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Updated: December 19, 2023
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Nothing sucks a user quite like a poorly designed website.

No doubt about it!

In fact, 38.5% of users judge a business by how its website looks at first glance. Yes, you heard that right. If the content is the king, the design is obviously the queen.

And the result?

The market size of the Web Design Services industry is $11.0bn in 2023(measured by revenue). We were trying to analyze why this industry is growing like crazy and found some general Web design statistics that just blew our minds.

Let us show you what we found…….

Responsible & Mobile Web Design Statistics

Did you notice something interesting recently?

Google is heavily favoring mobile-friendly websites. That’s not just because businesses are also shifting their focus on building smooth mobile website experiences. These Responsive Web Design Statistics will give a clear picture of the world is now mobile-first …….

  1. Smartphones capture a whopping 59.16 percent of global website traffic in the fourth quarter of 2022.
  2. In 73.1% of the cases, non-responsive design is the reason why visitors leave a website. 
  3. 60 % of all website traffic comes from mobile devices in America.
  4. An estimated 1.71 billion websites are now responsive which accounts for 90% of all websites. 
  5. According to Google research, 72% of people prefer mobile-friendly website navigation.

Modern Web Design Statistics

As time evolved, the preference for website design changed as well. People are being drowned in plain and simple(yet bold)website appearance. Here is some stat that proves that the shift has changed on simplicity and minimalism….

  1. 84.6% of people prefer a clean outlook rather than a crowded page design for the website.
  2. When people visit the site for the first time, 38% of folks have a look at the layout and navigational links of the websites.
  3. 57% of Websites associate the color blue to represent their website are successful(For example Facebook, Word press, Twitter etc).
  4. 36% of website visitors click after seeing the logo to reach the homepage from other pages.
  5. Visual impact on a website is a huge thing for visitors as 40% of people look at images, 21% at videos, and the rest care for the color grade and other things.
  6. No matter what your website is about if one can switch to a video background, they will be more likely to see a 138% improvement in conversion rate.

Web Design Industry Statistics + Trends

Believe it or not, the web design industry is massive.

And the good news for you is…….

Constantly growing internet and technology booming makes it one of the most lucrative industries right now. So, one thing is for sure- The demand for professional web design services will continue to rise.

Let’s not forget the Website User Statistics…….There are approximately 2 billion websites on the internet.

We’re not through yet, allow us to show you the latest Web design trends statistics along with the overview of industry growth.

  1. The global web design market size is expected to hit whopping $41.8 billion in 2022. 
  2. According to the experts, the estimated market growth rate is 3.1% in the timeframe between 2017 and 2022.
  3. With a market size of $11bn, the US has the biggest Web Design Services industry.
  4. From 200 million active websites in 2022, WordPress grab the largest slice of the pie with 43.2% market share.
  5. Expressive typography is the most popular trend in 2022, according to 61.5% of website designers.

Ecommerce Web Design Statistics

Global e-commerce rose from 15% of total retail sales in 2019 to 21% in 2021.

……..(Thanks to the pandemic!)

And we can bet one thing- it’s not slowing down any time soon. And website design plays a key role in overall B2B eCommerce sales. The reason? Probably the widespread adoption of smartphones and internet access.

The following eCommerce Business Benefits From Website Design Statistics should give you a better idea of why marketers don’t mind spending a thousand bucks on web design.

  1. There are an estimated 10 – 25 million eCommerce sites across the entire globe.
  2. The e-commerce web market has a tremendous opportunity to grow from $3.3 trillion today to $5.4 trillion in 2026.
  3. The covid-driven bump is real as 93.5% of users now purchased products online.
  4. With approximately 2.45 billion+ monthly visitor, Amazon is the largest e-commerce site in the USA.
  5. 80% of shoppers consider product image and description to be crucial facts when they choose the brand or e-commerce site to buy from.

UI/UX Web Design Statistics

UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) are the two main pillars of website design.

Here is why:

The core motto of UI/UX web design is to craft a website in such a way that gives the user the best positive experience ever. Let’s see how important these visual and interactive elements actually are…..

  1. A smooth UI can uplift CTR by up to 200%, while a UX design contributes to CTR by up to 400%.
  2. A better mobile UX design is the game changer as it affects the return of more than 70% user.
  3. The ROI on investing in good UX design can sometimes be 100%(For example you can earn 100$ just by investing 1$ on the UX cost).
  4. 90% of shoppers switch to the competitor after having a poor user experience.

Website Speed Statistics + Loading Time

Every second makes a difference!

That’s right!

Website speed is the biggest deal breaker in recent years. From conversion rate to ranking factor, ignoring this fact will be too fancy for any business. Especially if you run an e-commerce site, every nano-second can affect your bounce rate.

  1. The average page speed of the first 10 Google results on SERP is 1.65 seconds.
  2. E-commerce sites that keep the load time under 1 second notice 2.5x higher conversion rates.
  3. 70% of shopper say slow page speeds is the reason they change their purchasing decisions.

Bonus: General Web Design Statistics

  1. 27% of small businesses still don’t have a website.
  2. The E-commerce site says Red buy buttons works wonder in boosting sales and conversions by up to 34%.
  3. The Global Website Builder Software Market hit 2.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach around USD 4.2 billion by 2030.( Website Builder Software Market Statistics).
  4. The career path of web developers and designers seems flourishing as projected to increase 13% from 2020 to 2030.
  5. 81% of people believe that companies collect data for their own benefit.( Website privacy & security statistics)

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📢 Discover our latest improvement & fixes in DiviFlash 1.4.5