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Divi Hover

Do you have the confusion to create an astonishing hover effect for your website? No worries, Discover the most unique and compatible hover effect design with the Divi hover box module. It’s a great combination of all the advanced features required for a unique look.

Divi Hover Box Module
Dedicated Module

Unique Module

Reveal desired elements on the hover effect with beautiful text and image animation to grab the attention of the website visitors.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing provides a compatible gap between every module component and is divided into two categories, the Wrapper &Content.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

The divi hover box is entirely responsible and suits the desktop, tablet & mobile screen layout to surge visitor’s interactions.

Live Demo Divi Hover Box

What is The Diviflash Hover Box Module?

The Divi Hover Box is one of the extraordinary Modules included in the Diviflash plugin. This module consisted of several convenient features like the builder view, hover setting, stylish typography, and suchlike. Also, divi users have the authority to apply and manage distinct eye-catchy hover effects over the container.

Divi Hover Box Settings

Where to Use the Divi Hover Box Module?

All the modules of the Diviflash plugin are created to meet your every single design expectation, as it’s the same for the Divi Hover Box module. The divi hover effect can be applied anywhere on the website. The hover box module fulfills the necessity to highlight products, services, or any other crucial information.

Divi Hover Box Settings

The Key Features of the Divi Hover Box Module

Make the audience amazed by creating a covetable hover effect using all the key features of the module.

Divi Hover Effects in Module

Hover Effects

Web owners can define which ingredient would be shown on the hover effect, including the title, subtitle, body text & button. Even, users can apply an image scale effect for the divi hover box background image.

Live example Hover Box Divi

Great Typography

The content setting implements a title, subtitle, and content text all in one place, along with several features to embellish them. Also, each part of the typography gets adorned with a distinct color, border style, size & shadow effect.

Live example Hover Box Divi
Templates Divi Hover Box

Premade Divi Template

The Divi hover box module has several pre-made templates with time-to-time updates. These ready-to-go templates adjust websites with the modern web developing phase. So, simply export a template, import it on the website, edit and publish in a minute.

Other Pro Features of this Module

Along with those core features, take advantage of all other necessary functions to fabricate an eye-catchy hover effect ever. The utilization of these features brings instant success while designing a hover box module.

Builder View

Builder View

Activating the change builder view helps divi users decorate and stick with the backside of the hover box that comes up while hovering.

Hover Effects

Hover Animations

Web owners can define the hover animation under the divi hover box module, revealing directions like left, right, top, bottom, center, and more.

Fancy text styler

Vertical Alignment

Vertical alignment is a quick alignment management system and places all the elements in a position like the top, center, or bottom of the hover box.


Background Customizer

The divi hover box brings all the necessary features like the gradient & image attribute to decorate the container background over an alluring look.

Box Shadow

Border & Shadow

Considering the loveliness of the divi hover box module a shadow & border effects are applied with the features to make them more gripping.


Transform Options

The transform feature of the hover effect allows fixing a compatible scale, translate, rotate, skew, and more effects in the module to attract visitors.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Divi Hover Box Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

Create an exclusive hover effect for the website under the divi hover box module in no time.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

Diviflash is an all-in-one divi plugin. Along with the divi hover box module, the Diviflash offers the image hover box module. However, building a great website from scratch is an easy task under the Diviflash plugin. It has several divi modules with drag & drop features and a user-friendly interface. Check it out now.

DiviFlash offers unique and awesome Divi modules or Divi plugins.

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