Divi vs X Theme: Which is Best for Building Websites?

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Updated: January 22, 2024
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Unsurprisingly, Divi theme and X themes are widely celebrated as the two most efficient website builders. By extension, the two best visual builders for your clients.

They both share similar amazing features that make the Divi vs X theme challenge a little bit difficult. Working with both themes, you will realize they both offer incredible features and are easy to use. But we took a closer look in hope of finding those little, overlooked differences to help us ascertain who is the true king of websites.

Only one can be crowned the winner, right? So sit back and relax as we demystify the complex world of Divi and X theme, pointing light on both the similarities and differences to help you choose the best builder for your websites.

Note: Before we get started, Divi theme and Divi builder are completely different

Got your attention? Great! Searching the web, I saw a lot of misconceptions about the Divi theme. This is wide because most people confuse one for the other. Divi theme and Divi builder plugin cannot [and should not] be used interchangeably. They are very very different.

Divi theme is a website builder like the Avada theme and X theme. As a theme, they are designed primarily for websites. Web developers leverage these pre-designed themes to make their job faster and easier.

On the other hand, the Divi builder plugin is one of the many WordPress plugins that help to design the website [WordPress]. You can only use the Divi builder plugin when you already have WordPress installed, not for other websites. [Browse our Divi WordPress plugin].

Divi or X Theme? A Quick Summary

 Divi ThemeX Theme
Premium pluginsNone Only on the Dev licenseYes. 7 premium plugins
Ease of UseExcellentGood
Beginner friendlyYesNot so much
Translation readyGoodExcellent Rated above Divi
Customer supportExcellentGood
Portfolio styles16None
Drag and Drop featureGoodExcellent Rated above Divi
Search optionNoneYes
Demos includedNone43
Custom page builderVisual builder and Divi builderCornerstone
Blog layout42
Footer Styles101
Header styles52
SEO friendlyAll Divi themes are SEO friendlyNot quite
Load SpeedExcellentGood
Number of sitesMultiple1
Price$69 / $89 $249 per year $249 lifetime$39 Cheaper than Divi

 Choosing the Ultimate King of Websites: Divi or X Theme?

Quite a comparison, yeah? I know! The differences are not so much to discourage many. But any web developer who lays his hands on both products will confess that the little difference is so much in the world of web development.

To make this comparison even simpler, I have decided to pit both themes head to head under nine (9) exceptional categories. Using these essential categories, anyone [professional and beginners alike] can easily make an informed decision on the best theme to use in their next project. Let the battle begin!

divi vs x theme

1. Performance and Builder Features

More often than not, developers are [first] concerned about the performance level and the builder features of a theme before any other attribute. After all, the essence of purchasing the theme is to help you build elegant websites. And this very factor determines whether you can do that or not.

Having tested both themes, I must confess that they are both great. Now, I understand why they are among the best website builders out there.

Both builders allow you to enjoy the pleasure of starting from scratch. That is if you want that. You can also skip ahead by starting with one of the many layouts provided by each theme. Either way, you are satisfied. While Divi comes with multiples builders and a variety of layouts, the X theme seems to do pretty much everything with its Cornerstone builder. So, you wouldn’t really lack anything. Also, both themes pack a ton of tools for customization. So, you shouldn’t have any problem either way you go.

Nonetheless, though, Divi narrowly stands out with the fact that it contains slightly more features like layouts and the fact that it is super easy to use. It remains the champion among other drags and drops WordPress themes. You can do everything in one place – build and preview. Easy access to features and tools is also a plus. So, while they kind of does the same things, Divi tends to do it better than others.

2. Extensions and Plugins

Undoubtedly, this is yet another crucial part of the Divi vs X theme battle. In fact, after the performance, most people get their minds made up by exploring the extensions and plugins. But, both themes are great in terms of extension and plugins. It is important to state that both mega themes come with a rich array of add-ons, extensions, and plugins. Unless you are looking for a specific uncommon feature, you will definitely find either theme to be an excellent builder.

This is why most developers can stick with one theme for a very long time because you can do virtually everything on both themes.

Looking closely for differences, we may have to give this round to Divi. Even though X theme provides most of the extensions and features in Divi, truth is, there are some minor [not so insignificant] points that keep Divi ahead of other themes.

3. Setting Up and Installing

Installing and setting up the Divi theme and X theme is pretty simple. In this category, I don’t think there would be any much trouble as both themes are easy to install and set up.

For the Divi theme, users are required to opt for a plan, make the payment and then download and install the theme in their device. After that, you can now move to the setup stage, which is actually straightforward.

