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Divi Image

Provide images with a graceful look under the divi image masking module with an easy implementation process. Apply 30 different appealing preset of image masks. Harness a user-friendly interface & easy to customize features of this divi image module.

Divi Image Masking Module
Dedicated Module

Unique Module

The divi image masking module is an exclusive way to bring uniqueness to images with stunning masking effects.

Divi Custom Spacing

Spacing Options

The spacing option brings the technique to apply an appropriate gap between all the ingredients of the divi image module.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Every feature & functionality of the divi image masking module is highly responsive based on different devices.

Advanced Divi Image Module Demo

What is the DiviFlash Image Masking Module?

The Diviflash image masking module is an authentic way to make the image more beautiful. This image module places images inside various types of shapes that transform the picture into an artistic look. Moreover, it brings several advanced features to adjust the mask size, position, type, & rotate degree.

Settings Divi Image Masking Module

Where to Use The Divi Image Masking Module?

Usages of the divi image masking module are not defined, can be implemented anywhere on the website. However, grabbing visitor’s attention promptly by presenting images with an exquisite view requires the divi image module. Still, the utilization of this module depends on the web owner’s intention & expertise level.

Settings Divi Image Masking Module

The Key Features of the Divi Image Masking Module

The divi image masking module is packed with a range of key features to make the user’s effort easier.

Divi Image Masking Template

Image Masks

The divi image masking module stands beside divi users along with 30 distinct image masking presets. All of the masking presets are highly customizable and grab visitors’ attention & love in a minute.

Divi Image Design Options

Mask Customizer

The mask customizer is an extraordinary feature that provides full control over the image mask look. This feature can change the mask size, position, type, & rotate degree value to maximize the masking attractiveness.

Divi Image Design Options
Template Divi Image Masking Module

Premade Divi Templates

Diviflash always cares for time & effort, so it kept a vast collection of premade templates for easy usages. As a result, these divi image masking premade templates are completely free with ready to use.

Other Pro Features of this Module

The divi image masking module carries a ton of advanced and user-friendly features. Utilizing all the features brings an exquisite design appearance to tempt the audience at first glance.


Background Customizer

Divi users can apply color, gradient, image, or video to create a gripping background for the divi image masking module.

Border Styler

Border Styler

The border styler decorates the module border over a stunning look by changing color, width, rounding effect, and more.

Box Shadow

Box Shadow

The divi image masking consists of 7 different box-shadow effects with all other essential features to customize further.

Divi Animations

Divi Animations

A range of animation effects is available in the divi image module alongside animation duration, delay, opacity, and more attributes.

Custom CSS


Web owners can control attributes like the transform scale, rotate, translate, skew, and origin under this feature for better control.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

The Divi image masking module provides several advanced features, including a custom CSS area for developers to customize further.

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Demonstrate your images over a unique look with the help of the divi image masking module and amaze your visitors.

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Diviflash started its journey to invent every module required to build a great website from scratch. As a result, a range of modules is already added inside the Diviflash plugin, including carousel, gallery, creative & animation modules. However, it’s adding more modules & features regularly.

DiviFlash offers unique and awesome Divi modules or Divi plugins.

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