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Divi Custom Post Types Grid Module

Looking for a comprehensive & robust solution for showing custom post types in a grid layout? Use the Divi custom post types grid, a feature-packed module that helps to display projects, portfolios, or any CPT with custom taxonomy over an engaging look.

Divi CPT Grid Module
CPT Support

Complete CPT Support

The Divi custom post type grid module supports all kinds of CPT and displays them by custom taxonomies, including order system, offset, and more.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

The custom spacing conveys the power to provide a balanced gap between every individual element of the module, and it brings a clean edge look.

Grid & Masonry Layouts

Grid & Masonry Layouts

Grid & masonry are both layouts available in Divi CPT Grid Module with up to 5 columns, including a matching height option. So, apply one that suits the creation most.

CPT Grid Module Live Template

Why Should Use Divi Custom Post Types Grid Module?

A better presentation brings more significant interactions. The Divi CPT grid module by DiviFlash offers unique ways to present divi custom post types elegantly under two different layouts (grid & masonry). Also, it has a CPT setting with some advanced features, including ACF fields supporting options. Evermore, every portion and element of the module is highly decorative, organized, and artistic.

Divi Custom Post Types Grid Module Settings

How does the Divi CPT Grid Module Works?

Divi CPT grid module is a simple module required to select the post type and elements as child items from 10 different post type elements. Each element can be decorated differently with all the necessary styling options—layout, alignment, wrapper, pagination, spacing, and many more customization just one click away. However, the advanced tab opens the door for developers to customize beyond limitations.

Divi Custom Post Types Grid Module Settings

Key Features of Divi CPT Grid Module

Design an attractive and innovative custom post type in grid layout with proper utilization of all features offered by DiviFlash CPT Grid Module and blow the visitors’ minds right away.

Live Demo Divi Custom Post Types Grid

Different Elements

CPT grid module contains 10 different elements, which will help you to present custom post types in the Divi theme with an informative look. Moreover, each element brings a bunch of unique features and customizing possibilities.

Clipping Feature in Divi Module

ACF Support

The module adds the ACF fields support option to show more information based on the design requirement. Moreover, all kinds of ACF fields data get embellished, including images over a gripping look.

ACF in Divi
Divi CPT Templates

Premade Divi Templates

DiviFlash has a broad collection of free premade templates for the custom post-type grid module with a periodic update. These layouts structures are unique, trendy, and worthy of promptly catching user interactions. These premade layouts are not downloadable or reusable for the structure formation, but you can replicate the design. So, be inspired and stay with DiviFlash to create something remarkable.

Other Pro Features

The CPT grid module contains a range of features to beautify the module to its optimal.
So, use all of them and create a great look of the divi builder’s custom post types.
Image As Background

Image As Background

Custom post types featured images can be pulled over as the post background. Moreover, the background image scale effect on hover mode makes the module so artistic.

Column Structure

Column Structure

Create an excellent column structure by defining the number of columns, space between them, and height to display in the viewport.

Pagination Styling

Pagination Styling

Divi CPT Grid module allows numeric pagination, next-previous button, and active number styling options to match the design needs for Divi Custom Post Types.

Display Post

Display Post

Display the divi custom post types with custom taxonomies and tags to make the CPT look more informative and organized.

Icon Settings

Icon Settings

Essential elements like the author, date, taxonomy come with icon or image options with all necessary customizers.



This module has a couple of stylish animation effects. The image scale & overlay effects are the most tempting among them.

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Get Divi CPT Grid Module Now in DiviFlash Plugin

The CPT grid is an excellent module to show any divi custom post types with a glorious look.

Other Divi Modules in DiviFlash Plugin

DiviFlash is a thriving plugin and continuously increases the number of divi modules it contains. Alongside the divi CPT grid module, it provides the product grid, blog grid, etc. So, as long as you are favored by DiviFlash, design limitlessly without interruptions and give Diviflash a chance to take your stress away.

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