After the purchase, you will be presented with a zip file that contains the theme. Simply upload the zip package to your WordPress site [if you are using WordPress] and install the theme right away. All in, you are presented with the last task of activating the theme. With that out of the way, you are all set.

Installing and setting up the X theme is pretty much the same. Unlike Divi theme which is one of the elegant themes downloads, you will have to begin your journey from ThemeForest. Start by purchasing the license then move up the ladder to downloading the theme and uploading it to your WordPress. Once in, you can activate the theme to get started.

4. Design/Interface and Ease of Use

Without a doubt, the design and interface of both website builders are great. But a close look at both will pinpoint a little difference which ultimately lies in the ease of use.

As I mentioned earlier, both website builders come with an impressive array of features, extensions, add-on, and tools. Although there are a few differences, you will have to watch closely to be able to spot any difference in these areas. Be that as it may, one clear difference anyone can easily spot out is the ease of use. No wonder Divi is highly lauded as an all-in-one website builder. You practically have everything you need at your fingertip. No stress whatsoever.

Oh well, X theme has come a long way from when it was launched. It can now rank in the same category as Divi. It’s design and interface are just as impressive as Divi. But, [yes, there is a ‘but’], building with Divi still feels easier compared to building with X theme. Although these differences lie in little areas [such as being able to hover, the + feature, and being able to build and preview in a full page], it is fair to say Divi theme beats X theme in this round.

5. Bloatware Issue

Okay, this is one critical issue that must be addressed. Bloatware is a common issue with builder themes. But it is worse in some compared to others. As an honest review, I must confess that Divi is kind of bloated. Well, that is because it is a more comprehensive website builder. Anyone who knows his onion in the industry will understand that bloatware is almost inevitable in comprehensive website builders like Divi. So, yeah, you will have to face it at some point. Notwithstanding, you can easily get rid of this annoying feature by simply removing and disabling some features. Upon installing a WordPress Divi theme demo, be sure to remove unwanted CSS and install a cache plugin. You can also optimize the photo sizes or use a better web hosting service to increase speed.

Now to the X theme, it is true they both share the same fate when it comes to bloatware. In fact, WordPress themes are generally known to be full of bloatware. But compared to Divi, I believe the bloatware is slightly reduced in the X theme. This experience may be relative to users though. It may be more or less in your end.

6. Updates and Customer Support

In terms of support and update, we might not be so sure who the winner is in the Divi vs theme battle. This is because different people have different experiences with support. Even worse, the same person can have both bad and good experiences with support, depending on the issue at hand. Customer support could get to you quickly and help you solve case A and in the case of B, you could have a completely different experience. Therefore, for an honest rating, we will have to submit several cases to both theme providers and rate compare the result based on each case.

Well, that wouldn’t be necessary though. With our experience, we can tell that both themes have great customer support.

Shedding light on updates, I must confess that the same holds true for both Divi and X theme.

Both themes offer real-time updates. They even send emails to let you know when new updates are available. This is great!
Nonetheless, the only difference we can spot in terms of support is relative to developers who work for clients. Say you buy the license on behalf of your client, you will be the only one who can contact the support team for help should any case arise in the future.

This might not be a problem with the X theme since you get to buy a license for every site you want to build in the future. So, your client can go purchase a license and contact them directly.

7. Price Package and Value

Taking a close look at the pricing package and the value they offer, Divi theme is the unopposed winner. Most people view pricing from the angle of the monthly payment. That’s a myopic view. To tell the actual price of something, you will need to assess the value it provides as well as the different price packages. For this reason, I will stand with Divi on this round. While its monthly package seems to be higher than that of the X theme, we can both agree that it offers more for this slight increase. Even more, it makes up for it again if you opt for Divi theme lifetime. Compared to the X theme that requires up to $3200 as a one-time payment for extended licenses, Divi collects only $249 as a one-time payment for lifetime support and update. Another major difference is the fact that the Divi theme can be used in an unlimited number of sites with the lifetime package. But that is not the case with the X theme. Even with the extended license, you can only use the theme on one website and the support is just for 6 months.

Check out our Divi theme review if you still have questions about Divi.

The Verdict: Divi vs X Theme

Wow! That was a tough ride. The above analysis clearly shows that both Divi and X theme are great website building themes. Irrespective of the option you go with, I am positive you will be happy with your choice. Considering these 7 vital categories, you can see that while one of the themes may shine bright in one category, the other tend to cover the gap in the other.

For developers [both beginners and professionals], the tools at your disposal wield the power to either make or break your project. Consequently, getting the right tools is just as important as getting started with the project. With a boatload of themes out there, I understand how you can get frustrated picking a particular one. With this guide, I do hope that the search for the best website builder is a lot easier. Good luck!

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