How to Import Divi Theme Builder Templates?

Importing divi theme builder templates is easy. Just follow along, and you will have all features used in the layout on your website within minutes.

Diviflash offers free layouts with the plugin. We believe you already downloaded the layout you like and extracted it to your computer. If you are not, here is a method of downloading the layout.

Here is how you can import divi theme builder templates on your WordPress:

Step 1:
Login to your WordPress dashboard and make sure you have the divi theme and Diviflash plugin (Not for Divi Business Layout) installed and active.

Step 2:
Hover over to divi from your WordPress dashboard and click on “Theme Builder”.

Step 3:
On the top right corner, you have an import-export icon; click on it. A portability popup will show up on your screen.

Step 4:
Now click “Import” and chose a file to select files to import from your computer.

Step 5:
Go to the extracted files you downloaded from Select the files named “Theme Builder Templates”.

Step 6:
You can check or uncheck options as per your need. We recommend using default.

Step 6:
Now click the “Import Divi Theme Builder Templates” Button.

Step 7:
Import completed. Click “Save changes”.

And We are done! All your divi theme builder templates were imported successfully to your site.

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