How to Fix Divi Contact Form Not Sending Email?

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Updated: August 28, 2023
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Are you looking for a solution to the Divi contact form not sending emails? 

There might be no messages from your Divi contact form for a while. And, you are missing connection with visitors or clients.

If it is true for your Divi website, don’t panic.

We will assist you throughout every step of this troubleshooting battle. Like explaining, 

  • What the “Divi contact form not sending email” error is? 
  • Then, showing multiple ways to fix this problem. 

Let’s get into the guide.

Why Is My Divi Contact Form Not Working?

Like WordPress, Divi also uses the same PHP mail() function for sending emails. Here, lies the main problem since the hosting server usually can’t configure it. There is a solution to it as you can connect to your hosting service provider easily.

But, there is another test from the Email service provider. They always have the utmost effort to reduce the number of spam messages from their user’s inboxes. Here comes the point. WordPress emails can not pass such criteria. These emails do not even find a place in the spam folder.

But don’t worry, we have come up with two easy fixes for this problem. The first fix is to check the default contact form setting. The next one needs a third-party SMTP plugin inclusion.

Let’s go through them one by one.

How To Fix Divi Form Not Sending Email?

We want to note a limitation here before making your step in the troubleshooting process. In most cases, the first fix doesn’t give you the complete solution. So, better follow the two fixes consecutively.

Here’s your troubleshooting of the default Divi contact form setting.

Fix 1: Troubleshoot Default Divi Contact Form Setting

Start by checking the Divi contact form setting. A mistake or error in the setup can be a common reason behind your email missing. To recheck this: edit the contact page.

Edit The Default Divi Contact Form

Using your frontend builder go to the module setting. And,

Check Your Given Email in Divi Contact Form Module

In the Content Tab,

Under the Email Option,

  • Email Address: Have you added the correct email address?

Google reCAPTCHA is good for spam protection of your Divi contact form. But, the downside is, it rises spam sensitivity to a little high which results in email blocking. To avoid this, you need to decrease the Minimum Score from the module setting.

Reduce The Spam Protection Minimum Score

Under Spam Protection Option,

  • Use A Spam Protection Service Option: YES
  • Minimum Score: (Here, Decrease Spam Score)

Have you seen any improvement by now? If there is none and Divi contact form not sending email issue still persists. Follow us in the next step for troubleshooting. 

At this point, you need to integrate a third-party SMTP plugin and a mailer service that replaces the WordPress default functionality.

NB: However, if you are using a third-party plugin like Contact Form 7 or WPForms for the contact form then you must recheck the setting of that plugin.

Fix 2: SMTP Plugin Configuration

Once, you decide not to use the default functionality, then the best way left for improving your email deliverability is using SMTP. 

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is an authentication model for sending emails. In your WordPress website, you include it with a plugin to replace the default PHP mail()function. And, later connect with the mailer service.

Here is the recommended list of SMTP plugins:

  • WP Mail SMTP
  • Post SMTP
  • SMTP Mailer
  • Fluent SMTP
  • Sendinblue

Now, come to choosing the best one. Here are our two suggestions:

  • Should choose from the list above for a flexible setup.
  • Mailer service providers should support the SMTP server.

For our walk-through, WP Mail SMTP fits best. Apart from the above reasons, its vast popularity and fast setup have influenced us massively. A freemium version of this plugin is available in the WordPress repository.

And, we are using the free version in this tutorial. However, for trying the premium version, follow this installation guide.

Step 1: Install the WP Mail SMTP Plugin and Mailr Service

For now, add the WP Mail SMTP plugin by going to WordPress > Plugin > Add New. Next, browse for the plugin through the search box. Once you find the plugin that looks like the image below, install and activate it.

Install WP Mail SMTP Plugin

Under the WP Mail SMTP setting, scroll down until you see the From Email box and add the email address. Do note that, this will be the same email address that you will use with the email service provider.

Add Form Email at WP Mail SMTP Plugin

Another thing to notice here is that due to a plugin conflict, the added email may change. To avoid this, tick the Force From Email box. 

However, for using multiple email addresses, leave this box unchecked. Note here, multiple email usability is a pro feature.

Add Form Name at WP Mail SMTP Plugin

Next, you will see the From Name. The box is filled with your site’s name. But, you can edit it.

Choose Your Mailer Service

Then, you will see the mailer service provider list. Choose the service you already have registered for or you want to use. Read this guide, if you want to include multiple mailers. 

How you set up this configuration will depend on your chosen mailer service. For example, by selecting Gmail or Google Workspace, you will see a new setting area. At this moment, you need to fill Client ID and Client Secret boxes. To proceed with this, follow how to create a Web App in Your Google Account.

Add Google Client ID and Client Secret

Once you get the Client ID and Client Secret, copy and paste them and hit the Save Setting button. Then, refresh the page. Now, you also need to be careful about the authorization of the plugin through Google API. The last step is optional, which is setting up a backup connection. 

You are done with the functional setting. But, don’t finish here. We will give it a test.

Step 2: Send a Test Email From WP Mail SMTP

From your WordPress dashboard, go to WP Mail SMTP > Tools, you will see the Email Test tab on the next screen.

Send A Test Email

Now, give an email address. Must ensure that you have access to its inbox. Below, the email option, there is an HTML ON/OFF icon. It’s recommended always to enable it whether you are sending it in HTML or in plain text format.

Test Mail Success Message Notification

If the test email has been sent, a success message will be notified. Then, check the inbox of that email. Hopefully, the inbox has already received the email.

However, in case of any error in sending the message, you will be notified of the detailed issue and possible solutions. 

WP Mail SMTP also traces your DNS zone with its Domain Checker. A positive result shows the Green label whereas, you will see a red label with the negative outcome authentication. The good thing is that the plugin showcases the possible problem and its explanation.

NB: Domain checking may not be performed due to using a free email mailer service. Because sometimes the WP Mail SMTP plugin cannot check the DNS records of this kind of mailer.

Final Thoughts!

We believe the Divi contact form not sending email issue doesn’t exist anymore on your end. You have found the right solution by replacing the default WordPress website functionality with an SMTP plugin and emailer service.

It’s common to face different problems while using the Divi theme and builder. For this, we have a dedicated team to work with these issues. You can like our other troubleshooting guide on Divi. For example, how to fix the Divi builder not loading issue

Let us know about other Divi and WordPress-related problems in the comment box for easy fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not receiving emails from my contact form on Divi?

The conflict between your hosting servers and PHP wp_mail function is the main reason for not receiving emails from the Divi contact form. We look at the cause of this issue and bring possible solutions.

How do I fix the Divi contact form not sending emails with SMTP?

An SMTP WordPress plugin replaces the default PHP wp_mail function of WordPress. Along with fixing the Divi contact form not sending emails issue, it ensures email deliverability with the help of mailer services.


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📢 Discover our latest improvement & fixes in DiviFlash 1.4.5