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Divi Table Module

The Divi table module fulfills all the requirements of designing a compelling table in Divi. In addition, each corner of this Divi table is highly responsive and decorative, which makes the visitors amazed.
Divi Table Modules
Responsive Divi Table

Responsive Table

Create a responsive table with a single click that is suitable for every device viewport under the Divi table module.
Wide-Range of Elements

Wide-range of Elements

The Divi table module lets input texts, images & icons in every cell alongside many features to embellish each of them.

Table Row Design

Row Design

The designing process of the Divi table rows is divided into head, body & foot sections. Then, Each of them gets adorned separately.
Divi Table Example

Why Use Diviflash for Creating Tables in Divi?

The Divi theme has almost every single module except for the table. Therefore, creating an enchanting table in Divi needs a third-party Divi plugin. So, Diviflash brings the Divi table module with numerous features and the easiest way to design each ingredient.
Settings for Table Module

Why Does the Divi Table Module Require?

Divi heading module comes with three text areas, including all the basic customization for title or heading. In addition, it allows different typography with background, box-shadow, border, and many more in each element. Dual text and clipping mask is the prominent feature of this Divi module.
Settings for Table Module

The Key Features of the Divi Table Module

Exhibit information in an organized way using the Divi table module in no time. Taking advantage of all these key features will bring the table’s beauty to its with the custom spacing feature peak.
Live Demo of Tables

Column Design

The Divi table module brings the opportunity to embellish every portion of the first & last column with stylish typography & borders. However, the head & foot rows can get excluded while designing the columns.
Divi Templates

Merging Feature

In some cases, it is necessary to display multiple data under a single column or row. The merging feature accomplishes this particular goal by merging more than one column or row together.
Divi Templates
Predesigned Tables for Divi

Premade Templates

Diviflash offers numerous free premade templates with periodic updates. These premade templates cover various niches. Download the layout, edit, and the design is ready to go without any hassle.

Other Pro Features of this Module

To build Divi tables, gripping and compelling needs the warm touch of all the essential features of the module. To make a phenomenal table in Divi, use all the features available in fingertips.
Divi Tables


The table feature focuses on giving the entire table border a glorious view that blows visitor’s minds instantly.
Image & Icon Styler

Image & Icon Styler

The Divi table module authorizes to make the image & icon more alluring and authentic with the image & icon styler.
Border Styler

Border Styler

Amplify the attractiveness of the border edge with the border styler. Also, each row & column gets decorated separately here.
Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

A suitable gap can be placed between each ingredient of the entire divi table module with the custom spacing feature.
Badge for Table


The visitor gets an instant impression by adding a badge on a particular topic or data placed at the table header.
Divi Sizing Options


This property creates a compatible size of the Divi table module. Also, the max & min-height get controlled here.

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