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Divi Instagram Feed

The Divi Instagram carousel module displays photos, videos, captions, and other information directly from the Instagram account under a carousel view. Moreover, this module boosts the brand followers & credibility with an awesome presentation strategy.

Divi Instagram Carousel Module
Dedicated Module

Dedicated Module

The Divi Instagram carousel module is devoted only to show Instagram post images, videos, & captions on the website.

Divi Custom Spacing

Custom Spacing

The custom spacing is divided into two categories, and its dedicated feature provides a balanced gap between ingredients.


Carousel Functionality

For an alluring look, Divi users get a compacted carousel feature list like the autoplay, loop, center focus, and such.

Instagram Carousel Divi Live Demo

Why is the Diviflash Instagram Carousel Module a Smart Choice?

The Divi Instagram carousel module is a phenomenal invention by Diviflash to explore the maximum benefit from an Instagram account. The Diviflash Instagram carousel bestows all the drag & drop features including exclusive spacing, image size adjustment system, and different types of carousels. Moreover, even users can apply cube & flip image mode instead of carousels.

Instagram Carousel Settings

How To Style Divi Instagram Carousel Module?

The content tab of the Divi Instagram carousel module allows adding an Instagram account access token and design the carousel in a gripping & organized way. On the other hand, the design tab embellishes every single portion of the module with smashing overlay, hover, and other effects. However, developers can control features like Custom CSS, CSS ID & classes, and more.

Instagram Carousel Settings

The Key Features of the Divi Instagram Feed Carousel Module

Utilizing the key features of the Divi Instagram module allows exhibiting Instagram posts on the website without wasting a single second.

Divi Instagram Carousel Demo

Slide & Cover flow

The Divi Instagram carousel module has two various types of carousels, the coverflow & slide carousels. The coverflow carousel consists of several superior features like the slide shadow, rotate, streDepth offset, effect multiplier, and more for smooth controlling. So, web owners get the privilege to apply the desired carousel type.

Live Demo Divi Instagram Carousel

Cube & Flip

Divi users have the power to grab variety by utilizing the cube & flip image mode instead of carousels. Furthermore, the cube & flip image mode carries numerous attributes like the speed controlling for a covetable demonstration. Therefore, exploiting these features can bring great designs based on different perspectives.

Live Demo Divi Instagram Carousel
Premade Template divi Instagram Carousel

Premade Divi Templates

The Divi Instagram carousel has a broad collection of aesthetic premade templates with periodic updates. These free premade layouts are ready to go and covered in several niches. Divi users can download the template, export, edit, and publish it in a second to save time & effort.

Other Pro Features of this Module

A vast number of innovative features are included in the Divi Instagram carousel module. Therefore, take advantage of all other pro features to achieve a unique design look in a minute.

Hover Effects

Hover Effects

The Divi Instagram carousel module allows applying covetable icons, image scale, and other effects on hover mode.

Divi Carousel Arrows

Arrow Navigation

Web owners can implement compatible icons & positions and adorn them to navigate image carousels elegantly.

Dots Navigation

Dots Navigation

Give the Instagram carousel an informative visualization by applying the dot icons and the way to polish them.

Content Area

Content Area

Divi users can always display the image caption on the content area, also show an icon & caption with tempting animations on the hover.

Equal Height

Image Adjustment

The image adjustment feature of the module lets users adjust different sizes of images into a single line height.

Border & Shadow

Border & Shadow

Implement a stunning border with excellent color, size & font style combination with exclusive box-shadow effects.

All divi modules in one divi Plugin

Get the Divi Instagram Feed Carousel Module in DiviFlash Plugin.

Enhance engagement among you and your Instagram followers by portraying Instagram post images, videos & captions immediately on websites.

Other Divi Modules in Diviflash plugin

The Diviflash plugin combines all the required Divi modules in one place with regular updates. Including the Divi Instagram carousel, Diviflash also offers the Divi Instagram gallery module. Moreover, it has almost every type of carousel module and four gallery modules. So, build the entire website with only one Divi plugin.

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