with your brand’s identity. 

The module’s versatility extends to supporting various custom post types, and you can use it multiple times to achieve the best layout for your content, making it a powerful choice for elevating your content presentation.

Best Features

  • Choose from Grid, Masonry, and List layouts with distinctive style features.
  • Display multiple post items in a single row and control the spacing between them.
  • Control how posts are ordered based on popularity, category, or publish date.
  • 45+ ready-to-use blog templates with extensive design options. From typography styling to Customize pagination options for a polished look.
  • Easily reposition elements for a unique layout.
  • Control the spacing between elements for a tailored look.

Pricing of Divi Blog Module

  • 3 Site: $25
  • Unlimited Site: $39

Wrapping Up

The world of web design is continually evolving, and this list of best Divi plugins offers a range of powerful tools to help designers and developers stay at the forefront of this dynamic landscape. 

DiviFlash provides a comprehensive solution for Divi enthusiasts, offering an array of modules, layouts, and features to streamline and enhance the website-building process. DiviGear CPT takes content layout customization to a new level, and its integration of three CPT modules ensures content captivates every display. 

Advanced Divi Tabs offers enhanced tab creation capabilities, adding flexibility and style to your designs. Divi Carousel 2.0 allows you to create visually stunning sliders and carousels that match your imagination, and Divi Heading simplifies heading creation with style and animation options. 

For e-commerce websites, the Divi Product Carousel and Divi Blog Carousel modules offer tools to enhance product and blog post displays, respectively, while the Divi Blog Module empowers content presentation.

In your journey with Divi, remember that the right plugins can streamline your creative process and empower you to realize your web design vision. Don’t hesitate to explore these plugins, experiment, and unlock the full potential of Divi. 

Your next masterpiece might be just a plugin away!

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Nazmul Asif

Nazmul is digital marketing & SEO strategist at DiviFlash. He has been involved in data-driven digital marketing and SEO for over 8 years, specializing in growth marketing, content marketing, marketing strategy, link building and outreach. Before working for DiviFlash, he rans SEO business providing consultancy services.


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