How to Add Links, Captions & Description to Gallery Images?

Follow the simple steps below to add links, captions, and descriptions to the image gallery from the Divi visual builder.

Step 1: Take any gallery module of your choice. Here we are using the Advanced Gallery module.

Step 2: Inside the module, you will see a (+) icon above “Add New Item” in the content tab. Click here. It will open up the advanced gallery item setting.

Note: Packery and Justified Gallery don’t require step 2.

Step 3: Click the (+) icon above “Add Gallery Images” to load images. A media pop-up will open up. Either you can add images from the media library or use the “upload files” option.

Step 4: After selecting an image, you will see fields to fill the caption, description, and URL on the right side of your screen. Put your caption, description, and URL link here. Then hit the select button.

Step 5: Do the Same for all your images and Return to your module setting.

Step 6: Now you can enable “Use Custom Link” from the gallery setting and caption and description from “Hover Setting”

Step 7: All done. Click the right button in the module setting tab. Then, check the save button on the below right of your page.

Once done! Click Save changes and exit visual builder.

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