Divi Child Theme vs Layout: Which One Should You Use?

Nazmul Asif

Updated: December 18, 2022
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Building a website with Divi? Then, you may be puzzled between the Divi child theme and Divi layout.

You may wonder how they’re different. Be with us and keep reading.

To shed some knowledge on the differences between using the Divi child theme and the Divi layout, this article will highlight the pros and cons of each method. So, you will have a better understanding of your choice.

Before going to our main evaluation, getting actual knowledge on the Divi Child theme and Divi layout pack is essential. Shortly, we will take a closer look at each of them.

What is the Divi Child Theme?

As WordPress stated, “A child theme allows you to change small aspects of your site’s appearance yet still preserve your theme’s look and functionality.”

If we elaborate on this: with a child theme, you have a separate folder in the theme directory to change the WordPress theme without alteration to the parent theme. And, all the child theme modifications will be protected when the parent theme gets updated. Thus, it is a great way when you are enhancing the customization of the website design.

To better understand this, look at the hierarchical functionality that WordPress prioritizes:

How WordPress Child Themes Work

Now, let’s see from Divi’s point of view. Here, Divi is the parent theme for a Divi child theme. As you will design additional features through custom code like CSS stylesheet, Java, and PHP in the child theme, it will overwrite the files of the Divi (Parent Theme).

And, when you think about a Divi child theme, understandings on its different forms is important.

That includes:

Divi Blank Child Theme: It just includes simple files like function.php and style.css. Actually, it seems like the parent theme. And, you can also add custom code to those files. By using a code editor (IDE) or a child theme generator plugin, you can create your own child theme.

Premium Divi Child Theme: It encompasses everything of the design and development of the Divi website. All the customization of modules, sections, and page layouts are assembled in the child theme files. Actually, all you get is a completely developed website. Various agencies are producing premium Divi child themes.

What is the Divi Layout Pack?

Divi layout pack makes your website building easy and quick. It’s like giving an aesthetic look to the website but using only pre-designed files. These layouts are created with Divi builder’s page elements like sections, rows, and modules. So, there is no need for a professional designer.

Each and every week, there is a new distinctive layout for a particular niche in the Elegant Theme layout pack. Users can find the appropriate one from world-class 286+ full website layout packs that include 2096 layouts.

Divi Layout Packs

What is the Difference Between a Divi Child Theme and Divi Layouts Pack?

Now, you know what is a Divi child theme and Divi layouts pack. But, it doesn’t mean you can choose the best one for you. So, let’s see all the pros and cons of the Divi child theme vs layout pack to make an informed decision.

Divi Child Theme Pros and Cons

Consider all these pros and cons for summing up your Divi child theme vs layout pack dilemma.

Pros of Divi Child Theme

Here are the top advantages of opting for a Divi child theme:

  • Ensures safe updates of the parent theme by protecting the child themes customizations.
  • Overwrite the original Divi parent theme files.
  • Keep all the custom CSS/Code organized in one place.
  • Maintain good teamwork by working from the same file.
  • Widen customization through a flexible framework for writing code.
  • Making permanent changes to any specific part of the website.
  • Easily edit the Divi website with all the code functions like CSS, PHP HTML, and JQuery. 
  • Don’t need to touch the parent theme while adding or changing to the child theme.
  • Can import a layout on the child theme.
  • Transfer and replicate all the modifications.
  • Lessen the theme development time.
  • Good for learning theme development.
  • No damage to the parent theme because of any issues with child theme development.
  • Series of child themes within a theme framework let design several associated websites with the same development.
  • Child theme site’s file controlling reduces the usage of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  • Good way for utilizing your theme development skills to earn.

Cons of Divi Child Theme

Here are some cons for not selecting a Divi child theme:

  • Long learning curve to familiarize with the various functions. 
  • Customizations are limited to the current design of the parent theme.
  • Get confused with the parent theme files and options while getting started.
  • Load speed disrupts as WordPress has to read two theme folders simultaneously.

Divi Layout Packs Pros and Cons

A simple way to build the website, check the pros and cons of Divi layout pack for a better comparison.  

Pros of Divi Layout pack 

Now see the top offerings of the Divi layout pack:

  • Quick start your website projects in no time.
  • Layouts are accessible and editable directly from the Divi builder.
  • Layouts can be saved in the Divi library or exported to use on other websites.
  • Direct one-click importing of layout to your page or post.
  • Don’t need to overwrite your current Divi design.
  • Don’t need to know any custom code like CSS, HTML, and JQuery.
  • Even add CSS through the advanced tab of rows, columns, or sections. 
  • Layouts can be merged into any other Divi layout or even a Divi child theme. 
  • Dedicated layout pack for a specific industry or niche with distinctive pages.
  • Elegant Themes membership pack includes a range of free templates on blog post, category page, 404 pages, header, and footer.
  • Free industry-standard layouts created by professional designers.
  • Using royalty-free images with no restrictions.

Cons of Divi Layout pack

Here are the cons of the Divi layout pack:

  • Doesn’t have the functionality for menus and theme customizer settings.
  • Face workloads because of separate customization of every module.
  • Lack of global customization features takes more time on website building with many pages.
  • Can’t find the excessive offerings of custom options like a premium child theme.

Should You Use a Child theme or Divi Layout Packs?

By now, you know all the advantages and disadvantages of a Divi child theme and Divi layout pack. You may want to opt for a Divi child theme if you have the plan to overwrite the Divi parent theme files and know to deal with the theme development and design. 

On the other hand, if giving importance to simplicity without going through any backend coding functionality is the most considerable to you, the layout pack is the comfortable Divi website-building journey.


So, those are the key difference between a Divi child theme vs a layout pack, their pros & cons. That helps you answer which one is a better fit for you.

Regardless, you can ask for any queries. Our Divi expert team is always there to help you with anything of Divi.

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