Divi Theme 4.0 Review: Details, Features, Pricing & More

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Updated: August 28, 2023
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With over 800k users, Divi deserves your attention. But the question is, “Is it a worthwhile choice to design a sleek WordPress website?”

We have been using Divi since its early days, and we still think it’s the best WordPress theme out there. In fact, we recommend it as the perfect starting point for anyone looking to build their own website.

Read our Divi theme review to see why we love it so much!

Divi Pros and Cons

Let’s see all the good and bad of the Divi theme at a glance:

One of the best multipurpose theme.No free version is available.
Both theme and builder are in the same package and ensure the best sync.Excessive features take a great deal of time to learn.
Vast collection of fully editable pre-made templates.Too many options make it complicated to maintain.
Useful theme builder functionality.Can’t create any columns in the column section.
Brings updates constantly.A large number of shortcodes leads to slow loading.
Access to other Elegant Themes products.
Comprehensive documentation, tutorials, & 24/7 support.
Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is Divi Theme?

Divi is a best-selling multipurpose theme from Elegant Themes with a standalone page builder. It brings surprising ease and efficiency to creating spectacular responsive designs with an intuitive front-end visual editor. In addition, this website-building framework is fully customizable and comes with a versatile collection of pre-made templates. Now, let’s see how Divi has changed over the years.

Divi Theme

Divi New Version

Elegant Themes launched Divi in 2013 and made changes, improvements, and updates over time. Divi 4.0 is the most recent update after the release of the previous version Divi 3.0, back in 2016. The older version 3.0 introduced a new visual interface that allowed users to add content, customize designs, type directly on the page, and experience real-time previews with incredible speed. 

However, with the update of Divi 4.0 in October 2019, you will find an enhanced Divi theme builder experience. With this addition, you have complete control of the entire website. In addition, this updated version also has new beneficial features like dynamic content and site-wide design control. 

Before getting into more detail, I want to draw your attention to the Elegant Themes team offering a page builder plugin with the Divi theme. So you will get the theme and the builder all in one package. But, in this article, our focus is only on reviewing the Divi theme.

Learn More: Divi Builder Review: Features, Comparisons, Supports & More

Let’s now differentiate between the Divi theme and the Divi builder to help with your queries.

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder Comparison

Let’s clear up your confusion about the difference between the Divi theme and the Divi builder. A WordPress theme can be enough for some quick and basic customizing features. On the other hand, a WordPress page builder lets you drag and drop design elements in a visual editor to create customized pages and post layouts. When it comes to Divi, however, Elegant Themes comes as a package that includes both the theme and the builder.

Therefore, if you don’t need much customization, you can design your WordPress site with Divi Theme’s “Theme Customizer” and “Theme Options” panels. Additionally, the Divi Builder allows you to customize every element, like sections, rows, columns, and modules, with the Divi theme or any other WordPress theme. In addition, in the Divi menu panel, you will find the Divi theme builder right under the theme options. Like every theme, Divi also includes a theme builder. And this is what we discuss in this review of the Divi theme.

Divi Theme Builder

Divi Theme Builder

With the release of the theme builder in Divi 4.0, users enjoy a visual editing experience of the entire website design. The custom template design is now possible for headers, footers, and other website pages like homepages, search result pages, 404 pages, product pages, checkout pages, and many more areas of the entire website.

With no custom layout design option, you miss out on the uniqueness of different post types like single posts, custom post types, and blog post templates. In such circumstances, Divi 4.0 covers you with the Divi theme builder’s custom templates. Other vital features are template assignments and different header settings, like fixed and sticky headers.

Users get a faster user experience because of Divi Cloud’s integration with the theme builder library. The benefit lies not only in storing theme templates but also in the fact that these saved themes or your custom design layout can be applied easily to your websites. The same advantage lies in importing and exporting Divi theme builder templates, which even count header and footer templates. Therefore, you get a complete website package like a child theme.

Customization Features

Divi Theme Customization Features

This is the most significant part of our Divi WordPress theme review. Knowing about Divi Theme’s customization features will let you know how you can beautify your website.

