How to Generate Divi Shortcodes and Use it? (Simple Methods)

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Updated: Oct 25, 2021


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What is Divi Shortcode?

Divi Shortcodes is a code generated in the divi library for a specific row, section, module, and layout you saved or uploaded. Later on, with this shortcode, you can display these divi library templates inside any module or non-Divi Builder page. This  vbprocedure amplifies the beauty and saves time to design a splendid website.

However, today we will discuss everything you need to know about divi shortcodes,

  • How to generate shortcode in Divi?
  • How to add divi shortcode inside other modules of divi theme?

How to Generate Divi Shortcodes in Divi Library?

Generating divi shortcode is no longer rocket science. There are plenty of ways to create shortcodes in the divi library effortlessly. Today, we will demonstrate the two most straightforward ways to generate shortcodes using free and premium divi extensions.

Method 01: Using DiviFlash Plugin

If you are using DiviFlash, you don’t need any other plugin for Divi shortcodes. Diviflash is an all-in-one premium divi plugin. It comes up with over 30 divi modules and an excellent dashboard with features like generating divi library shortcodes under a snap. Let’s discover the most effortless procedure of finding the divi library layout shortcodes using the Diviflash.

If you haven’t purchased the DiviFlash plugin yet, check out the price, the number of modules, and the magnificent design possibilities you have.

Step 1

After installing the Diviflash plugin, go to the dashboard and discover the features you get there. As you can see, there are several features added in two different categories, the General & Menu Setting. However, today we will focus on creating the divi shortcode. All you need to do is find the Divi Library Shortcode feature,  turn it on, and hit the Save Changes button. Now the shortcodes will be generated automatically in the divi library.

Divi Shortcodes by Diviflash

Step 2
At this step, we will show you how to find divi shortcodes generated by DiviFlash. First, come to the divi library and find the shortcode situated at the right side of the library items. If you don’t have any layout saved on your divi library, you can add or save the layout or section here. Once you add something, the shortcode will be generated automatically. Now, copy the shortcode and paste it wherever you want on the webpage.

Divi Library with shortcodes

Method Two: Using Shortcodes For Divi Plugin

If you don’t have the Diviflash yet, then jump to the best way of creating shortcodes for your divi layout. Shortcode For divi is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to generate shortcodes for the divi library templates. It has a straightforward and fundamental process to start with. Let’s go through the entire installation & activation process of this plugin to generate library layout shortcodes for divi.

Step 1

Firstly, go to the WordPress website dashboard and click on the add new plugin option. Afterward, write the “Shortcodes For Divi” on the search bar placed at the right side of the viewport. You will get the divi plugin right away on the search result; now, hit the install button and activate it.

Shortcode for Divi Plugin

Step 2

After activating the divi extension, it will create shortcodes automatically for every single divi library layout. So, go to the divi library, copy the shortcodes of an individual layout, and paste it in multiple places or modules in no time.

Shortcodes in divi library

So, it’s time to know learn how to display any template saved in divi library layouts inside other modules through shortcodes.

How to Use Shortcodes in Divi?

There are many design possibilities that can be achieved by showing divi library templates as a shortcode on a webpage. Here we will try to display the divi tab module inside another tab module which is generally not possible with divi.

First of all, we created a tab section that will be placed inside another tab section. We saved that section in the divi library. All We Need is to copy the shortcode from the library item.

Divi Library

Now we are going to create the main tab section where on the first tab we will insert the tab we saved in the library. 

Have a look at the image in the body area, we pasted the shortcode which we copied from the library item. As a result on the right side, we have a tab inside another tab.

Divi tab module inside another tab module


FAQs About Divi Shortcodes

  • When to Use Shortcodes in Divi Theme?

It’s hard to say when you need to use the shortcodes in the divi theme; it depends on the design requirements. However, to give you a rough idea, the divi shortcodes are used to display any templates on a web page saved in the library as a shortcode. 

  • How to add WordPress shortcode to Divi Page Builder?

The Shortcode for Divi is a free divi WordPress plugin that creates a WordPress shortcode in the theme library. In the next step, you can copy the shortcode, go to the divi page builder, locate the divi code module and paste it on.

  • How to Insert Shortcodes in Divi Builder?

After generating divi shortcodes, go to the divi theme library and copy the shortcode. Now, open the divi builder, take the divi text or code module, and insert shortcodes.

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