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Divi Product

Show divi wooCommerce products with an interactive & tidy carousel slider. Then, convert your visitors into customers by creating an engaging e-commerce product carousel using the divi product carousel module.

Divi Product Carousel Module
Grid & Masonry Layouts

Different Elements

11 impressive WooCommerce elements are added to beautify the page’s look and information.

Divi Table Elements

WooCommerce Settings

Show products based on different types and sort them in multiple ways. Also, define the number of products that would be displayed on the screen.

Order Management

Content Ordering

Move each wooCommerce element up & down, place them sequentially, and create an organized product page.

Product Carousel Live Demo

Why Should Use Divi Product Carousel Module?

DiviFlash product carousel module displays many products concisely with an excellent auto slide. This module has a vast number of features that bring unlimited design opportunities. Multiple design elements like the divider, custom text, tag & add-to-cart make the product page stunning to convince visitors. Therefore, try the divi product carousel slider and fetches greatness to the wooCommerce store.

Divi Product Grid Module Settings

How Does the Divi WooCommerce Product Carousel Module Work?

The divi product carousel customizes convenience to build an appealing wooCommerce store. It has 11 wooCommerce elements to apply alongside other carousel settings. All the elements, including the sale badge, get decorated over a stylish look. However, developers get the platform to use their creative thinking to take the creation to the pick of uniqueness.

Divi Product Grid Module Settings

Key Features of Divi Product Carousel Module

Harness all the module’s key features and customize the divi wooCommerce product carousel slider precisely the way you ever wanted.

Live Demo Divi WooCommerce Product Grid

Carousel Functionality

The Coverflow & Slide, two different carousels make the module phenomenal. Also, the slide controlling feature brings a better presentation of wooCommerce products. However, the arrow navigation, autoplay, centered slides, and equal height bring tremendous beauty to the product page.

Divi WooCommerce Product Carousel

Amazing Animations

Get fantastic animation effects to show or hide every individual element over the hover mode. Moreover, the overlay & image scale effects give the product image an overwhelming animated look that fascinates visitors at first glance.

Divi WooCommerce Product Carousel
Premade Template Divi Product Carousel

Premade Divi Templates

DiviFlash brings a ton of premade templates that help build a professional-looking website in a while. All of the premade divi layouts are ready to import and fashionable. Therefore, take the fun of using these layouts and makes the creation more alluring.

Other Pro Features

Create a Divi product slider for wooCommerce that interacts & snatches user attraction promptly. So, enjoy using every single feature of the module to bring an artistic touch to the creation.

Arrow & Dots Navigation

Arrow & Dots Navigation

Stylish Arrow & Dots navigations lie in the module alongside all other features to adorn them separately. Also, the active dot icon makes the creation more appealing & interactive.

Sale Badge

Sale Badge Styling

Give the sale badge an informative look by adding before-after & custom sold-out texts. Also, show the badge in the image container & place it anywhere to keep the beauty.

Wrapper Customizer

Wrapper Customizer

The entire module and every child item get placed inside the inner & outer wrapper. Also, the wrapper can be adorned with an exclusive look.

Loop Effects

Loop Effects

The loop effect creates unstoppable spherical carousel slides that present wooCommerce items one after one through a slider across the module.

Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is one of the most attractive features that brings the charms to the module by maintaining a balanced distance between all the elements.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Define the number of items displayed on various devices and create a responsive product page that provides an excellent user experience.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get Divi Product Carousel Module Now in DiviFlash Plugin

Utilize the best WooCommerece product carousel module to step into the world of unique creation and show products magnificently.

Other Divi Modules in DiviFlash Plugin

DiviFlash is a compacted WordPress plugin that brings a complete carousel & gallery solution for the divi website. Not only that, it has several dynamic & creative modules to present a website with a remarkably in the crowed web world.

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