Theme Customizer

The theme customizer settings contain a lot of customization options for every single element of your page. These options are organized into different panels and even let you set global settings for heading size, body text, color, header & footer, and many more options. You will find these customization options in panels: general settings, header & navigation, footer, buttons, blog, etc. For responsive design, there are mobile-friendly features as well. Even more, there will be a live preview of every implication.

Header & Footer Customization

There are exclusive features to customize the header and footer. For example, you can design the header format, primary & secondary menu bar, and fixed navigation settings with different options. On the other hand, for the footer area, along with creating a customized footer menu and bottom bar, there are different design options, including layout customization. In addition, with the theme builder, you can use global header and footer options through the theme builder.

Theme Options Panel

Divi Theme Options

Divi Theme options provide easy control over the entire website since they provide all section-specific options. There are many settings within the backend panel, including general, navigation, builder, SEO, layout, integration, and more. Also, the performance panel allows users to disable rendering blocking requests and prevent unnecessary loading of resources.

In this panel, you will find setting options for dynamic module framework, dynamic CSS, critical CSS, improve Google fonts loading, limit Google fonts support for legacy browsers, defer Gutenberg block CSS, defer jQuery and jQuery migrate, etc. As a result, you can set the one you prefer and enhance the performance of your website.

Customizing Website Design

With Divi, you will experience a full-width editor. There are floating buttons to access the customization of every design element, including module, column, row, and section. You will also find a setting panel for each of these elements. These setting panels are designed with three tabs: content, design, and advanced. Through these tabs, you can quickly and easily access Divi’s built-in design settings like typography, spacing (padding/margin), button styles, and so on. The advanced tab is the place for developers to add custom CSS.

Quick Features of Divi Theme

Now, we are going to explore some essential features of Divi. Describing these features in detail will help you to get an extensive picture overview of the Divi theme.

Template Library

Divi Template Library

Quickly jump-start your design from scratch with Divi’s premade templates. You can find a large array of premade templates of 2096 layouts split into 286 packs according to various niche topics. This enriched library offers fully customizable templates for the homepage, about us page, product page, blog page, 404 page, and so on. Furthermore, loading a layout is not only possible for a blank page; you can even add a layout to the existing content or replace the existing content.

Drag and Drop Editor

Forget about dozens of clicks. Now you can make changes simply by dragging and dropping them into your chosen blog or product templates. Although this powerful feature runs with the Divi builder, you get the visual editing experience at the front end with the Divi theme builder.

Built-in Split Testing

Using Divi Leads, you can measure website design potential. This feature is also known as A/B testing or split testing. The good thing is Divi Leads is inbuilt into this Elegant Theme pack. So, this key feature will help you to know which type of design your visitors enjoy. For example, you can test two different CTA buttons, and Divi Leads will determine which version makes a better conversion rate.

Global Library

A global library is a helpful tool for reducing your workload. For example, you can make it global after designing something like a header or footer section. This will automatically update all changes on whatever pages it is added to.


Divi Layout Library

Divi facilitates a comprehensive portability system by allowing you to move every website element. You can also export and import theme customizer settings along with design elements to jump-start the next project. Throughout the theme, you will easily find portability icons. Moreover, exporting and importing individual items is also possible with the help of the Divi builder.


Now, make your website global with the Divi theme. It can translate 32 languages along with right-to-left (RTL) support. Moreover, with this WPML-ready theme, you can easily create a multilingual website.

Speed Performance

After the release of Divi 4.14, this theme is now much faster than before, with a bloat-less experience. With a new dynamic PHP framework, only the necessary resources will be loaded. There is a dramatic reduction in CSS file size and JavaScript as well. Along with caching the Google fonts, jQuery deferral now loads in the footer instead of the header.

Even more, there is a dedicated performance tab in the theme options panel. That’s all you have to do to improve Google PageSpeed insights. Compared to other themes, Divi also delivers better results. For instance, according to the WP Rocket test between Divi and the Avada theme, Divi’s page size is less than half that of the Avada theme.

SEO Friendliness

Divi is compatible with any 3rd party WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, and All-in-One SEO. The popular WordPress AI-driven SEO tool has now been integrated with Divi. However, Rank Math is the most fantastic SEO plugin when exploring the SEO aspect of the Divi Theme. After installing, you can find the Rank Math icon alongside the page setting icon. Clicking it will appear an SEO setting bar, which will let you modify the post’s title, description, and permalink without leaving the existing page.

