How to Remove the Header Bottom Border in Divi?

Default Divi comes with a thin bottom border immediately after the header. It looks like a border, but it’s actually a shadow. Sometimes it might be required for your design but not every time. So if you would like to remove this header’s bottom border or shadow, here is how you can!

Removing Divi Header Border with DiviFlash Extension feature:

If you are a DiviFlash user, you don’t need anything additional. If not, go and get your copy of DiviFlash plugin now.

We believe you already have DiviFlash plugin installed on your website.
Here are the steps to follow-

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Hover Over to DiviFlash and Click Dashboard.
  3. Click Menu Extension Settings to expand.
  4. Click the toggle for “Hide menu bottom border” to turn it ON.
  5. Now Click Save Changes.

Done! Now refresh the page, and the bottom border is gone.

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