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Divi WPForms

Transform WP form into a gripping and engaging contact form for divi under the divi WP form styler module. Using the advanced styling options of this module creates a tempting-looking contact form that convinces clients to interact further.

Divi WP Form Styler Module
Dedicated Module

Dedicated Module

The divi WP form styler module made by Diviflash is dedicated to embellishing the entire WP form with a fascinating look.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is a crucial feature to add a balanced gap around the label, input text area, button, and other ingredients.

Background Styler

Background Style

The background styler decorates the background of all the ingredients, including the text area & button, with a colorful look.

Live Demo WP Forms Divi

How to Get the Most Out of WP Form In Divi?

It’s time to say goodbye to the traditional WP form appearance available on every website. Instead, using the divi WP form styler module can provide a distinct & interesting look to attract visitors for instant interaction. This module modifies the standard WP form by adding exclusive text color, typography, input field & button designing options.

Settings WP Forms Divi

How To Style WP Form In Divi?

The divi WP form styler module made the journey to design a WP form easier than ever. The content tab calls a particular WP form from the plugin & decorates the backgrounds of each ingredient. Every element of the WP form, including the label, button, & input area, get edited under the design tab. Also, developers can precisely play with the advanced tab of the module.

Settings WP Forms Divi

The Key Features of the Divi WP Form Styler Module

The divi WP form styler Module has several key features to design an extraordinary divi WP contact form.

WP Form Styler Example

Styling options

Styling the WP contact form is an easy & quick process under the divi WP form module. This module carries all the advanced designing options to decorate every single ingredient of the contact form. As a result, even the entire container can be modified with an eye-catchy look.

WP Form Styler Example
Divi WP Form Styler Module Live Demo

Premade Divi Templates

The divi WP form styler module provides a range of aesthetic premade WP form template. These templates are ready to use and standard to keep the current web developing phase. All you need to do is download a template, upload, edit a bit as the requirement, and publish in no time.

Other Pro Features of this Module

The divi WP form styler module is an integration of numerous features. However, this module has many other pro features deployed for better customization except for those key features. Utilizing all these attributes brings excellent performance.

Label Styler

Form Label Styler

The WP form label gets a gripping appearance by changing its font style, color, size, and border style under the divi WP form styler module.

Text Styler

Text Area Styler

The text area styler of the divi WP form module allows embellishing the WP contact form text area with an eye-catchy view in a second.


Dropdown Styler

Web owners can implement stylish font, border, size, color, and such-like attributes to decorate the dropdown section of the divi WP form module.

Button Styler

Button Customizer

The divi WP form styler module can give the submit button a tempting, colorful & responsive view for different devices like mobile and tablet.

Checkbox Styler

Checkbox Styler

The divi WP form styler can enhance the beauty of the contact form checkbox section by adding gripping color, border effect, font style, weight, and more.

Border Styler

Border Styler

The border styler feature is responsible for furnishing the border of all the elements, including the dropdown, submit button, and input & text area.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Divi WP Form Styler Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

Make your WP form more gripping & covetable for visitors using the divi WP form styler module.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

The Diviflash is an all-in-one divi plugin that consists of several divi modules. In addition, this divi plugin has another contact form styler module for the contact form 7 plugin. However, it has different types of carousel modules, gallery modules, dynamic & several general modules. Check it out now.

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