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The advanced divi table module is an amazing invention by Diviflash that brings a range of easy-to-customize features. For example, designing a mobile-friendly table, including the facility to import vast data, became a quick process under this module.
Advanced Divi Table Module
Import table to Divi

Import Table

Advanced divi table has five different ways, including the CSV file, Google sheet & TablePress to import data in a table.
Advanced Divi Table features

Advanced Features

This module gives some cool features, including searching, ordering, sorting, and info bar for ease of navigation.
Wide Range of Elements

Wide-range of Elements

Advanced divi table has tremendous elements like the image, icon, link, pagination button, and the way to decorate them.
Advanced Divi Table Example

Why The Diviflash Advanced Table Module is a Smart Choice?

Creating an elegant table containing a giant list of data in the divi theme is a long process. Diviflash makes the journey completely effortless by promoting the advanced divi table module. A range of pro features included inside this module takes the table beauty to the next level.
Setting for Advanced Table Module

Who Needs the Advanced Divi Table Module?

Who has massive data, product, or anything else to show in a concise area, it’s difficult for them to cover by placing data back to back? The advanced divi table module shows these data in a table, including the search and next button facilities.
Setting for Advanced Table Module

The Key Features of the Advanced Divi Table Module

Be ambitious and go for greatness when it comes to design an advanced divi table module. Using these key features will create a striking divi table in no time.
Live Demo Adv table

Custom Spacing

The custom spacing is one of the magnificent features dedicated to fixing a suitable gap between each element. Even more, the spacing system breakdown into two categories for better performance.
Divi Table Advanced module

Design Options

The advanced divi table module comes with several design options to decorate individually from top to bottom. Moreover, every bit of the individual cells gets adorned with a stylish image, icon, button & border.
Divi Table Advanced module
Predesigned Advanced Divi Table

Premade Templates

Advanced divi table module brings a variety of aesthetic ready-to-go premade templates for designers. These premade templates are created by covering different niches. So, download, upload, edit, and publish on the website in a minute.

Other Pro Features of this Module

It’s a bit tedious to achieve the finest design only with the features explained above. So, take the warm touch of all the supportive features to complete something extraordinary.
Button Styler

Button Styler

The advanced divi module has every possible solution to style all the buttons attached to the table with a stunning look.
Image & Icon Styler

Image & icon Styler

Images & icons added in every table cell get an eye-catchy decorative appearance within a moment under this feature.
Border Styler

Border Styler

Giving the clean edge look to the border inside & outside of the divi table is a quick journey under this module.
Box Shadow


The entire advanced divi table consists of various stylish box-shadow effects with some essential features to adjust its beauty.
Filter Options

Filter Options

This module has a data filtering option. So, visitors get the privilege to explore data instantly by searching & ordering attributes.
Divi Sizing Options

Advanced Options

The advanced divi table module keeps features like CSS ID & Classes and Custom CSS for developers to customize further.

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