Access to Elegant Theme Products

Elegant Theme Products

Divi is a complete package. This theme comes with a standalone Divi Builder. This popular page builder is compatible with any theme. As a member, you will have access to all Elegant Themes products. You will also find another theme for online magazines and blogs called “Extra Theme” in this pack. Further, the “Bloom” email opt-in form plugin and the “Monarch” social sharing plugin are included in this pack. There are also genuine third-party developers in Divi’s official marketplace.

Divi Cloud

Forget about the days of keeping JSON files on your computer. Instead, Divi users will get to know a brand-new exclusive storage system for layouts and content called Divi Cloud this year (2022). It ensures a super-fast user experience. You can now do everything you typically do with organizing layouts, such as save, edit, delete, restore, rename, copy, preview, etc., directly from the front end.

Especially if you are dealing with multiple websites, there is no longer any need to import and export layouts to other websites. While Divi Cloud makes it instant, the Elegant Theme membership does not. Although you can store up to 50 items, an unlimited option will cost you $8 monthly. And a yearly pricing option can avail a 25% discount.

Inclusive Documentation

Divi is available with comprehensive documentation on its website. There are detailed video tutorials, and documentation to give in-depth knowledge of all the theme customization features, installation, uses, and many more. Even more, a dedicated blog from Elegant Themes is also here for educational instructions and suggestions. Further, documentation for areas of Divi’s codebase is also accessible to customize the theme as a child theme.


By using Divi, you will be a part of the 800k+ community. There is an official Facebook group of more than 70k members with other unofficial social sites. Alongside the discussion forum, there are regular worldwide meetups. Consequently, you can join these groups to get input from real users and to get practice experiences in using this theme effectively.


The provision of new messenger support makes the 24/7 customer service system more convenient. Previously the support system worked via a private discussion forum. Therefore, customers faced a few issues during that time. However, now you have to click the chat icon on the Divi website and get a quick response from a support team member. Divi’s dedicated support team is very responsive and helpful in providing a solution.

Any Challenges with Divi Theme

In terms of designing a styling website, Divi has no notable limitations. Despite that, you may see some negative reviews for the Divi theme compared to others. For example, you can create more columns on a few themes inside the section. Even occasionally, some shortcodes also slow down your site speed. Even so, the Elegant Themes team is always highly motivated to solve problems with their product and become a credible option.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Now let’s move on to the actual trait. In the competitive WordPress market, the Divi theme is an affordable option. And why shouldn’t you pick this best-selling theme when you can get access to all Elegant products like Extra Theme, Bloom, Monarch, and a standalone visual builder plugin? And Divi is deservingly worth my money with a built-in split testing system and import design settings function. These features are to my liking.

If you take the $249 lifetime access pack, all the additional Elegant Themes products are available for your whole WordPress lifespan. Along with the lifetime access pack, you’ll also have access to more than hundreds of website packs so that you can build unlimited websites.

In the case of the yearly option, it costs you $89 for unlimited website building. Although you can use the Divi theme on your website, you can no longer access additional products, all upcoming updates, and features from Elegant Themes after one year. Nevertheless, Divi is the preferred risk-free option compared to other yearly options on the market, with a versatile website pack and beneficial features. In addition, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re still unsure about Divi theme, you have plenty of alternative options, with X theme probably one of the best. There is already a post on Divi vs X theme that you can check out.


Divi is an all-in-one package deal. Finding a compatible combination of theme and visual page builder takes a lot of work. Without any backend custom code jargon, this theme comes with a vast array of website packs, templates, modules, and so on to make a dream website.

Hopefully, this Divi WordPress theme review will be helpful. So try this theme and let us know about your experience.

Team DiviFlash

At DiviFlash, we are more than just a team – we are a collective of Dev Experts, Word Artists, Design Virtuosos, and Marketing Maestros, all united by our profound expertise in Divi and WordPress. Our mission is to provide you with accurate, insightful, and in-depth content aimed at enriching your understanding of Divi, WordPress, and the art of web design.


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